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GoAutodial Beginners Manual

The Goautodial Beginners Manual explains in

detail each options on the system. The manual
is meant to help people who are new to
Goautodial. This is in no way a complete
manual and expect revisions to be constantly
introduced in order to update our users and
provide relevant information regarding our
service. This is a collaborative effort by the
Goautodial Team combining their technical
expertise and creative talent to bridge the
information gap among the end users. It is our
earnest wish to help you understand the system
to better help your business grow with us.
Table of Contents
1 Foreword 22 User Info Icon
2 Table of Contents 23 Voice Files Screen
3 - Login Page 24 - Reports and Analytics Screen
4 Admin Guide 25 Statistical Report
5 Dashboard 26 Agent Time Details
6 The Header 27 Agent Performance Detail
7 Campaign Definition and the Campaign Screen 28 Dial Statuses Summary
8 Campaign Settings Screen 29 Sales Per Agent
9 Campaign Advanced Settings Part 1 30 Sales Tracker
10 Campaign Advance Settings Part 2 31 Inbound Call Report
11 Pause Codes 32 Export Call Report
12 Hot Keys Tab 33 Sample Spread sheet for Export Call Report
13 Hot Keys Figure 1.1 34 Dashboard Report
14 Hot Keys Figure 1.2 35 Call History
15 Scripts 36 Recordings Screen
16 Figure 1.4 Scripts on Agent UI 37 Lead Information
17 List Screen 38 Support Screen
18 Customs Field Tab 39 Agent Guide
19 Loading Leads 40-41 Setting up the Agent
20 Figure 1.5 Sample Lead File 42 The Agent Screen
21 Users Screen 43 Transferring a call
44 Disposition Page
45 - Credits
Login Page

Admin Login

Agent Login

Chat Support

Clicking help will open a pop-up

window that allows cloud users to chat
with tech support.
Admin Guide
The following pages will discuss in detail the different settings you will use as the account admin.

Todays Status Header

Agents Status

Applications Menu
Agents and Phones

Account Info
The Header

Logout Function.

Date and time are based on the

Allows you to change admin Allows you to change the overall
time zone of the workstation
login credentials. layout of your dashboard.
being used.

Applications Menu
Dashboard Button - Quits current screen and takes you back
to the Dashboard Recordings Button Allows you to download
recordings on your local drive and listen to
Telephony Button - Allows you to edit Campaign, them. This option will also allow you to
Inbound, Lists, Scripts, Users and Voice File Settings search for a specific recording. Search filters
include; Search by phone number, search by
agent, search by time and date

Support Button Allows you to create

and track tickets, chat live with goautodial
techs, regarding issues and concerns with
Call Reports Button - Allows you to generate a your Goautodial account.
comprehensive spread sheet report on all calls
and agent activity
Campaign Definition and the Campaigns Screen

What is a campaign?
A campaign is a unique account feature that allows you to modify and
change the behaviour of the system according to the needs of your clients.

Campaigns Tab Gives a list of campaigns created on the Hotkeys Tab Allows admin to set a number key on the
account and relevant information regarding the campaigns keyboard as a hotkey to automatically disposition a call.
Dispositions Tab Gives a list of custom dispositions See Hotkey Figure 1.1 and 1.2.
created on the account and allows you to create new ones.
Add New Campaign Allows admin to create a new
Lead recycling Tab Allows admin to set the dispositions campaign.
the system will automatically recycle on the hopper when
the set time limit is over. These dispositions will be called
again when they are recycled on the hopper.
Pause Codes Tab Allows admin to set pause codes
that will require agents clicking on the pause button to
specify the reason for the pause.

a. Dispositions allow agents to tag calls based on what the call was all about.
Campaign Settings Screen

Dial Method
Manual User will have to click the
Dial Next button to make Auto Dial Level
outbound calls. This is always done Slow 1 line per available agent.
after a call has been dispositioned. Normal 2 lines per available agent.
Auto Dial Used for outbound type High 4 lines per available agent.
campaign. System will Max 6 lines per available agent.
automatically dial phone numbers Advance Allows admin to set how
on the lead file. Number of lines is many lines per agent will be opened.
set on the Auto Dial Level.
Predictive Used for outbound
type campaign. System will Script
automatically calculate dial level Allows admin to enable a
based on the drop percentage. window to popup on the
Default drop percentage is 3%. If Agent webpage during a
drop percentage is met or live call (Agent needs to
exceeded, the system will lower click on the script button).
down the Auto Dial level. See figure 1.3 on the next
Inbound Man. - Used for blended pages to get an idea what
type campaign. Agents will get a script does.
inbound calls when they click on
the Resume button. Outbound
calls are done by either clicking on Campaign Recording
the Dial Next button. Or by Off - No calls will be recorded.
clicking on the Manual Dial link
Answering Machine Detection On All outbound calls will be recorded.
on the agent webpage ONDEMAND - No outbound calls will be recorded
Off All answered calls will automatically
be routed to an agent. unless agent clicks on the record button on the Agent
On System will attempt to distinguish if webpage.
call is picked up by an answering machine.
Detection rate is at best 70%.
Campaign Advanced Settings Part 1

Web Form Allows admin to specify the Dial Status Specifies the dispositions on
webpage that will open when an agent clicks the active lead file(s) on the campaign that
on the Web Form button. the system will automatically dial. Any
dispositions not included on the dial status
will not be dialed.
Web Form Target allows admin to specify
the frame where the web form will open. Only
applicable for multi frame browsers.

Force Reset Leads on Hopper will clear the

current phone numbers loaded on the hopper
that are waiting to be dialed. The hopper will
automatically load a new set of numbers after
a few minutes
Dial Timeout specifies the number of seconds
the system will attempt to dial a phone number
Get Call Launch allows admin to
before hanging up.
automatically have the webform or script
popup on the Agent webpage at the onset of
a call without the need for the agents to click Script lets you specify a script to use on the
on their respective button. campaign. See page 10 for info on how to create
and use a script.

Wait for Silence sets the number of Answering Machine Message allows admin to
milliseconds the system will wait before set a pre-recorded voice file to be played when
triggering the Answering Machine Message. the system detects an answering machine. CPD
Two settings, separated by a comma, are AMD Action should be set to Message.
needed to be entered. First setting will detect
the length of silence to wait (measured in
milliseconds) and the other is the number of AMD Send to VM exten If set to Y will allow the
times it needs to detect that before playing system to automatically disposition all answering
the pre-recorded voice file. machine calls as AA. Setting it to N will hung up
the call when the system detects an answering
machine. CPD AMD Action should be set to dispo
Campaign Caller ID sets the phone number for this setting to work.
that will be displayed on the called partys
phone. CPD AMD Action defines what the system will do when it
detects an answering machine. Dispo will allow the system to
disposition the call as AA before it gets to an agent. Message
will allow system to auto play a voice file set on the Answering
Machine Message setting.
Campaign Advanced Settings Part 2
Transfer-Conf Number 1 and 2: - will
store a specific phone number on the
D1 and D2 that can be used to auto
populate the number to call box. This
option is only used during transfer
calls. (See page 41)

Next Agent Call defines how calls will

be routed to an agent. Customer 3-Way Hangup Logging if
this option is enabled will allow the
system to log if customer hung up
3-Way Call Outbound CallerID
during a 3-way call. This option will also
defines the caller ID that will be used
trigger the option set on Customer 3-
during a 3-way call.
Way Hangup Action.

Customer 3-Way Hangup Seconds

specifies the amount in seconds before Local Call Time sets the time window
the system will trigger the Customer 3- when leads will be called. This is based
Way Hangup Action. on the actual time where the phone
number is located.
Customer 3-Way Hangup Action If
set to dispo, this will take the agent List IDs being used by the campaign
webpage to the disposition screen you can toggle between lists or
when the system detects that the combine them by ticking the Active
customer has hungup on the 3-way column box. The Modify icon allows
call. you to edit the List ID itself.

Clicking on this link will show all

phone numbers currently loaded on
the hopper
Pause Codes Tab Allows admin to set pause
codes that will require agents clicking on the pause
Pause Code Tab
button to specify the reason for the pause.

Pause Codes Tab show all pause codes

being used by the account and what
campaign they have been assigned to. Add New Pause Code
clicking this will generate
the Pause Code Wizard.
See screen below.
Clicking the Campaign ID itself or the
modify icon will allow the pause code to be

Pause Code creation screen

Campaign defines the campaign

that will use the pause code.
Campaigns can use multiple pause
codes but you have to setup the
pause codes individually.

Pause Code sets the code

that will appear when a call
report is generated. Pause Code Name gives a
Billable is used for reports
description of the pause code.
generation to assist in computing
for an agents billable time.
Hotkey Tab
The hotkey Tab will show all campaigns on the account along with the hotkeys currently active on those campaigns.

Hotkeys are shortcuts that allow an agent to

automatically disposition the call to a pre defined
value by pressing a number button. Click the Add
New Hotkey to initialize the Hotkeys Wizard that
will assist you in setting up a new hotkey for your
campaign. See screen below.

Campaign specifies the

campaign that will use the

Hotkey defines the

hotkey that will be used.
Options are from 1-9.
Status sets the
disposition that will be
assigned to the call when
the hotkey is pressed.
Hotkey Figure 1.1

Hotkey Button when Inactive.

Hover or point your mouse on the

Hotkey Button to activate it (will turn
green). This will allow you to press the
number you have set on the Hotkey
tab under Campaigns to automatically
disposition the call after a live
conversation. Agent does not need to
click on the hang up button anymore
since the hotkey will automatically
hang up the call as well.
Hotkey Figure 1.2

Screen when a hotkey has been pressed.

Lead disposition will be displayed at the
bottom part of the screen

A script allows admin to enable a window to popup on the Agent

webpage during a live call when the script button is clicked. Each item
on the Script Text is a syntax that gets pasted on the text box
whenever the insert button is clicked and allows the system to call
specific information on uploaded lead files or system information like
agent names and display it on a window when the agent presses the
script button on the agent user interface (UI). See Figure 1.4 to see the
sample script created above as seen by the agent.
Figure 1.4 Script on Agent UI

Screen where script will be

displayed in readable form.
Notice that the screen
overlays the agent UI
List Screen

Show Lists Tab displays all list Name Can be edited to allow
IDs created on the account admin to give a brief description
along with relevant information of the list.
regarding each list ID. Action Column provides
additional admin options such as
Leads Count Column displays edit, get more info, delete and
the total number of phone download the list.
numbers that can be dialed on
the list.

Did you know? Campaigns can use multiple list. This allows you greater freedom
to choose the phone numbers to call based on the list you want active on the
Custom Fields Tab

Custom Fields tab allow admin to add a field on their lead file. This field will show on the
agent webpage during a live call giving them additional data on the phone number being
called. Agents will need to press the Custom Form button to view these information. See
Figure 1.5 Sample lead file.

List ID specifies the list ID

that will use the custom fields

Field Size allows admin so

specify the size of the field
that will appear on the agent
webpage. Value is based on
the number of characters (i.e.
8 = 8 characters in length)

Type Defines the type of data Field Max - allows admin to

to be displayed on the custom set the maximum number of
form. characters for a field. If Field
Max is greater than Field Size
the extra characters will be
seen outside the Field box on
the agent webpage.
Loading Leads

Browse Button allows admin to

load a lead file located on your
local drive or network. Phone Code specifies the
country where the phone
numbers on your lead file are
List ID defines the list ID that will
contain the lead file.

Duplicate Check Will check the

phone numbers on the lead file
and cross reference it with all
phone number on a specific
campaign or in all list ID

Time Zone Will affect the call

time settings of your campaign.
Selecting Country Code and Area
Code Only will set the call time
settings based on the country and
area code of the phone number.
Postal Code First will based it on
the zip code of the phone number
Did you Know? When uploading a lead file, you need to make (Zip code Field is required),
sure that its in either .csv or .xls format, tab or comma delimited. Owner Time Code First will based
The minimum required fields on the lead file itself should be at it on the time zone set on the
field of the lead file.
least 3.
Figure 1.5 Sample Lead File

Fields/Headers provide the details of

the lead file. The lead file should have at
least 3 fields on it. Fields can be left blank
except for the phone number.
Users allow for the creation of agents and admin users.
Users Screen
Clicking on the Agent ID or the modify icon will
show the screen below and allow you to edit the
user settings.
Click here to add a User.

Level - defines the permission granted to a user.

Current settings are;
Level 1-6 Agent Level. Can only access agent login.
Cannot modify account settings. Limited privilege.
Level 7- 8 Admin Level. Can access both agent
login and admin dashboard. Can make changes to
account settings.
Info Icon gives all relevant information about
agent activity and status. Allows admin to force
logout user.

Modify User screen

Agent ID and Phone login are used

to register your softphone and login
to your agent webpage. They
cannot be changed.
User info Icon

Date Range determines the time

length of data to be generated

Agent Login/Logout will display

the time the agent logged in and
logged out on the system as well as
the total time on the system and Outbound Calls this time displays all
the IP address of the workstation of relevant information regarding outbound
the agent. calls on the selected date range.

Force Logout will terminate the

browser session of the agent. This is
useful when the agent is getting the
improper logout error.
Voice Files Screen

The Voice Files screen displays all the voice files that you have uploaded to your
Reports and Analytics Screen

Drop down Menu will allow you to customize

your reports and give you the information you Custom Tabs allow for different
need. types of reports to be displayed on
the screen

The Calendar icon allows you to

generate a report based on a specific
date range.

Reports and Analytics will give you practically every data you need regarding your account. Reports are downloadable and in spreadsheet format. There is a wide variety of
reports you can choose from with each reports customizable to tailor to your needs. It will also display an onscreen graph comparing different data in relation to each other.
Each type of report will be discussed in detail in the succeeding pages.
Statistical Report
Statistical Report generates a graphical representation of data on a specific
campaign. Data will include total calls and their dispositions and the average calls on a
daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly tab selection

You can filter the line graph by

selecting the weeks you would like
shown. Just check the box on the
week you want.
Agent Time Details
Agent Time Details provides a breakdown on
all activity the agent did during his shift.

Talk - Entire length of the conversation.

Includes the wrap-up time and Dispo time.
Customer Actual time agent and
customer was on a conversation.

Agent Time Total login

time of the agent.

Dispo time it takes for an

agent to disposition a call.

Wrap-Up time after customer hung up

but before agents clicks on the hang up
Agent Performance Detail
Agent Performance Detail gives a detailed report on each agents activity for a specific
campaign on a specified time period. The report breaks down each agents activity during his shift.
The report is broken down to the total number of calls, Pause time, Wait time, Talk time, Time to
disposition a call, and Wrap-up time. The report will also give information on the dispositions and
their total.

Breakdown of agent activity during a

shift. The report will also give an
average time per call of each data.

Tally of dispositions on a given date range

Total time logged in. Total time on

NonPause vs. Pause.
Dial Statuses Summary
Dial Statuses Summary will display the number of
calls that have been dispositioned for each call to a
specific lead. This page will display dispositions on a
lead for the initial call, as well as succeeding calls to that

Each column on the report represents a

dial attempt made to a specific lead with
0 representing the number of leads for a
particular status when the report
generation was first made.
Sales Per Agent
Sales Per Agent will display the total sales of each agent on a
specific campaign on a given date range. Sales are tracked
whether they were made during an outbound call or an
inbound call.
Sales Tracker
Sales Tracker displays all sale made for a specific campaign on a
given date range. Information displayed includes the date and time of
the call, the agent ID, name of the agent, and the phone number.
Inbound Call Report

Inbound Call Report display all inbound calls received by a specified

ingroup. Phone numbers of the caller, actual date and time of call, duration of
the call and the dispositions of the calls on a given date range are all listed
Export Call Report

Export Call Report generates a report on all data and lead

information of your calls. The report will be based on the
Campaigns, Inbound groups, List ID, Statuses, Custom fields and
date range you will select. The report generated will be in
spread sheet format.
Sample spread sheet file generated by
Export Call Reports

Dashboard gives a graphical representation of the Contact Rate,

Sales Rate and Transfer Rate of a selected campaign. This data
primarily focuses on how good your leads were with regards to the
Contact and Sales rate. Good lead files will return high Contact Rate
and Sales Rate.
Call History

Destination of Call Type of phone number (i.e. TFN,

mobile, landline etc)

Call History displays all calls on a set date range.

Caller ID Called Number

Billed Duration 6/6 Call cost in USD
Billing rate will apply

What is 6/6 billing?

A "6/6" billing indicates a 6 second minimum
with subsequent 6 second increments. For
example a 10 second call on 6/6 billing will be
billed as 12 seconds; a 31 second call on 6/6
billing will be billed as 36 seconds and so on.
Recording Screen

Clicking the lead ID will give a

detailed information about the lead. Download Icons
See figure 2.0

Recordings Screen displays all recorded calls along with the phone
number of the call, the agent who took the call, the disposition of the call,
the call date and the duration of the call. The page also gives an icon to
download the recording.
Lead Information

Data displayed here are retrieved

from the lead file you uploaded

Disposition of the lead

Agent ID
Support Screen

Support Screen is your primary help line. This is where you can reach
Goautodial customer support. The screen displays all active, pending and
resolved tickets. Goautodial support responds to your ticket real time to
update you or give suggestions regarding your inquiries or concerns. The
ticketing system is open 24 hours 7 days a week.

Click on New Ticket to create a

new ticket.

Live Chat support is available

24 hours Mon-Fri
The Agent Guide
Setting up the Agent
The system requires a browser (either Mozilla or Chrome) and a softphone installed on the Agents workstation (See guide on our tutorial section on how to
install and setup a softphone).

1. The agent needs to register their softphone first. Username and password to be used on the softphone can be viewed on the Users Page (see page 21).

Phone status should say

Agent info on Users Page

Click to register softphone

2. When softphone is registered, the agent needs to login as an agent at Username and password to be used on the webpage will
be the Agent ID and Password set on the Users Page for the agent.
3. When the agent logs in on the agent webpage, the softphone will ring indicating a successful connection to the system. Click the Answer
button and a voice prompt will be heard saying Youre the only person in this conference.

Click Answer

4. Minimize the softphone and go to the agent screen.

5. Click the Resume or Dial Next button.

6. The agent is now ready to take calls.

The Agent Screen

Hang up disconnects Pause will put the agent on idle

the call. status. Calls will not come in unless
the agent clicks on resume.
Resume button allows
the agent to take an Dial Next allows the agent to take in an
inbound call. outbound call. System will automatically dial the
phone number on the lead file uploaded for the
campaign. This button is only available for
Call Park will put the INBOUND MAN type of campaigns
call on hold.
Lead Preview will display
information regarding the next
Script will display a
phone number to be dialed.
window whose contents
are defined on the
Script Page. Custom Form will display data set
on the Custom Fields page.
Transferring a Call

Transfer clicking the transfer button will open

the Transfer Conference Function window. This
allows you to do a 3 way transfer call, blind
transfer or warm transfer.

D1/D2 these buttons auto

Local Closer clicking local closer
populate the number to call
during a transfer will blind transfer the
box with a pre-defined phone
customer to the closer group.
number set on the campaign
Number to Call this is where
you manually enter the phone
number you want to transfer
the customer to.

Blind Transfer will dial the number set

on the Number to Call box and blind
transfer the customer to that number.

Dial with Customer will initiate a 3

way call with another number.

Park Customer Dial clicking this will

place the customer on hold while dialing
the number you will be transferring to.
Disposition Page
The Disposition Page allows the agent to
tag the call based on what the call was
all about. All calls have dispositions.

Pause Agent Dialing ticking

this box will put the agent on
pause after the call has been
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