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Catego Not language
ry acceptabl creates
e meaning
Examination of
the language used by
Facebook users and
how this impacts
social interaction,
through direct
examples from
Facebook or using
secondary research
on the topic
Role-play of
social interaction
before and after
Facebook, focusing
on the language
Presentation on used, followed by
Mass Comm: how Facebook is discussion
Social changing social *
networks interaction

Investigation of how
language is implicated
in the debate about
Analyze an editorial
on GCC in relation to
its rhetorical
structures or use of
imagery or compare
two editorials from
both sides of the
Present research
on secondary reading
about the issue of
language use in the
GCC debate
Mock debate that
varieties of language
Mass Presentation on use, e.g., using
Communicatio global climate particular metaphors
n and Media change (GCC) on both sides