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For IBM System Storage DS3500, DCS3700 and DS5000 series

IBM Asynchronous Logical Unit Access

Quick Start Guide for Windows

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

Update the Reboot the Enable
Windows Windows ALUA
Host Host

This Quick Start Guide shows you how to enable ALUA on a Windows host.

Step 1: Update the Windows Host

1. On the Windows host, update the DS Storage Manager to v.10.83 or higher, update
the Controller Firmware to v7.83 or higher and associated NVSRAM.

Step 2: Reboot the Windows Host

2. Install MPIO DSM that came with DS Storage Manager. Reboot the Windows host.

Step 3: Enable ALUA on a Windows host

3. Using Storage Manager, change the Host Operating System of the logical drives
mapped to the Windows host to W2KALUA:

a. Under the Host Mappings tab,

Right-click Your Windows Host Name.

b. Select: Change Host Operating system.

c. From the dropdown, select W2KALUA.

d. Select: OK.
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