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Piezoacoustic Transducer


A piezoelectric transducer can be used either to transform an

electric current to an acoustic pressure field or, the opposite, to
produce an electric current from an acoustic field. These
devices are generally useful for applications that require the
generation of sound in air and liquids. This project will focus on
how to couple piezoelectric vibrations in a transducer to an
acoustics pressure wave in a fluid such as air or water. The
physics that are coupled and will be solved are piezoelectric
stress-strain, an electric field, and pressure acoustics in a fluid.

The model will be built using Acoustic module of COMSOL

Multiphysics and the built-in Acoustic-Piezoelectric Interaction,
Frequency Domain Multiphysics interface which comprises
three fundamental physics; Pressure Acoustics, Solid
Mechanics and Electrostatics. Frequency and static response
of the transducer will be analysed.