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SAP Solution Brief

On the road and out of town Your sales force is scattered around the country and across the
that's where the real work of globe. Your representatives are on the road up to 80% of the time,
meeting with doctors, pharmacists, scientists, and hospital
the pharmaceutical sales
administrators. With luck, they get three-minute meetings
representative gets done. vital face time to position your products with customers and
With severely limited customer to manage business relationships.
face time, your sales force
needs 24-hour access to vital Pharmaceutical sales is a challenging business. And when
opportunity knocks, you want your sales representatives ready
enterprise resources to
with 24-hour mobile access to all the information they need to
prepare, execute, and review research customers' histories, analyze customers' needs, and
sales calls. answer customers' questions quickly and effectively.

mySAP Mobile Business combines the convenience and porta-

The mySAP Mobile Business

bility of handheld devices with the functionality of the

solution has the answer: platform to deliver vital business applications and
Mobile Sales Pharma for resources beyond enterprise walls and out into the field where
handhelds. It puts your sales the work gets done and the deals get made.
reps on the road with handheld
access to business-critical
enterprise applications, infor-
mation, and services anytime,
anywhere faster and more
easily than ever before.
When your company's profitability lives and dies by the produc- The technology allows applications to function locally on mobile
tivity of your sales force, you want a solution that supports devices so your representatives in the field can always get the job
success anytime, anywhere. Mobile Sales Pharma for hand- done with or without a network connection.
helds empowers your highly trained sales representatives to
make decisions and take action in a way that reduces demand By extending the enterprise to your mobile sales force, you avoid
on back-end systems, enhances customer relationships, boosts the commonly experienced information loss associated with
productivity, and improves overall sales effectiveness. traditional sales force automation tools. You also give your sales
force increased flexibility and greater decision-making capabili-
THE ENTERPRISE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS NO MATTER ties to deliver the kind of one-face-to-the-customer service that
WHERE YOU ARE builds strong, long-term business relationships.
Mobile Sales Pharma for handhelds acts as a personalized mobile
portal to the enterprise. It integrates seamlessly with other Improved Pharmaceutical Customer Management solutions to give your sales force on-the-road access Given the ability to create, update, and search data related to
to mission-critical applications, information, and services. pharmaceutical customer groups, your sales team can access
listings that contain complete customer interaction histories
Whether you use mobile phones, PDAs, or other handheld and quickly gain analytical insights into customers' situations.
devices, mySAP Mobile Business can transform them into They can also mine data according to pharmaceutically specific
affordable tools that put enterprise resources where your sales customer attributes based on specialization, group, subgroup,
representatives need them in the palms of their hands. or regional pharmaceutical market structures.

More Efficient Sales Force Activity Management

Mobile Sales Pharma for handhelds gives your sales representa-
tives the power to manage their activities wherever they are. It
lets them create, view, and update capabilities that enable the
easy administration of essential sales cycle activities, such as sales
calls, meetings, and e-mail correspondences, helping them
boost their productivity in business everyday.
Trouble-Free Product Management
When customers make inquiries and your sales representatives
need answers immediately, Mobile Sales Pharma for handhelds
provides fast, secure access to electronic dossiers containing vital
product information. Whether they need information on side
effects, data on active ingredients, recent results of clinical stud-
ies, technical specifications, product documentation, upgrade
alerts, or marketing materials Mobile Sales Pharma for hand-
helds puts the data right at their fingertips.


Your pharmaceutical sales representatives are seldom in the
office which is good. You want them on the road, interacting
with your customers, positioning your products, and building
relationships. In a multichannel, one-face-to-the-customer sales and market-
ing environment, your people in the field need all the support
Mobile Sales Pharma for handhelds helps you mobilize your sales they can get. Mobile Sales Pharma for handhelds delivers that
force and improve its performance, extending critical customer- support improving efficiency and sales force effectiveness like
relationship-based resources beyond enterprise boundaries. By never before.
granting your sales team unprecedented access to enterprise
information and applications, you can: THE E-BUSINESS PLATFORM
Improve sales call preparedness To remain both competitive and profitable in the new Internet
Cut operational costs through wireless automation economy, successful companies must be able to work together
Reduce paperwork and other demands on back-end systems and openly across traditional enterprise boundaries, collaborat-
Improve customer relationships with prompt responses to ing in virtual global networks. With, SAP integrates
inquiries its extensive business and industry expertise into a comprehen-
Enhance overall knowledge management throughout the sive platform of e-business solutions, services, and technology.
enterprise By integrating with their business strategy, companies
Leverage time-critical business analytics beyond enterprise walls gain lasting competitive advantage, adding significant value and
maximizing ROI.
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The e-business platform is a family of solutions and FIND OUT MORE
services that empowers organizations and individuals to collabo-
rate successfully anywhere, anytime. The business solutions To learn more about how mySAP Mobile Business
provided by enable any organization, regardless of can improve the performance of your pharmaceuti-
size, to run its business more efficiently and productively, and
to gain significant competitive advantage in todays economy. cal sales force, call SAP at +49/1805/34 34 34 or is based on an open, flexible, collaborative services visit our Web sites at,
architecture that supports both SAP and non-SAP systems., and creates value by allowing quick response to new
business opportunities and by reducing costs, enabling companies
to collaborate, integrate, and empower themselves for business
success in todays economy you know, the profitable one.

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