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Strategy Purpose Procedure Application

Sticky-Note Storm brainstorming, review Teacher poses a Checking for

and thinking outside the question, sets a time understanding/
box limit and gives students connection making.
interpretation a moment to think
producing before writing.
Each student writes
down as many answers
as they can think ofone
idea per sticky noteand
sticks it to the center of
the table.
Inside-Outside Circle collaboration Arrange students into Ice Breaker
or Parallel Lines pairs. Have one partner Helping Students Share
(Also called Tea Party, from each pair move and Point of View
Face to Face, Serpentine, form a circle with
Ladder) students facing outward.
Remaining students find
and face their partners,
forming outside circle.
Pose a question and
indicate what role each
partner will play. Inside
partner will talk, outside
partner will listen.
Partners switch roles
outside partner talks,
inside partner listens.

Detective Reviewing Provide each student Reviewing math

Finding different ways of with a prepared concepts, science lab
solving a problem worksheet featuring follow-up questions,
several questions. grammar exercises,
Students circulate and reading summaries, etc.
find a partner and search Team-building or getting
for answers. Partner 1 to know you activity.
asks Partner 2 one
question from their
worksheet. Partner 2
provides an answer and
Partner 1 writes it on
their own worksheet.
Partners then switch
roles. After both students
have asked and
answered one question,
they split up and each
look for a new partner.

Quiz, Quiz, Trade Test/ Quiz Review Prepare review cards Gets your students up
with questions and and moving. They get to
answers. Pass out one ask and answer not just
review card per student. one, but many,
Students stand and questions. Kids love it
circulate with one hand because unlike kill-and-
in the air, searching for a drill review sessions, this
partner. feels more like a game.
Once they pair up, Works for all subjects,
Partner 1 asks Partner 2 grade levels and
the question on their vocabulary words.
card. Partner 2 answers.
If they get the answer
correct, Partner 1 offers
praise. If not, Partner 1
coaches Partner 2 until
the correct answer is
Partners switch roles and
repeat the
question/answer process.
After both partners have
asked and answered,
they trade cards and set
off to find a new partner.
Write Around to be creative/intuitive Teacher provides a activity for creative
to incubate ideas for sentence starter for the writing or story
writing class both verbally and summarizing
in writing. Ask each
student to copy the can be done orally with
sentence starter and younger students
finish the sentence on
their own piece of paper. reviewing: for example
After they have written plant cycle
their answer, each
student passes their
paper to the team
member on their right.
Next, the students read
the paper they have
received from their
neighbor and add a new
sentence to that page.
After a few go-rounds,
four great stories or
summaries emerge.
Reciprocal Teaching accountability The faculty member Checking for meaning
produce divides an assignment or making
language topic into four parts with Producing Language
comprehensible input all students from each
volunteering to become
"experts" on one of the
then work together to
master their fourth of the
material and also to
discover the best way to
help others learn it. All
experts then reassemble
in their home LEARNING
TEAMS where they teach
the other group
THREE-STEP Ice Breaker Students form dyads; Students share
INTERVIEW Team Builder one student interviews hypothesis or reactions
Produce/Share the other. Students to a book or story
Information switch roles. The dyad
links with a second dyad.
This four-member
learning team then
discusses the
information or insights
gleaned from the initial
paired interviews.
Round Robin Check for understanding Present a category for Names of colors, shapes,
Producing discussion. Have animals, types of
students take turns weather
going around the group
and naming items that fit
the category.
Morning Pages to begin to clear clutter First thing in the morning Students can start the
of the mind write for ten minutes. morning addressing what
to be creative/intuitive is on their mind. Younger
students can draw a
Sprinting Producing 10 minutes to write on a Have younger students
Writing thoughts given topic. Teacher draw pictures of items
gives a new word (but you name. Students can
connected) word every 3 continue elaborating on
minutes. Students can drawing by incorporating
continue writing about new item or begin a new
same topic or change drawing.
Using Both Sides of the Check for understanding Students take notes in Solving math roblems
Brain two ways. On one side in Recording science
words and phrases and experiments
on the other in visuals
and pictures. At the end
they write a brief
Line Up collaboration Students are given Birthdays
cement understanding of information and have to Story Order
sequence discuss with each other Number Line
in order to be able to line Alphabetical Order
up in correct order.