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Q1) How is marketing a service different from marketing a good?

Q2) Define the term marketing. Discuss the scope and appropriateness of marketing
function in satisfying human needs and wants. Given suitable examples.

Q3) Explain the concept of Marketing Mix. Discuss the rationale for extended marketing
mix for services.

Q4) Discuss the meaning, scope and role of marketing function in the exchange process.
Illustrate with suitable examples.

Q5) What is marketing? Describe the various concepts of marketing and explain with

Q6) Differentiate between marketing and selling

Q7) Give the concept of marketing mix and mention the various factors affecting the
marketing mix?

Q8) Write the role of marketing in modern business organization.

Q9) What is modern concept of marketing ?Dose it apply in India .Discuss.

Q10) Explain how business and marketing are changing?

Q11) Differentiate orientation and selling orientation.between marketing


Q1) Highlight the important tasks performed by the marketing managers. Explain the
important components of the marketing environment.

Q2) What do you mean by marketing environment? How dose it effect the Indian
marketing concepts?

Q3) Write about marketing environment?

Q4) Writ about analyzing the macro environment of marketing?


Q1) Discuss the scope and relevance of the concept of market segmentation. will the
scope change with the opening of Indian economy? Illustrate how firms would be
benefited in marketing their products and services by segmentation.

Q2) Briefly discuss the concept of positioning. What is the positioning of

i)Luxury car
ii) Indian airlines
iii) Pepsi
iv) Dalda ghee

Q3) As a marketing manager, propose and formulate STP strategy for home fitness kit
targeted at women. Discuss the base for your strategy.

Q4)Marketing success largely depends on the effective STP strategies adopted by the
firm. Discuss the above statement with two examples of your choice.

Q5) What would be suitable segmentation basis for the following and why ?
(i) Premium brand of after shave lotion
(ii) Rs. 1 lac small car proposed by a leading lndian car manufacturer(TATA NANO)

Q6) Explain the term Market Segmentation. Why should marketers consider
segmentation as an important marketing decision ? Discuss with the help of suitable

Q7) Briefly explain the concept of positioning, with suitable example?

Q8) What are purposes of segmentation? Suggest various alternatives bases of

segmentation with suitable examples.


Q1) Explain the concept of PLC and its utility for marketers?

Q2) Discuss the marketing strategies that may be used at the introductory and maturity
stages of the product life cycle.

Q3) Identify at what stages of their respective PLCs are the following products in the
indian market and accordingly suggest suitable strategies for these products :
(i) Mobile Phones
(ii) Portable two-in-one stereo systems


Q1) Discuss the implications of new product development decision on the business

Q2) Briefly describe the stages in new product development strategy

Q3) What are the various stages of the new product development and launch. Explain
with examples.

Q4) Describe new product development and mention the various stages of new product


Q1) What are the major objectives of product-line decisions ? List out the merits and
demerits that accrue from these decisions. Explain by giving suitable examples.

Q2) What are the criteria marketers must evaluate before selecting a brand name?

Q3) Explain the term Product , Product line and Product mix ?

Q4) What do you mean by a product? Discuss major consumer goods and industrial
goods classification?


Q1) Discuss in brief the various pricing strategies used by marketers. Suggest suitable
pricing strategy for

i) Mobile Phone
ii) Mid-sized passenger car

Q2) Discuss in brief the various pricing strategies used by marketers. Suggest suitable
pricing strategy for

i) Mobile Phone
ii) Titan Watch
iii) Luxury car
iv) Tablet PC

Q3) Briefly explain the various pricing methods available for Indian marketers, with
suitable illustrations.

Q4) Identify factors affecting pricing decisions

Q5) How price of a product is determined? Explain the factors affecting price?

Q6) What is pricing method? Describe the different methods of pricing?

Q7) How cost based pricing and market based pricing methods are useful in fixing the
price of a new product?

Q8) What do you mean by the term What traffic can bear pricing?

Q9) Define market skimming and market penetration?

Q10) Explain the following terms:

a) Premium Pricing
b) Discount Pricing
c) Tender Pricing
d) Product line Pricing
e) Cost Plus pricing

Q11) Define Pricing. Discuss the importance of pricing in marketing mix.


Q1) Middlemen are parasites. This charge has been made by many over the centuries. Is
this likely to be the case in a competitive economic system? Why or why not?

Q2) You are marketing manager of a medium sized manufacturing company. The
president has just made the following statement "The distribution activity is not a concern
of the marketing department. The function of the marketing department is to sell the
product ... let be rest of the company handle production and distribution."How would you
reply to this statement. Discuss whether you agree or disagree with the statement and
justify your answer.

Q3) Salesmanships in-built with every attractive packing. Do you agree with the above
statement ? Discuss with the help of suitable examples.

Q4) Discuss the factors that govern the selection of channels of distribution by a
Q5) Explain various types of marketing distribution channels used to reach the final user
of a product?

Q6) Discuss the various physical distribution task that a company should consider for
effectively marketing its products.

Q7) Mention the concept of Channel of Distribution? Mention its various functions?

Q8) Mention the various services which are rendered by the wholesalers to the producers
and retailers.


Q1) Discuss the main objectives of sales promotion. Explain some of the sales promotion
methods directed at consumers, which can be used by a detergent manufacturer.

Q2) Discuss the role of personal selling and advertising in promotional industrial
products. How does it compare to consumer product promotion?

Q3) Explain the promotional strategy that you would use during the Growth and
Maturity stages of the following products :

(i) Men's shoes (footwear)

(ii) Laptops

Q4) Explain the major objectives of advertising. Distinguish between Advertising and

Q5) Write short notes on any three of the following:

a) STP strategies
b) Targeting Strategies
c) Elements of promotion mix
d) Promotional Mix
e) Marketing Concept

.Q6) Write notes on any three of the following :

(a) Benefits of Segmentation
(b) Functions of Marketing
(c) Sales Promotion as a tool
(d) Role of Branding
(e) Direct Marketing
Q7) Briefly discuss the factors that marketers should consider while determining the
promotion mix for their offerings, giving suitable examples.

Q8) Personal Selling and Advertising are the two major vehicles of communication for
marketing industrial products. Discuss with a suitable example of your choice.

Q9) What are the objectives of Sales Promotion ?As a Sales Manager, you have been
assigned the task planning the Sales Promotion program of a ready-to-cook meal. Discuss
the steps that you would follow for effective planning and management of the said

Q10) When is Personal Selling more appropriate than other methods of Sales Promotion?
Explain with examples.