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MAGSAYSAY IS MY Year and Section: ____________________________________ 325 words

Ramon Magsaysay was the Philippine president best
loved by the common tao. He regarded as the Presidency GRADE
as a sacred trust which must never be tainted by the
slightest shadow of suspicion or scandal. Answer the following. Write only the letter on the space
Once he found out that one of his brothers was provided.
making monkey business; he didnt even give his brother ___1. The Philippine president best loved by the masses
a chance to deny it, he promptly socked him. He expected was.
his close relations to be incorruptible or else He fired his A) Ramon Magsaysay C) Elpidio Quirino
executive secretary for endorsing the promotion of his B) Manuel Roxas D) Ferdinand Marcos
brother-in-law as an attach to the Washington Embassy. ___2. He is best remembered as
He canceled the governments contract with a shipping A) The man who died in a plane crash
magnate who was his cousin even though that contract B) The man who broke the backbone of communism in
had been signed long before Magsaysay came into power. the Philippines
His brother Jesus had to go to Indonesia to do his business C) The man who shook hands with the poor
lest he arouse suspicion here. His brother Genaro had to D) The man who opened the gates of Malacaang
lie low during his term of office. ___3. The president has identified himself with the
Magsaysay was best remembered as the man who A) educated C) masses
broke the backbone of communism in the Philippines. He B) rich D) politician
was a man of lively temperament, quick in speech, in ___4. He was always against
movement and, in decision. One of his marked A) oppression and injustice C) lingering illness
characteristics was his great indignation against any form B) graft and corruption D) heart attack
of injustice and oppression. He was much at home with ___5. He died from
people from all walks of life with the great as well as the A) assassination C) lingering illness
lowly, with the wealthy as well as the poorest man on the B) plane crash D) heart attack
street. He had identified himself with the masses- the ___6. He always felt at home with
common tao. He was always friendly and frank. A) the rich C) the politician
As president, Magsaysay opened the gates of B) the poor D) people
Malacaang to the common people. He also went out to all ___7. He can best described as
parts of the islands, even to the remotest barrios to find A) kind and humorous C) intelligent and sociable
out for him what the people needed and to solve their B) slow and witty D) friendly and frank
problem as best as he could. He went by plane, by car, by ___8. His term as president was
jeep and even long distances just to be with the people he A) too short C) quite long
wished to serve. But his term as president was short-lived. B) just right D) very, very long
He died in a plane crash and the entire nation mourned for ___9. In his death, he had left
his death. A) much work undone C) much debts
B) much money D) a clean record years, when asked how she survived, she always
___10. His untimely death was mourned by answered, never lose hope, pray, have faith in God, and
A) his family C) his own mates live a life a worth living.
B) his party D) the entire nation

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325 words
325 WORDS 325 words
Year and Section: _________________________________
Everyone knew it was Aling Anings last year of life
on earth except Aling Aning herself. She had cancer of the Choose the best answer for each of the following.
intestine and the doctors had refused to operate on her. ___1. The kind of sickness that no one lives through
An operation at this stage would be useless, they all A) ulcer C) meningitis
said. It would only shorten her life. They had pronounced B) cancer D) athletes foot
her a hopeless case. No one lives through cancer, so ___2. The old lady suffers the dilemma
they said. Her family, relatives, friends, and neighbors A) Aling Upeng C) Aling Aning
knew about her case and they were one in not telling Aling B) Aling Clara D) Aling Trining
Aning about what the doctors have said in order to save ___3. Who refused to operate on her?
her from agony. But she knew that she was very sick and A) the nurse C) the health workers
she believed she could live through it. Everyone was extra B) the doctors D) the midwife
kind to her. Everyone wanted to do something for her, ___4. Who does she rely on after she sensed her condition?
serve her, and make her happy. Aling Aning sensed this A) Baal C) destiny
extra kindness, extra care, and she didnt ask why. She B) God D) prophets
basked in everybodys love and she very happy and ___5. What did she do to live a life a worth living?
contented. A) played all day C) prayed and prayed
Aling Aning responded by being extra kind too. She B) socialized with others D) watched movies
too, wanted to serve others and she grasped every ___6. For how many years did the doctor say she was
opportunity to help others. She too, tried to make others going to live?
happy. In this way, her life became an exceedingly happy A) twelve C) two
one. She didnt talk much, but she prayed a lot. If the B) four D) three
doctors cant or wont cure me, she mussed. She hoped ___7. To whom did she reciprocate her extra kindness and
and hoped. Prayed and prayed, and very religiously at cares?
that. Ill live a life worth living, helping others, doing my A) Clara C) no one
best to make this world a better place to live in, she B) everyone D) doctors
promised. ___8. What have she felt with the love shown on her by
Today, Aling Aning is the same quiet woman, with a everybody?
ready smile on her lips and an ever willing hand to help. A) very happy and contented
Twelve years after doctors termed her life to only three B) naive and quiet
C) lonely and depressed The doctors, nurses, and attendants normally worked
D) angry about 70 hours a week, more or less.
___9. Is she still alive? The hospital-ships main task was surgical
A) yes C) maybe treatment. The doctors had to treat the victims of napalm
B) no D) does not say burns, shrapnel wounds, bombing, shelling and rocket
___10. What is her usual answer when asked how she injuries. Everywhere in the ship were patients with
survived? crutches or patients having their wounds dressed. Many
A) Never lose hope, pray, have faith in God, and live a life outpatients, too, come everyday.
worth living The hospital ships wards were light, spotless, large,
B) through medicine and magnificently equipped. Medical supplies were sent
C) through faith healers from West Germany by air or by sea. Young and old alike
D) through science technologies respond bravely to the administration of the hospital
Name: ________________________________________ personnel.


Year and Section: ________________________________________

During peace time there was already a lack of SPEED RATE GRADE
doctors, nurses, and medicine in Vietnam. The war in
Vietnam had further aggravated the need because the
trained health personnel were taken into the army leaving
the civilian population to their own resources in the Choose the best answer for each of the following.
treatment of war injuries. ___1. Before the war in Vietnam, there was
Many countries not directly involved in in the A) a good supplies of doctors and nurses C) enough
Vietnam War sent medical teams to Vietnam. The doctors and nurses
Philippines had its Operation Brotherhood. West Germany B) an excess of doctors and nurses D) a lack of
doctors and nurses
sent a hospital-ship, the Helgoland. The ship was run by
___2. Countries not directly involved in the Vietnam War
the West German Red Cross. It was a beacon of hope to sent__________ to Vietnam
the sick and the injured. A) more armies C) medical team
The Helgoland was stationed in the bar near Saigon B) nothing D) money
in 1966-67, then it was moved to Danang where it was ___3. The Philippines helped Vietnam by sending
most needed. Everyone on board the Helgoland was a A) Operation Brotherhood C) Tulong-tulong sa
volunteer. There were eight doctors and twenty two Kaunlaran
nurses. The Red Cross personnel and technicians B) Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko D) Angels of Mercy
numbered 32 and the other 32 crew members of the ship ___4. Helgoland was a hospital ship from
doubled as hospital attendants. There was also a staff of A) England C) East Germany
B) Russia D) West Germany
70 trained Vietnamese among whom were 18 nurses and
___5. It was run by the
number of attendants, drivers, and interpreters. A) German Police C) East Germany
Officially the 3000-ton Helgoland had 150 beds but B) East German Red Cross D) West Germany
the bed patients were not less than 180 at any one time. ___6. Officially, the Helgoland had__________ beds.
A) 150 C) 120 faded trousers and worn-out sandals. But these peddlers
B) 180 D) 140 were not discouraged at all. They never dared incur the
___7. Every member of the Helgoland was anger of their costumers for fear of being boycotted. Their
A) volunteer C) no one business was very profitable. They held fast to their
B) highly paid recruit D) doctors
virtues of modesty, thrift, humility, and frugality.
___8. Compared to the number of the beds, the patients of the
Helgoland were always Nowadays, we still have the taho but they are being
A) as many C) less paddled by Filipinos. Where are the Chinese peddlers of
B) almost equal D) not less yesterdays?
___9. Outpatients were Well, the taho peddlers if they are still alive, their
A) refused treatment C) made to come back some sons and grandsons are no longer in the taho business but
other time in other bigger and profitable ones. Their sons and
B) welcomed for treatment D) promise to be treated grandsons are now the rich people behind certain big
___10. Angels of Mercy refer to the businesses. Their small taho business gave them a good
A) patients abroad the Helgoland start which inspired them to branch out to bigger
B) hospital personnel
enterprises. You seldom see poor Chinese nationals in our
C) donors of Helgoland
D) ladies in Vietnam
country now.
So you see, it pays to work hard, to persevere, to be
Name: ________________________________________ thrifty and patient. As the saying goes, Big things start
from small ones.



Do you know what taho is? Have you ever tasted it? Year and Section: ________________________________________
Taho is a nutritious food derived from soya beans. Served
with syrup, it makes such a delicious and nutritious food
for both children and adults.
Before the war, taho was peddled by the Chinese
nationals from street to street. In worn-out sandal, these
Chinese nationals carried two barrels with a bamboo pole
on his shoulder. On one barrel was the taho and in the Choose the best answer for each of the following.
___1. Taho is a nutritive food that comes from
other barrel were the syrup, the porcelain cups and spoons
A) rice C) soy beans
and water for washing his wares. He called, Taho! Taho! B) cassava D) wheat
as walked along the streets and alleys. He was not ___2. Taho is usually eaten with
ashamed to make his living in this manner. A) grated coconut C) salt
The taho peddlers really had a hard time carrying B) syrup D) vinegar
on the business. The barrels were heavy and the alleys ___3. Before the war, taho was peddled by
were mostly muddy if not stony. To top it all, children A) Americans C) Filipinos
would call them, Beho!, Beho! The naughty made fuss of B) Chinese D) Japanese
the poor Chinese peddlers for wearing tattered shirts ___4. Peddling taho was then a business that was quite
A) discouraging C) profitable
B) shameful D) unprofitable Name: ________________________________________
___5. The Chinese taho peddlers were then very
A) lazy C) comical
___6. The taho peddlers of yesteryears are now
B) taho manufacturers
C) beggars Every now and then, contests, and competitions are
D) behind the bigger and more profitable business held. Such activities are worthwhile because they give
___7. Nowadays, taho peddling is in the hands of zest to life, further skills, provide wholesome recreation
A) Filipinos C) Japanese and oftentimes advertise products. In school, we have the
B) Chinese D) Americans contests in spelling, mathematics, science, civics and
___8. In any business, one should always strive to culture declamations, storytelling, drawing or painting and
A) get a very big profit C) make the customers laugh essay writing. In the community, we have the amateur
B) please your customers D) sell even on credit singing, swimming tilts, balagtasan, chess tournaments,
___9. Big things really starts from
bowling, basketball, cycling and marathon.
A) big things C) medium sized things
B) nothing D) little things
Before joining any contest, bear in mind that in
___10. This selection pictures the Chinese as every contest, there is a winner and there is a loser.
A) dirty and illiterate C) modest and humble Therefore, be ready to be a gracious winner or a good
B) thrifty and patient D) courteous and loyal loser. In short, be a good sport. Practice fair play at all
times, never use foul means in order to win.
The selection below will be of much help to any
Three contestants vied for a national scholarship in
piano playing. Two were adolescent girls and the third was
a ten years old girl. All three were talented and skilled
On the day of the contest, the three performed one
after the other. All three played long difficult compositions
by Schumann. Contrary to the expectations of everybody,
the judges found no difficulty in making their choice. They
proclaimed the youngest as winner. Indeed, the youngest
deserved to win. How did it come to be?
All three were equally talented and skillful as has
been said in the beginning. Over confident of themselves
because they were older and had more experience in
playing the piano, the two contestants did not care to
practice. The young girl on the other hand, believed that
she should work harder so she spent several hours each
day for practice. This she started several weeks before the
awaited day. She kept on practicing till she could play her
piece without flow. She played so well thats why she won.
This is a lesson you should heed
Practice, practice some more;
If at first you dont succeed,
Practice, practice some more.

Year and Section: ________________________________________

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Write T if the statement is true; otherwise F if it is false. THE EARTHWORM UNDERGROUND

Write your answer on the space provided. One of the worldsWONDER
little creature which we usually
dont want even see is the earthworm. Seeing it wiggle
______1. Balagtasan, amateur singing, swimming tilts and makes one hair stand on its end and our impulse is to
chess tournaments are examples of community crush it with our feet. But do you know how useful the
contests. earthworm is to the farmer?
There are about 2,000 species of earthworm. There
______2. Contests and competitions are activities that build are the 12-foot giants in Australia and the very tiny
tension on the contestants. species, too. The most fantastic earthworm is the common
four or five inch variety which most of us know. It has five
______3. In any contests, one must bear in mind that the pairs of hearts. It has no feet but it has bristles, eight on
only option for him is to win. each side of the bodys 120 segments. Cuts off its tail and
it can grow one in no time at all. Cut off its head and it
______4. Resorting to foul play is taboo in any contest. may or may not grow another. It has no lungs but breathes
through its skin. It has lips like shovels which it uses for
______5. The contestants in the national scholarship for digging through the earth. As it digs through the earth, it
playing were all talented and skilled. eats the soil to get the tiny bits of vegetables and animal
matter in it. After the soil has gone through the worms
______6. The judges found it difficult to determine who the body, the soil is made richer and plants grow better on it.
winner should be. The earthworm tunnels let the air and water into the soil
which helps plants grow better.
______7. The winner was the oldest contestant. The earthworm is omnivorous; it will nibble
anything, from dead insects to dried twigs. As a soil
______8. The contestant worth emulating is the youngest. chemist, it has few equals. It churns the earth into rich top
soil by blending in vegetable matter from the surface into
______9. After all, too much confidence in one self is not the ground below and bring mineral-rich subsoil up to the
good. earths surface where plants can use it.
The earthworm is a hermaphrodite-all earthworms
______10. The lesson one should heed is, Practice makes possess both female and male organs. But it needs two
perfect. earthworms to mate with one another.
Next time you unearth a worm with your garden
hoe, return it gently to the soil. The sun is an enemy of the
worm. If it doesnt get into the cool earth , pretty soon it ______3. The earthworm has five pairs of hearts.
will die. If it does, then one of the farmers friends is lost.
______4. When an earthworm is cut into two, each part will

______5. It is a creature of dark places and dies when

exposed to the sun for a time.

Year and Section: ________________________________________ ______6. The earth tunnels made by worms help aerate and
loosen the soil.

SPEED RATE GRADE ______7. Plants will grow well on a worm infested ground.

______8. For food, the earthworm is very choosy.

Write T if the statement is true; otherwise F if it is false.
Write your answer on the space provided. ______9. Soil that has been nibbled by the worm is made
______1. The earthworm is one of the worlds unsightly
creatures which we want to see. ______10. After reading and understanding this selection,
one will surely crush worms when on sees them.
______2. Although not pleasing to the eyes, it is most
specifically useful to the housewives.