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Section 03 10 00 Concrete Forming and Accessories




.1 Section 01 74 21 Construction/Demolition Waste Management and Disposal.

.2 Section 03 20 00 - Concrete Reinforcing.

.3 Section 03 30 00 - Cast-in-place Concrete.

.1 Vietnam Standards (TCVN)
.1 TCVN 4453, Monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete structures
Construction, check and acceptance.
.2 TCVN 9341. Mass concrete - Practice of construction and acceptance.

.1 Indicate method and schedule of construction, shoring, stripping and re-shoring
procedures, materials, arrangement of joints, special architectural exposed finishes, ties,
liners, and locations of temporary embedded parts.

.2 Indicate formwork design data, such as permissible rate of concrete placement and other
loading conditions.

.3 Indicate sequence of erection and removal of formwork/falsework as directed by the


.4 Each shop drawing submission shall bear stamp and signature of qualified professional
engineer from the Contractor.


.1 Formwork and falsework materials shall be made of wood, metal, plastic or precast
concrete to be approved by the Engineer.

.2 All propping shall be done with steel props. Sawn timber props may be used only if
specifically approved in writing by the Engineer. If timber props are used, they shall be
straight, clear of knots and cracks, and shall not be spliced.

.3 Release agents shall be materials marketed as such, and shall be of one of the following
.1 Cream emulsion

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Section 03 10 00 Concrete Forming and Accessories

.2 Neat oil with surfactant added

.3 Chemical release agent


.1 Where the support of formwork is provided by the permanent structure, the adequacy of
the structure for this temporary role shall be checked and approved by the Engineer
before work commences.

.2 In watertight construction, methods of fixing formwork that leave openings through the
concrete section when the formwork is removed shall not be used. All wall ties that have
water baffles and wall kickers shall be cast monolithically with the base slab.

.3 Approval for the size, type and position of any hole, insert or fixing required by the
Contractor or any subcontractor shall be obtained before work proceeds.

.4 Unless otherwise specified or approved, all holes shall be formed and all inserts cast in at
the time of pouring. No part of the concrete works shall be subsequently drilled, chipped
or cut away without prior approval from the Engineer.

.5 The Contractor shall submit to the Engineer, not less than two weeks prior to the start of
any concrete pour which require props, shopdrawings indicating the props he proposes to
use, a detailed programme of the fixing and striking sequences, and an estimate of the
loads to be carried by the props.

.1 Unless otherwise specified, formwork and falsework shall be designed in accordance
with TCVN 4452.

.2 The design of formwork shall be carried out by competent personnel, taking due account
of the surface finish required. The formwork shall be made sufficiently rigid and tight at
the joints by appropriate methods to prevent loss of grout or mortar from the concrete
during the placing and compacting of concrete.

.3 Formwork (including supports) shall be sufficiently rigid to maintain the forms in

correct positions and to correct shape and profile so that the final concrete structure is
within the limits of the dimensional tolerances and deviations specified. The supports
shall be designed to withstand the worst combination of self weight, formwork weight,
formwork forces, reinforcement weight, wet concrete weight and construction loads,
together with all incidental dynamic effects caused by placing, vibrating and compacting
the concrete.

.4 The formwork shall be so arranged as to be readily dismantled and removed without

causing shock, disturbance or damage to the cast concrete. Where necessary, the
arrangement should be such that the soffit form, properly supported on props, can be
retained in position for such period as may be required by maturing conditions or this
specification. If the concrete member is to be prestressed whilst still resting on the soffit

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Section 03 10 00 Concrete Forming and Accessories

form, provision shall be made to allow for elastic deformation and any variation in mass


.1 Verify lines, levels and centres before proceeding with formwork/falsework and ensure
dimensions agree with drawings.

.2 Provide site drainage to prevent washout of soil supporting mud sills and shores.

.3 Fabricate and erect formwork in accordance with TCVN 4453, to produce finished
concrete conforming to shape, dimensions, locations and levels indicated within
tolerances required by TCVN 4453.

.4 Align form joints and make watertight. Keep form joints to minimum.

.5 Form chases, slots, openings, drips, recesses, expansion and control joints as indicated.

.6 Build in anchors, sleeves, and other inserts required to accommodate Work specified in
other sections. Ensure that all anchors and inserts will not protrude beyond surfaces
designated to receive applied finishes, including painting.

.7 Clean formwork in accordance with TCVN 4453 before placing concrete.


.1 Before any formwork is removed, the Contractor shall ensure that the concrete has
attained sufficient strength and that the structure will be stable and not adversely affected
when formwork is struck. Materials and plant shall not be placed on any new
construction in such a manner as to cause damage.

.2 The responsibility for the safe removal of any part of the formwork or props rests
entirely with the Contractor.

.3 No metallic part of any device used for maintaining formwork in the correct location
shall remain permanently within the specified concrete cover to reinforcement.

.4 If formwork props are to be left in place when soffit forms are removed, the props shall
not be disturbed during or after the removal process without approval from the Engineer.

.5 The minimum period before removing formwork to structural members shall be in

accordance with TCVN 4453 and TCVN 5592 depending on the climatic condition of
the Site.

.6 Earlier striking of forms (but not props) may be approved if the Contractor can show that
this will not cause damage to the concrete, especially to arises and features, or to the
structure, especially if it results in unacceptable deflection. The Contractor shall make
good any such damage at his expense should it occur.

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Section 03 10 00 Concrete Forming and Accessories

.7 The making and testing of cubes to establish the period before striking shall be at the
Contractor's own expense. These cubes shall be stored and cured in a manner that
simulates the curing of the concrete used in the Works.

.8 Permission to strike formwork on the basis of the strength of specially cast cubes shall be
withdrawn if the Engineer is not satisfied that the strength of the cubes is representative
of the strength of the cast concrete.

.9 Provide all necessary reshoring of members where early removal of forms may be
required or where members may be subjected to additional loads during construction as

.10 Space reshoring in each principal direction at not more than 3000 mm apart.


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