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Communication Networks

1) What is communication ?
Ans : Message(data and information) is communicated via signal. Transmission media carries

2) What are Analog and Digital signals?

Ans: Analog Continuous Electrical waves
Digital Individual electrical pulses
3) What do you mean by Communication Device ?
Ans: Machine that assists Data Transmission . Ex: Modems, Cellular Devices,etc

Devices that translate data from digital to analog and analog to digital
Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
Technology that uses existing common carrier lines to simultaneously transmit
video,voice,image data in digital format.
4) What are the Trends driving Data Communications ?

1) Traffic Growth Increasing no. of internet users

2) Development of new services VoIP, IPTV, Online Games
3) Advances in Technology Fiber optics vs copper cable, 2G vs 3G, wired
vs wireless

Channel : Path between Transmitting and receiving device.

Channel Capacity(Channel Bandwidth) : How much data can be passed through the
channel , in terms of bits/sec.
5)What are effectiveness of Data Communication systems ?
Performance(deliver in timely manner)
Reliability(Non stop service)
Security(protection from intruders)

Computer Networks
1) What do you mean by computer network?
A system of interconnected computers and computerized peripherals such as printer, etc is
called as computer network.
2) Classify Computer Networks based on factors
Geographical span
Spanned across table Among Bluetooth enabled devices
Spanned across a whole building
Spanned across a whole city
Spanned across multiple cities
Network covering whole world
Interconnectivity(logically or physically)
Single device to every other device (in a mesh)
All devices to a single medium, geographically disconnected( in a bus)
Each device to neighboring devices only (linear structure)
All devices connected together with a single device(like star structure)
Hybrid structure

Private or Public network
3) Mention Applications of networks
Resource Sharing (Hardware/Software)
Information Sharing(Easy accessibility from anywhere)
Communication (email, msg broadcast)
Remote computing
4) Disadvantages of Networking
Network Hardware, software - setup cost, management cost, administration
Undesirable sharing
Data security concerns
Performance issues

Telephone Networks
1) What do you mean by telephone network ?
Telecommunication network used for telephone calls between two or more parties.
2) List Different types of telephone networks?
Landline Network ( telephone directly wired into a single telephone exchange PSTN)
Wireless network (telephones are mobile and can move around anywhere within
coverage area)
Private network (Closed group of telephones connected to each other , and via gateway
to outside world)
ISDN (integrated services digital network)