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A world without an engineer is just like a bike

without wheels. Today happens to be the 147th

birthday of one of the great sons of India.
September 15th is designated as Engineers Day.
I would like to share with you some interesting
snippets from the life of the great man. Any
state should be lucky to have a minister of Sir
Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya's ability. How
many such selfless patriots do we have? Free
India honors great servants of the country every
year by awarding titles. The highest of this
award is 'Bharata Ratna'. In 1955 Visvesvaraya
was made a 'Bharata Ratna', the Gem of India.
He was a gem of mankind itself.

Visvesvaraya was a genius. The Block System

which he invented, the automatic doors which
he devised to stop wasteful overflow of water,
the water supply and drainage system which he
planned for the city of Aden - these won high
praise from engineers all over the world. His
memory was an amazing as genius. We saw how
in 1908 he tamed the Moosa. Fifty years later,
one day, there was a discussion about the river,
and he referred to some detail. In 1906-07,
Government of India sent him to Africa to study
water supply and drainage system and the
project prepared by him was implemented in
Eden successfully. He was a very great engineer
in India and the first engineer too.

How did Visvesvaraya use his genius and his

extraordinary memory? This is the important
question. He was never late by a minute and he
never wasted a minute. Once a minister was late
by three minutes; MV advised him to be
punctual. A man should do any work he
undertakes methodically - that was his firm
faith. Every man should understand his
responsibility and do his best - which was the
essence of his teaching. He practiced this very
honestly, and there are hundreds of instances to
show this. Until he was confined to his bed he
was very particular about his clothes. Even
when he was 95, people who went to see him
were surprised - he was so carefully and neatly
dressed. He once said Remember, your work
may be; to only sweep a railway crossing, but it
is your duty to keep it so clean, that no other
crossing in the world is as clean as yours

A hundred such instances of his discipline and

devotion to work can be listed. He once said,
"The curse of our country is laziness. At first
sight everyone seems to be working. But in fact,
one man works and the others simply watch
him. As someone said with contempt, 'it looks
as if five men are working. But really only one-
man works. One man will be doing nothing.
One man will be resting. Another man will be
watching them. Yet another man will be helping
these three." It all seems to be a lol situation.
The dams built by him are still functional even
today, a testimony to his brilliance, skill,
honesty and dedication. So 15th of September,
Engineer's Day 2012, is quite a remarkable
tribute to the greatest Indian Engineer Bharat
Ratna M. Visvesvarayya. After him, reaching
his admirable destiny; through his kind heart
and intellectual brain in all directions; so he
could finally sleep in peace on 14th April 1962.
We miss him ever and never such a person in
the world is seen.

Engineering Community in India is

celebrating Engineers Day on every 15th
September. Now at 2012 number of
Engineers rising in various Engineering
branches is very high. Even Engineers
number in India grows, its sad to say
that Engineers doesnt have much
knowledge about this day.

The Engineering Community across India is

celebrating Engineers Day every year. If we ask
the date of celebrations to Engineering students
they may kill them by askingEngineers Day,
what? We dont hear etc.etc. We cant find any
fault in these engineering students behavior,
because a most percentage of colleges never
celebrate this occasion.

National level organizations like The

Institutions of Engineers (India) conduct meets
and events on this occasion. Considering global
awareness on climate change and realizing
Engineers' role in economic development and
environmental responsibility, it is dedicating
the 147th Engineer's Day to "Appropriate
Climate-Responsive Technologies for Inclusive
Growth and Sustainable Development".
Engineers Day should be celebrated in all the
Technical Institutions. Importance of the day is
to be made known to all budding Engineers by
conducting more of exhibitions, seminars,
Talks, demos, and sharing experiences of
practicing successful Technocrats etc.

Engineering is not merely to know and being

knowledgeable, like a walking encyclopedia;
engineering is not merely analysis; engineering
is not merely the possession of the capacity to
get elegant solutions to non-existent
engineering problems; engineering is practicing
the art of the organized forcing of technological
change. The ideal engineer is a composite. He is
not a scientist, he is not a mathematician, he is
not a sociologist or a writer; but he may use the
knowledge and techniques of any; or all of these
disciplines in solving engineering problems.
Engineers operate at the interface between
science and society. Engineers like to solve
problems. If there are no problems handily
available, they will create their own problems
and will develop a number of ways to solve

Now lakhs of Engineering graduates coming out

every year from various parts of the country.
Colleges should celebrate this day with
seminars about past to present scenario in
Indian Engineering. Engineers Day should be a
day in which all zested minds in Engineering
sector should be treated with zealous by the
authorities. Other-wise this day will disappear
from the history, as time passes. With this hope
lets celebrate the day with all our efforts into
this auspicious day.

We are the World and its creators

because; Scientists invented the world
that already exists, but we ENGINEERS
create the world that never existed; so,
we are proud to be an Engineer. With
this conclusion, wishing you all, a very