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Stem Cell Research Paper

Isabella Terrell

E3 Civic High

A stem cell is basically the very first type of cell before ultimately becoming into another

type of cell. Stem cells are capable of developing into different type of cells in the body, such as

a muscle cell, skin cell, heart cell, or blood cell. They are also capable of repairing cells

constantly throughout the living person or living animal. When a stem cell goes through cell

division, the new cells can either become another type of cell or remain the same. Cell division is

when the cell divides into two daughter cells with the same genes. The gut and bone marrow are

some of the organs that stem cells regularly divide to replace and repair damaged or worn out

tissue. Stem cells are very beneficial to medical research because they can replace or heal

damaged cells and tissues in the body. Diseases such as heart disease and diabetes can be treated

from the stem cells repair abilities.

A recent study was found where immature heart muscles located in newborn rats had

developed into mature adult cells. 200,00 immature heart muscle cells were developed from

embryonic mouse cells. Those heart muscle cells were then injected into the lower heart chamber

of newborn rats. This is a study for treating heart disease. Chulan Kwon is the leader of this

study and a member at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicines Institute for Cell

Engineering. His group returned back to newborn rats because they noticed that the cells grown

in the lab were not transitioning from immature to mature cells. Mostly due to the fact that the

cells were grown in an artificial atmosphere. The cells developed in the baby rats had very

similar genetics to adult heart muscle cells that immature heart cells. The new cells are now able

to function as normal adult heart muscle cells. Kwon and his company confirmed the experiment.

There has been controversy with stem cells in humans throughout the ages. One side is

for stem cell research and the other side opposes it. Those that support stem cell research wants

to have a better understanding of stem cells. The research may help to find various treatments for

harmful diseases. Stem cell research will also be used to soothe the suffering of living organisms.

The opposing side does not want the destruction of human embryo stem cells. The side that I

have to agree with is the opposing side for stem cell research. I believe that destroying the human

embryo is heartbreaking. US President George Bush banned the use of cell lines other than those

already existing. He believes that human life is a sacred gift from our creator. The human

embryo stem cell is one of the first early stages of human life and should not be destroyed for

science and research purposes.



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