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Who is not part of the recommended national heroes as per the National

Heroes Committee of 1995?

o Artemio Ricarte
"Moral character, selfish acts and influence in his era are necessary to be
considered a national hero."
o False
Which statement relates to Rizal's feelings about his stay in Bian?
o He was not happy at the beginning but he appreciated his experiences
there later
Insulares are Spanish born in the colony; they wanted equality with the other
o True
"Which situation does not show the phrase, ""bajo de la campana""?"
o Maria Ana
Claro M. Recto authored the original Rizal bill.
o True
What was Senator Jose Laurel's role in the passing of the Rizal bill?
o He edited some parts to accommodate those who do not want to read the unedited versions of Noli
Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.
November 30 of every year is considered a day of mourning for Rizal.
o False
Creation of primary schools for boys and girls was through the educational
decree of 1872.
o False
The Rizal bill stated that disctribution of Noli Me Tangere must be free of
charge in barangays.
o True
Spain's mismanagement of the colonies led to the revolution in South Africa.
o False
Rizal was a cacique; his family belong to the native elites who were able to
relate to both commoners and Spaniards.
o True
The direct result of Spain s political instability was the abolition of galleon
trade in 1892
o False
"According to Rizal, his mother wanted him to visit what place before he turns
o Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage
Why did Claro M. Recto pursue the passing of R.A. 1425?
o He saw Rizal's life and writings as springboard to nationalism.
A mutiny was led by a certain Lt. Andres Novales in 1826 resulted death and
injuries on penisulares.
o False
"Puerto Rico, Mexico and Philippines were the only colonies of Spain in 1896."
o False
"Domingo Lam-co adopted Mercado as his surname, his grandson, Francisco
Mercado chose Rizal which means"
o Green Pastures
The opening of Philippine ports to the other nationalities also opened transfer
of technology.
o True
Rizal Bill critics stated that Rizal Bill has more nationalistic statements than
anti-Catholic passages.
o False
Annotated versions of Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo were used in
schools after passage of R.A 1425.
o True
"Suez Canal, in Egypt, shortened travel time from and to North America. "
o False
Political instability of Spain led to the dissolution of colonies in South America.
o True
Napoleon Bonaparte conquered Spain in the early 19th century; he brought
the French ideas on government and liberalism.
o True
Which is not a Spanish colony?
o Brazil
Filipinos revolted against Spain but most resulted in a catastrophe because of
the lack of unity among the people.
o True
"In honor of heroes, every last Sunday of October is considered National
Heroes Day."
o False
Secularization of parishes was pivotal in Filipino identity in the 19th century.
Father Pedro Pelaez was forefront of the battle against the regular clergy until
his death in 1863.
o True
Rizal mentioned in his memoirs that he took special Spanish class in Sta.
Isabel. What kind of character does he show?
o Diligant