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Homemade Pretzel Bites

Pret zels

1 1/ 2 cups warm water

2 tablespoons light brown sugar

1 package active dry yeast (2 1/4 teaspoons)

3 ounces unsalted butter, melt ed

2 1/ 2 teaspoons kosher salt

4 1/ 2 to 5 cups all-purpose flour

vegetable oil

3 quarts wat er

1/2 cup baking soda

1 whole egg, beat en with 1 tablespoon cold water

Coarse sea salt

For The Cheese Sauce

Tablespoon unsalted butter

Tablespoon all-purpose flour

cup milk

8 ounces Cheddar cheese, grated (I used bot h sharp and mild cheddar, approx. half of each)

To M ake The Sauce

1 In a medium sauce pan, melt butter over medium heat. Add flour and allow to cook for one minute. Add milk and whisk gently, until
slightly thickened. Remove heat and stir in grat ed cheese until complet ely melt ed and mixt ure is smooth.

2 Add salt & pepper to t aste, or kick it up with Sriracha or Tabasco sauce!

To M ake The Pret zels

1 Combine the 1 1/2 cups water, sugar, yeast, and butter in the bowl - st ir and gent ly knead the dough until well mixed. The recipe calls for a
stand mixer and dough hook, but I used a fork to combine the water, sugar, and yeast, my hands to mix t he dough, and some good old-
fashioned elbow grease to do the kneading.

2 Add the salt and flour and mix (on low speed, if using a mixer) until combined. Cont inue kneading vigorously until the dough is smoot h
and begins to pull away from the side of the bowl, about 3 to 4 minutes (increasing speed if using a mixer).

3 If the dough appears too moist, add additional flour, a litt le bit at a time. Remove t he dough from the bowl, place on a flat surface and
knead into a ball with your hands.

4 Oil a metal bowl, add the dough and turn to coat the entire surface of the dough ball with a thin coating. Cover wit h a clean towel and
place in a warm spot until t he dough doubles in size, about 1 hour.

5 Preheat an oven to 425 degrees F. Remove t he dough from the bowl and place on a flat surface.

6 Divide the dough into 8 equal pieces. I made mine int o two balls and cut each of them like a pizza.

7 Roll each piece into a long rope measuring 22 inches. Cut the dough into one inch pieces to make the bites.

8 Bring 3 quarts of wat er to a boil in a small pot over high heat; add t he baking soda. Boil the pretzel bit es in t he water solut ion in batches
(about 10 bites at a time), each batch for about 30 seconds.
9 Remove with a large slott ed spoon. Place pretzel bites on a lightly greased baking sheet, making sure they are not t ouching.

10 Brush the t ops with t he egg wash, and season liberally with coarse sea salt.

11 Bake for 15 to 18 minutes or until golden brown.

12 Remove to a baking rack and let rest 5 minutes before eating. Enjoy!!

Not es

*You can make t he cheese sauce in advance and refrigerate until you are ready to serve. Just reheat on stovetop, stirring constant ly.

**I actually was not a fan of the cheese sauce in this recipe and when I make these again, I will definitely be looking into something more 'nacho

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