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Visionary Leadership Skills Creating a World to Which People Want to Belong by Robert B. Dilts Dedication This book is dedicated with much love and respect to Gino Bonissone who has taught me as much about life as he has about leadership. Meta Publications BO. Box 1910 Capitola, California 95010 (408) 464-0254 FAX (408) 464-0517 © Copyright 1996 by Meta Publications. Printed in the United States of America. All rights reserved. This book or parts thereof may not be reproduced in any form without written permission of the Publisher. Library of Congress Card Number 96-075856 LS.B.N. 0-916990-38-9 Contents Dedication Acknowledgments Preface INTRODUCTION Cuaprer 1 Waar 1s Leapersuir? Defining Leadership ‘The Problem Space of Leadership The Basic Skills of Leadership Cuarren 2 Vision Iyro Action Levels of Change and Leadership Moving From Vision to Action Exercise: Vision Into Action Effective Leadership and Internal States Creating an Aligned State ‘Level Alignment Process ‘Transcript: Demonstration of the Level Alignment Process Co-Alignment of Levels Level Alignment Worksheet (Cuarrer $ ALIGNING LEVELS OF CHANGE wa System ‘The Significance of Alignment in an Orgenization Levels of Change in an Organization Example of Failure to Align Levels in an Orgenization ii vil ix 4 17 18 24 25 a1 34 36 38 49 50 53 54 58 62 An Illustration of Different Levels of Process as Applied to Organizational Development A Framework for Effective ‘Path Finding’ ‘Culture’ Versus ‘Cult’ ~ Defining the Organization Aligning the Members of an Organization Cuapter 4 Creare THE Furure ‘Turning Dreams Into Reality Dreamer, Realist and Critic Physiology and Creativity Implementing the Creative Cycle The Disney Planning Strategy Thinking Styles in Leadership and Problem Solving Addressing Different Thinking Styles Balancing Thinking Styles in a Group (CHAPTER 5 MANAGING BeLizr SYSTEMS ‘The Influence of Belief Systems in Organizations and Social Systems The Motivational Space of Change Assessing Motivation for Change Belief Assessment Sheot Bolstering Beliefs Basic Types of Causes Finding a System of Causes ‘Through ‘Connectives’ The Belief Audit ~ Strengthening ‘Motivation for a Vision or Goal ‘Relief Audit’ Worksheet Auditing a Belief From a Different Perspective ‘The Principle of ‘Positive Intention’ 67 72 78 84 85 86 87 92 94 96 107 112 n4 m5 6 121 126 128 131 132 137 141 148 148, 152 (CHAPTER 6 Errective COMMUNICATION Communication and Relational Skills in Leadership ‘The Communication Matrix ‘Monitoring Internal States ‘Managing Meta Messages Pacing and Leading Representational Channels and Thinking Styles Basic Perceptual Positions in Communication and Relationships ‘The Skill of Meta Communication Practicing Effective Communication Skills Cuaprer 7 Leapersiip STyLEs Influence of Different Leadership Styles Situational Leadership ‘Transformational Leadership Leadership Style Assessment Sheet Levels of Change and Leadership Stylea Exploring and Expanding Leadership Styles Cuapter 8 ‘Tae Parane oF THE PonPorse A New Paradigm for Learning and Leadership The Parable of the Porpoise Levels of Learning Context and Presuppositions Culture and ‘Learning IP Implications of the Parable of the Porpoise for Leadership Applying the Parable of the Porpoise Cuapter 9 Conciusion 155 156 157 175 178 181 185 189 192 194 199 200 202 206 212 215 217 219 220 222 226 230 233 235 237 243