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Vape Related Scientific Research:

British American Tobacco research proves that vape is as harmless as breathing a

Expert independent review concludes that e-cigarettes have potential to help smo
kers quit.
Additives used in cigarette tobacco, and tobacco 'sheet' production.
A report commissioned by Public Health England states electronic cigarettes offe
r "vast potential health benefits".
Estimating the Harms of Nicotine-Containing Products Using the MCDA Approach.
Formaldehyde already in human breath.
Connection between vape and asthma?
Diacetyl in Tobacco
Effect of Vape on Lungs
Effectiveness of ecigarettes in smoking cessation
BMA and WHO admit that they don't have a fucking clue about vaping, but want to
ban it anyway.
Why won't big tobacco just die like their customers?
'Passive vaping' has no detrimental effects.
Professor at Drexel University finds no significant health risk associated with
New study finds no health concerns in e-cig vapor:
Clinical trials on the effectiveness of vaping for smoking cessation.
SNRT/NCBI paper on the effectiveness of vaping in smoking cessation.
Addiction Journal reviews research supporting the benefits of vaping over smokin
Carbonyl compounds found in vape at high voltage settings.
Comparison between vape and smoke on environmental air quality.
Systematic review of data regarding contaminants in vape
The truth about vaping - why they hate us. Not scientific, but economic research
. whilst it doesn't really fit in this list, it certainly merits watching.
Mayo Clinic gives vape the thumbs up.