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Social Studies Thematic Unit Curriculum Map

Theme, Enduring Understandings, Standards-based How Students will Demonstrate Their Understanding Strategies / Best Practices Used to Explicitly Teach the Skills & Resources for
& Essential Questions for This Unit Essential Skills Concepts this Multi-Genre
(GLE) & Concepts Unit
to be Targeted Unit

Theme(s): Common Core What students will know : Describe the strategies the teacher will use to help students Anchor Text(s):
Culture Learning Target develop the targeted understanding.
Time, Continuity, and Change OSPI 3.1.2 I can explain how the geography of Washington State effects the 5 Strategies
People, Places, and Environment culture in various cities and influences where people live and work.
Individual Development and Identity- Washington, Our
Individuals, Groups, and Institutions Home: New 4th
Power, Authority, and Governance 3.3.1- I can identify two agricultural commodities that are exported and
describe why the climate of Washington contributes to the success of 3.1.2- Teachers will provide students with Venn Diagrams for research Grade textbook
Production, Distribution, and
Consumption those products. I can also identify which countries are the largest notes to be organized. The details should be initially written on sticky
Science, Technology, and Society importers of those products. notes so that they can be easily moved around. Details to be noted
Global Connections are: population, voting trends, outdoor activities, community activities,
Civic Ideals and Practices 2.2.1 I can list three major industries in Washington State and describe traditions, and annual events.
how they are influenced by technology. *The Venn Diagram will be as an organizational tool to facilitate research
Short Stories:
organization. Students can use more than one diagram- For example, one
diagram could be for annual events and another one for weather and
Pick 3. demographics.
Success Criteria *I encourage students to use color and pictures in the diagrams.
*Extentions: For students who need more challenge, they can work in teams to
(Exactly how will you know if the student gained the skill you require?)
edit and improve each others work.
*Modifications: For students who need support, the diagram can be partly filled
3.1.2- Students will be able to list two cities in Washington State and out for them. Computers can be used by students with dexterity or handwriting
identify cultural features of those cities and how the climate of those cities
Essential Question(s): influences why people work and live there.
3.1.2- Students will create either a book or a Power Point based on
To what extent 3.3.1- Students will identify two agricultural products raised/grown in the data collected in the previous research to include newspaper
Washington State, that are exported to countries in the Pacific Rim, and articles and photos, links to websites, and local tourist locations. The
2-3 E.Q.s Geography: various details about those products. presentation should include information for both cities researched.
3.1.2 *To what extent does the 3.1.2 *Understands *The purpose for this strategy is to teach the skill of collecting information and
organizing it in a way that makes sense to other people.
climate and geography of the physical, political, 2.2.1- Students will organize information re: three industries in Washington * Extensions: For students who need more challenge, the minimum length of the
Washington influence where and cultural State and identify how those industries are impacted by technology. Project can be increased. http://www.sspublishing.or
people decide to live and work? *Modifications: For students who need support, part of the book/power point can be g/WAinteractive-1.html
characteristics of created with support from a teacher. Allow students to include information at their
How do climate and geography people in the PNW own reading level while ensuring that citing sources is done correctly.
impact the traditions and culture of and how those Formative Assessment
the various parts of Washington features are impacted student 3.3.1- Students will create a mind map detailing the two products that
State? by where people live. Based on progress, what modifications will you make to the strategies and were researched. The details are to include information about where
practices employed? the items are grown, annual revenue, which countries are the largest
One Green Apple, by
3.3.1 *Understands importer of those products, and the overall financial benefit to Eve Bunting
that learning about 3.1.2 Students will write a 5 sentence PP for two chosen cities in the Washington that those products provide.
3.3.1 *To what extent does trade the geography of State. The paragraph will simply state two distinct qualities of the two
with countries on the Pacific Rim Washington State cities and how climate might influence those distinctions. In this activity, the mind map is to help show connections between agriculture in
effect the economy of Washington Washington state and the overall economical impact of those exports to other Pacific
helps us understand Rim countries
and why is Washington uniquely the global issue of 3.3.1- Students will participate in a Kahoots quiz about Washington State *Extension: For students who need extra challenge have them
able to grow crops and trade those trade. agricultural products that get exported to Pacific Rim countries. The quiz Include video and links to their mind map.
commodities to other Pacific Rim Modificiation: *For students how need support, they can have pre-
will include 7 to 10 questions.
countries? written details that they place on a paper mind-map.

2.2.1- Students will complete a KWL regarding how technology has 2.2.1- Students will fill out guided notes on three chosen industries in
Economics: influenced at least one industry in Washington state. Washington. Those notes will focus on how technology is influencing
2.2.1 *Understands how those industries function. Students will create questions for
how the industries in Summative Assessment professionals from those industries.
The purpose of this task is to help students identify what information is
Washington are Critical and which details can be overlooked for this purpose
2.2.1 *To what extent do science impacted by What students will be able to do? Exentsion: For students who need extra challenge, they can be asked to
and technology effect industries in advances in Work in teams to prepare for the following panel discussion
Modifications: For students needing support, notes can be provided with
Washington State? In what ways technology. Students will complete the attached assessment that requires
various levels of prompts in place.
can technology be used to understanding and fluency with the projects that they worked on during the
increase the efficiencies of various unit.
2.2.1- Students will invite professionals from the community that work
in the chosen industries for a panel discussion. Those questions will
The assessment consists of short and long answer questions about the
be written during a previous activity and will be focused on the impact
presented topics.
of technology on the industry.
The purpose of this event is to have students interact directly with professionals in our
Does the final test, project, or performance align with the learning Community that work to use technology to increase the efficiency of their businesses.
target(s)? Students will prepare by practicing asking each other the panel questions and
responding In appropriate ways.
Yes Extensions: For students who need extra challenge they can be tasked with taking
notes and working as a team on writing a report of the event.
Modifications: For students needing support, they can be matched with teams that will
work to ensure that all students questions are asked and that each student is

Write the GLE

3.1.2- Students will be able clearly articulate how the geography and
climate of Washington State influences the culture and lifestyles of the
people who live in the various parts of the state.

3.3.1- Students will be able to list the most productive agricultural

products that are grown in Washington and exported to which Pacific
Rim countries. Students will be able to explain how Washington is
unique in its ability trade to such high levels with foreign countries.

2.2.1- Students will be able to describe how technology is used on a

daily basis within three industries in Washington State. Students will
determine if this industry would be negatively impacted if the
technology was suddenly not available.
Unit Materials.

4 3- 2- 1-

Venn I did all you I did all you There was I did not do
asked and asked of me more that I what should
Diagra more. could do have been
I found two
distinct Cities in

I found at least
four unique
things about
each city

I found at least
three things the
cities have in

I included city
size, how
effects its
culture and
voting trends

4 3- 2- 1-

Book or I did all you I did all you There was I did not do
Power asked and asked of me more that I what should
more. could do have been
Point done.

I used

I found at
least four
unique things
about each
city through

I used
from the Venn

The book is
organized in a
logical way

4 3- 2- 1-

Mind I did all you I did all you There was I did not do
Map asked and asked of me more that I what should
more. could do have been

I identified two
products to
focus on

I explained
why the
product is
grown in

I found out
how much
revenue is
through this

I found out
where this
product is
shipped to
(w/in the
Pacific Rim)

4 3- 2- 1-

Guided I did all you I did all you There was I did not do
Notes asked and asked of me more that I what should
more. could do have been

I identified
industries in
Washington to
focus on

I explained
technology is
used by these
I identified
how those
would be
effected if the
suddenly went

I wrote quality
questions to
ask our panel

4 3- 2- 1-

Panel I did all you I did all you There was I did not do
Discussi asked and asked of me more that I what should
more. could do have been
on done.

I wrote quality
invitations to
our panel

I asked
questions in a
polite and

I listened to
visiting us and
treated my
peers with

I wrote down
of the
discussion and
shared those
with my peers.

Social Studies Unit Quiz:


1. I studied two cities in Washington and I know that the geography near those cities effects the culture of those cities. Here are four examples (two for each city)




The cities are labeled on this map

of Washington State. Local
geography is also included.

2. I also studied the climate in Washington and now I know why certain crops are grown in this state. I also know where those crops get exported to. Here is a chart to help explain the information.

Crop Ideal Climate/Where it is Top Pacific Rim

grown in Wa importer of this crop

Also, there are some features that make Washington perfect for exporting to the Pacific Rim. These are two of those features:


3. Finally, I found out that technology is used in surprising and creative ways
in industries in Washington State. I also understand what would happen to those industries if the technology was suddenly unavailable.


Technology Used
Why is it helpful?

What happens if
technology isnt