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INSTRUCTION: Select the correct answer for each of the following questions.
Mark only one answer for each item by marking the box corresponding to the
letter of your choice on the answer sheet provided.


1. A type of bond where the corporation pledges securities which it owns

(I,e, stocks, bonds of its subsidiaries).
A. Mortgage C. Coupon bond
B. Registered bond D. Collateral trust bond *

2. The place where buyers and sellers come together.

A. Market * C. Recreation center
B. Business D. Buy and sell section

3. An evil wrong committed by a person damaged another persons property or

reputation is
A. tort * C. negligence
B. material breach D. fraud

4. What is the probability of not getting a red ball from a bag containing 3
white balls, 5 blue balls , and 4 red balls?
A. 2/3 * C. 1/3
B. 5/12 D. 1/4

5. In how many ways can 7 persons be seated on a round table if a certain

couple is in the group and must be seated together?
A. 240 * C. 120
B. 360 D. 720

6. A 100 liter mixture with 85% alcohol is placed in a container. How much
water should be added to produce a mixture with 65% alcohol?
A. 25.6 C. 30.8 *
B. 20.6 D. 35.8

7. What is the highest position in the corporation?

A. President C. Chairman of the Board *
B. Board of Directors D. Stockholders

8. An association of two or more individuals for the purpose of operating a

business as co-owners for profit.
A. Sole proprietorship C. Partnership *
B. Company D. Corporation

9. Liquid assets such as cash and other assets that can be converted quickly
into cash, such as accounts receivable and merchandise are called
A. total assets C. current assets *
B. fixed assets D. none of the above

10. The length of time which the property may be operated at a profit.
A. Physical life C. Operating life
B. Economic life * D. All of the above

11. The provision in the contract that indicates the possible adjustment of
material cost and labor cost.
A. Secondary clause C. Contingency clause
B. Escalatory clause * D. Main clause

12. Gross profit, sales less cost of good sold, as a percentage of a sales is
A. profit margin C. net income
B. gross margin * D. rate of return
13. Those funds that are required to make the enterprise or project a going
A. Initial investment C. Working capital *
B. Current accounts D. Subscribed capital

14. The payment for the use of borrowed money is called

A. loan C. interest *
B. maturity value C. principal

15. Sometimes called second hand value.

A. Scrap value C. Book value
B. Salvage value * D. Going value

16. If John gives $5 to Allen and Allen gives $2 to Eduard, and they have
the same money thereafter, how much is Johns money higher than Allen?
A. $7 C. $8 *
B. $5 D. $3

17. Transform the polar equation r2cos(theta)sin(theta)= 4 to rectangular

A. xy = 4 * C. x + y = 4
B. x2y = 4 D. x2 + y2 = 4

18. Given f(x)= (x 1)/(x3 3x2 + 2x), find x when the value of f(x) is
A. 0, -1 and -2 C. 0 and 2
B. 0, 1 and 2 * D. 1 and 2

19. Given f(x)= 3x 5, g(f(x))= x , find g(x).

A. (2x + 5)/3 C. (x + 5)/3 *
B. (3x 5)/4 D. (x 5)/3
20. The value which has a disinterested third party, different from the buyer
and seller, will determine in order to establish a price acceptable to
both parties.
A. Market value C. Fair value *
B. Goodwill value D. Franchise value

21. It is a series of equal payments occurring at equal intervals of time

where the first payment is made after several periods, after the beginning
of the payment.
A. Deferred annuity * C. Progressive annuity
B. Delayed annuity D. Simple annuity

22. A method of computing depreciation in which the annual charge is a fixed

percentage of the depreciation book value at the beginning of the year to
which the depreciation applies.
A. Straight lime method C. SYD method
B. Sinking fund method D. Declining balance method *

23. A method of depreciation where a fixed sum of money is regularly

deposited at compound interest in a real or imaginary fund in order to
accumulate an amount equal to the total depreciation of an asset at the
end of the assets estimated life.
A. Straight line method C. Declining balance method
B. Sinking fund method * D. SYD method

24. The lessening of the value of an asset due to the decrease in the quantity
available (referring to the natural resources, coal, oil, etc.)
A. Depreciation C. inflation
B. depletion * D. incremental cost

25. An association of two or more persons for a purpose of engaging in a

profitable business.
A. Sole proprietorship C. Partnership *
B. Enterprise D. Corporation

26. A distinct legal entity which can practically transact any business
transaction which a real person could do.
A. Sole of proprietorship C. Partnership
B. Enterprise D. Corporation *

27. A type of bind where the corporation pledges securities which it owns
(I,e, stocks, bonds of its subsidiaries).
A. Mortgage C. Coupon bond
B. Registered bond D. Collateral trust bond *
28. A type of bond which does not have security except a promise to pay by
the issuing corporation.
A. Mortgage bond C. Collateral trust bond
B. Registered bond D. Debenture bond *

29. The residual value of a companys assets after all outside liabilities
(shareholders excluded) has been allowed for.
A. Dividend C. Return
B. Equity * D. Per value

30. The quantity of a certain commodity that is bought at a certain price at a

given time and place.
A. Demand * C. Market
B. Supply D. Utility

31. Solve for N if log of 3 top the base 6 equals N.

A. 0.613 * C. 0.316
B. 0.218 D. 0.816

32. A man bought a $20 book and wishes to sell it. At what price should he
mark it if he wishes to give a 40 percent discount and make 50 percent
profit on the cost?
A. $40 C. $ 50 *
B. $55 D. $30

33. A steel plate 6 cm square is to be formed into an open box by cutting

equal squares out of the corners and bending up the edges to form a box.
What is the side of the square removed so that the box formed will have a
maximum volume?
A. 1.0 cm * C. 0.5 cm
B. 1.5 cm D. 2.0 cm

34. The greatest unit pressure the soil can continuously stand is called
A. bearing strength * C. ultimate strength
B. yield strength D. fatigue strength

35. Refers to the highest ordinate on the stress-strain diagram.

A. Rapture strength C. Yield strength
B. Ultimate strength * D. Allowable strength

36. A kind of stress that is caused by forces acting along or parallel to the
area resisting the force.
A. Tensile stress C. Shearing stress *
B. Bearing stress D. Tangential stress

37. The ratio of the unit deformation or strains in a transverse direction is

constant for stresses within the proportional limit. This is known as
A. Hookes Law C. Poisson ratio *
B. Mohrs circle D. Slenderness ratio

38. What is the constant term in the expansion of (2x2 + 1/x)9 ?

A. 672 * C. 748
B. 724 D. 860

29. Solve for x: 23x = 64

A. 4 C. 2 *
B. 6 D. 1

39. Find x in the expression log 3 to the base 6 equals x times log 3 to
the base 2.
A. 1/3 * C. 2/3
B. 1/2 D. 3/4
40. If ln x = 3 and ln y = 5, find ln(x2 /y1/2)
A. 1.5 C. 3.5 *
B. 2.5 D. 4.5

41. A river is 580 ft wide. The bridge constructed across the river is
banked 1/7 of its length in the east and 1/6 in the west. What is the
length of the bridge?
A. 840 ft * C. 910 ft
B. 760 ft D. 1000 ft

42. What is the probability of getting two faces in a deck of cards if

drawing of cards is to be done twice?
A. 0.02 C. 0.04
B. 0.05 * D. 0.03

43. A plane with a velocity of 300 mph din still air, is travelling against
the wind and travels a distance of 900 miles in 4 hours. Find the headwind
A. 75 mph * C. 150 mph
B. 100 mph D. 200 mph

44. A, B and C are points on a circle. AC bisects the circle and AB = BC.
The area of triangle ABC is most clearly what percent of the circles area?
A. 44 C. 32 *
B. 36 D. 24

45. Find the value of x for which f(x) is minimum given f(x) = x 2 + 5x + 2 =
A. 0 C. -2
B. -5/2 * D. -3/2

46. Solve for x: x 3 = 3(1 x)

A. 0.67 C. 1.50 *
B. 0.33 D. 1.67

47. Find the equation of the family of lines in which the slope and the y-
intercept are equal.
A. y = x/y C. y = y/x
B. y = y/(x + 1) * D. y = x + y

48. Find the radius of the circle circumscribing a regular pentagon with
area 560 square units.
A. 15.347 * C. 11.254
B. 16.879 D. 10.543

49. Find the equation of the circle circumscribing a triangle with vertices
(-1,-3), (-2, 4), (2, 1).
A. x2 + 3x + y2 7y 10 = 0
B. x2 + 3x + y2 + 7y 10 = 0
C. x2 + 3x + y2 y 10 = 0 *
D. x2 + 3x + y2 7y + 10 = 0

50. The upper and lower bases of a trapezoid measures 12 in and 16 in

respectively. If the base angles are 55 deg and 65 deg. What is the length
of the shorter leg?
A. 3.78 * C. 5.24
B. 2.18 D. 4.29
51. What is the maximum area of the rectangle inscribed in an ellipse
having an equation of 4x2 + 16y2 = 16.
A. 4 * C. 8
B. 12 D. 6

52. When a right circular cone is cut by a plane parallel to the axis of
the cone the conic section formed is a/an
A. parabola C. circle
B. ellipse D. hyperbola *
53. If the second derivative of the equation of a curve is equal to the
negative of the equation of that same curve, the curve is
A. paraboloid C. tangent
B. exponential D. sinusoidal *

54. The act of charging two or more buyers or sellers different prices for
the same product where the elasticity of supply or demand at each price
level differs among market is known as
A. price manipulation C. price discrimination *
B. price optimization D. price war

55. A situation in which rival firms drive prices down through attempts to
undercut each others prices is called
A. price war * C. price leadership
B. price discrimination D. price manipulation

56. Maximum plant capacity in which a CPM is allowed to operate, tend or

A. 200 kW C. 224 kW
B. 220 kW D. 242 kW *

57. The state of a thermodynamic system is defined by its

A. temperature C. process
B. pressure and temperature D. properties *

58. The partial pressure of a gas is the pressure that the gas will exert
if it alone occupies the volume occupied by the mixture at the same
temperature of the mixture.
A. Daltons law * C. Amagats law
B. Avogadros law D. Pascals law

59. An accounting book where the original record of all transaction is

ordinarily recorded.
A. journal * C. ledger
B. balance sheet D. balance sheet

60. Given f(x)= 2x + 4, g(x) = 1/x, find f(g(f(x)))

A. 1/(2x + 4) * C. 2x + 4
B. 1/2 D. 2x + 4

61. Simplify : (a-2)2 / (b-2)3

A. b6/a4 * C. b4/a6
B. a6/b4 D. a4/b6

62. Find the roots of the equation x3 16x = 0.

A. 0,4 C. 0,-4
B. 0,-4,-4 D. 0,-4,4 *
63. Solve for x in the equations: 2(x + y)=100 and 4(x + y)
A. 4.55 C. 4.75
B. 4.25 D. 4.15 *

64. What is the value of x in the proportion (x + 1):4 = 15:44.

A. 6 C. 5
B. 4 * D. 3

65. Determine the number of diagonals of a polygon with 15 sides.

A. 60 C. 120
B. 80 D. 90 *

66. What is the area of the rhombus with diagonals of 10 m and 24 m ?

A. 150 C. 120 *
B. 240 D. 180

67. Evaluate the limit of xx as x approaches to zero.

A. 0 C. 1 *
B. 1/2 D. indeterminate
68. Three circles are externally tangent to each other and having the
distances of their centers of 20 in., 23 in., and 25 in. What is the
radius of the largest circle?
A. 10 C. 12
B. 14 * D. 16

69. Tom earned $200 for working 40 hours, if he works overtime he will be
paid 1.5 times his regular income. If tom received a total of $230, how
many hours did he worked?
A. 4 C. 5
B. 44 * D. 55

70. The point on the curve where the second derivative of the function is
A. maxima C. point of inflection *
B. minima D. point of deflection

71. What is the trigonometric substitution used for a function involving a2

x2 ?
A. x = asin(theta)* C. x = atan(theta)
B. x = acos(theta) D. x = asec(theta)

72. The first derivative of cosine x is

A. sin x C. sin x *
B. cosx D. sec x

73. The sum of three numbers is 19. What is the smallest number in the
group if their geometric mean is 6.
A. 2 C. 8
B. 6 D. 4 *

74. Which of the following numbers will give a maximum difference when
subtracted by its cube?
A. 0.707 C. 0.500
B. 0.533 D. 0.577 *
75. Decrease in the value of physical property due to the passage of time.
A. depreciation * C. recession
B. inflation D. depletion

76. A situation whereby payment is made for work not done. The term also
applies to the case where more workers are used than are reasonable
requirement for efficient operation.
A. feather bedding * C. check-in pay
B. downtime pay D. moon lighting

77. The minimum grade of mechanical engineer required in the operation of

500 kW Diesel Power Plant.

78. The ratio of average load to plant capacity.

A. capacity factor * C. demand factor
B. use factor D. load factor

79. Two cylinders each weighing 100 kN and 200 kN with radii of 100 mm and
200 mm respectively, are placed with the heavier weight above the lighter
weight and placed in a container with a width of 500 mm. Assume the
lengths of the cylinders and container are the same. What is the reaction
between the cylinders?
A. 268.28 * C. 200.00
B. 300.00 D. 293.25

80. A man is standing on a cliff 897 meters. He struck a tree with his axe
and the sound 5.2 seconds after. Assuming constant temperature, what is
the velocity of sound on that day?
A. 340 m/s C. 345 m/s *
B. 342 m/s D. 453 m/s
81. A 4 inches diameter sphere is floating on water with its hemisphere
submerged. Solve for the density of the sphere.
A. 31.2 lb/ft3 * C. 62.4 lb/ft3
B. 1000 lb/ft D. 64.2 lb/ft3

82. A block of wood is floating in seawater with submerged height of 30 cm.

If placed in a pool of mineral oil with specific gravity of 0.80, what
will be the submerged height of the wood?
A. 30 cm C. 43 cm
B. 39 cm * D. 29 cm

83. Find the velocity of the liquid in the tank at the bottom 10 meters
below the surface.
A. 14 m/s * C. 16 m/s
B. 20 m/s D. 10 m/s
84. The cause of a fluid to contract.
A. adhesion C. capillary
B. surface tension * D. cohesion

85. Entropy is a measure of

A. randomness or disorder *
B. the change of enthalpy of a system
C. the heat capacity of a substance
D. the internal energy of a gas

86. What is the most efficient thermodynamic cycle?

A. Rankine C. Diesel
B. Otto D. Carnot *

87. What is the pressure at 4000 ft above sea level?

A. 29.92 in Hg C. 26 in Hg *
B. 24.00 in Hg D. 22 in Hg

88. At what temperature are the degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius
A. 40 C. -40 *
B. 60 D. -60

89. A pendulum has a certain frequency in London. What is the effect of

this frequency if it is measured with respect to the equator?
A. increase C. remains the same
B. decrease * D. none of these

90. An interest earning fund in which equal deposits are made at equal
intervals of time for the purpose of gradually accumulating a specific sum
of money required at some future date.
A. sinking fund * C. amortization
B. annuity D. capitalized cost

91. Find the minimum force P required to turn a 350 lb wheel with diameter
of 10 inches over a block with a height of 2 inches.
A. 240 N * C. 120 N
B. 340 N D. 170 N

92. Find the nominal rate which if converted semi-annually could be used
instead of 11.55% compounded quarterly?
A. 11.06% C. 11.72% *
B. 11.39% D. 12.72%

93. A company purchased an asset for P10,000 and plans to keep it for 10
years. The salvage value after 10 years is P2000. Find the book value
after 3 years.
A. P6700 C. P7600 *
B. P7100 D. P8000
94. A formal organization of producers with an industry forming a perfect
collision purposely formed to increase profit and block new comers from
the industry:
A. monopoly C. cartel *
B. corporation D. competitors

95. A pile of logs contains 75 logs so that the top layer contains 3 logs
and each lower layer has one more log than the layer above. How many logs
are there in the bottom layer?
A. 10 C. 12 *
B. 14 D. 16

96. If f(x, y) = (x2 - 2xy + y2)/(x2 y2), f(-x , -y)is equal to

A. 1/(-x + y) C. (-x + y)/(x + y)
B. (x + y)/(y x) D. (x y)/(x + y) *

97. Kinematic viscosity is an SI derivative unit described as

A. watt per meter Kelvin C. Pascal second
B. sq. meters per second * D. Newton per meter

98. The length of the time during which property may be operated at a
A. life C. physical life
B. length of time D. economic life *

99. In a cantilever beam with a concentrated load at the free end, the
moment is:
A. constant along the beam C. maximum half way out on the
B. maximum at the wall * D. maximum at the free end

100. The logarithm of 1 to any base is:

A. indeterminate C. infinity
B. zero * D. one