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Eta Zeta Press

Texas State Organization Five Star Award Newsletter

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International
Eta Zeta, Chapter 174, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas DKG Vision Statement:
Texas State Organization, Area 9 Leading Women Educators, Impacting Education Worldwide

Volume 54, Issue 3 The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes
December/January 2016-17 professional and personal growth of women educators and
excellence in education.

Lisa Bagley, Editor

Marys Musings
Happy New Year, Eta Zeta Date: January 23, 2017
Members! Time: 5:00 pm to eat and socialize
6:00 pm meeting start
Let me begin by saying I hope your
Holidays were joyous! Location: On The Border Mexican Restaurant
3130 Knox St.
On November 28 at our last chap- Dallas, TX 75205
ter meeting of 2016, Margo Baines (214) 462-7760
became an Eta Zeta member in the
Initiation Ceremony presided by Mary Claire Welch, who
was standing in for Ceremonies Chairman Tabitha Pruitt.
Diana Gonzalez and I assisted in the ceremony with Yvonne President: Mary Bixler
Manuel and Evelyn Hamilton, who sponsored Margo. The
First Vice President:
meeting was held at Chubbys Family Restaurant on North-
Second Vice President: Diana Gonzalez
west Highway.
Also at the November meeting, we honored Mary Recording Secretary: Seretha Merchant

Claire Welch for fifteen years as an Eta Zeta member, and Corresponding Secretary: Lisa Bagley

she received her fifteen-year pin. Thank you so much for Treasurer: Sandra McMillen
your dedicated service to our chapter, Mary Claire! Parliamentarian: Mary Claire Welch
Karen Keeter and Yvonne Manuel were hostesses. The Immediate Past President: Sandra Foster Brown
Social Committee Chair Beverly Leonard made sure that we Webmaster: Leigh Taylor
celebrated in style with cake and door prize distribution.
Evelyn Hamilton provided the Christmas door prizes and
Mary Claire Welch brought roses for decoration and as a gift Eta Zeta Press wants to know.we are looking forward to
to Margo; she also brought the materials for the induction hearing from you!
ceremony. Music Chairman Evelyn Hamilton and her com- Contact: Lisa Bagley
Corresponding Secretary
mittee provided music to celebrate our new member and
Sandra McMillen led us in the DKG song. Thank you all for By Mail: 8406 Baumgarten Drive
Dallas, Texas 75228
making the initiation meeting memorable! By Email:
I have been busy submitting the two end-of-year reports By Phone: (214) 770-2551
for our chapter. In preparation for a state officer position, I Please submit information for publication by Friday, March
recommended Mary Claire Welch for 10 for the upcoming issue.
Continued on page 2...

A message from your
for a state committee chair position. I Continued from page 1...
would love to recommend other Eta
Zeta members who are interested in serving on a committee at
the state level. Its fun to expand your sphere of knowledge and Area 9 Coordinator...
influencetry it! A copy of the application is on the state web-
site at . Look for
Application for State Personnel Appointments, click on it and
complete the form. I will help you if you ask! I dont need to
recommend you for this, but I would be glad to write a letter. At
the bottom of the form, you are directed to mail the form to the
TSO P.O. Box in Dallas. Happy New Year Dear Sisters!
Leigh Taylor expressed interest in the DKG opportunity to
teach English in China in the summer 2017. Good luck, Leigh! 2017 is here and we are looking forward to a lot of fun and
exciting events coming up.
On January 23, please plan to attend our chapter meeting at
On the Border on Knox Street to eat and socialize at 5:00 P.M. If you signed up for the Spectacular Arts Festival, you are
We will begin the chapter meeting at 6:00 P.M. and welcome one of the lucky ones. The weekend of Jan. 13-15 in Nava-
former Eta Zeta member Kendall Hasse to tell her story of DKG sota is when the festival will be taking place. I hope all of
scholarship application success! I hope to see each of you Mon- you who are going have a wonderful experience while you
are there!
day, January 23.
We will have chapter meetings in February and March, but Our 88th State Convention is set for June 22-24 in Houston.
in April we skip our chapter meeting in lieu of the Coordinating You may have heard that the venue has changed. We will
Council of Dallas County Luncheon. The Luncheon is a wonder- be at the Westin Galleria at 5060 W. Alabama, Houston
ful opportunity to visit with DKG members of Dallas County 77056. Reservations are not open yet, but we will send an
all-points bulletin when they are ready for you to register.
chapters. It will be held at the Lakewood Country Club on April
Bonnie Moore and her committee are working hard for a
1, 2017. We purchase the tickets as a chapter and sit together great convention.
at a table, so plan to reserve your place now!
Also, consider attending the state convention in Houston
this summer June 22-24. There is more information regarding
the state convention is this edition of the newsletter. You will
meet DKG members from all over the state, enjoy interesting
workshop sessions and find fun items to purchase. It will be July 4-7 is the Southwest Regional Conference in Honolulu,
held at the Westin Galleria. Book a room at http:// Hawaii. I hope you are saving up for this great adventure as well. I know those ladies in Hawaii are excited about all of
Finally, if you want a reason to go to Hawaii, the DKG South- us from the mainland coming and having a great time in
their state!
west Regional Conference will be there July 4-7, and they are
looking for presenters! You can find the forms at http:// Then we want to saddle up our horses, put on our boots and grab our gear to pull out all the stops for the Interna-
Events/2016_Regional_Conferences/ tional Convention in Austin in 2018. The actual dates are
Regional_Conference_forms.aspx July 16-20th. I am so excited about this fantastic opportuni-
ty to show off our great state and our capital city! Not only
must we look like cowgirls, but WE MUST KEEP AUSTIN
Yours in sisterhood WEIRD!
Mary Bixler, President
I hope each of you have a great start to 2017!!!!

Until Next Time,

DKG International Projects Cathy
Schools for Africa Cathy Criner Area 9 Coordinator
S.E.E. (Support for Early Career Educators)

August 29
St. Luke Community United Methodist Church
5710 E. R. L. Thornton Freeway, Dallas, TX 75223
Program: Salad Supper, 6:00 pm
September 26
Eta Zeta Birthday Wishes Chubbys Family Restaurant
11331 E. Northwest Highway #105f, Dallas, TX 75238
December Program: Legislative Educational Update, featuring Clifford
Sparks, Jr., Budget Director for State Senator Royce West, Dis-
Leigh Taylor December 7 trict 23
Kendra Perkins December 15 October 24
Tabitha Pruitt December 26 On the Border Restaurant
3130 Knox Street, Dallas, TX 75205
Sandra Foster Brown December 28 Program: League of Women Voters, What We Do to Educate
Melanie Moseley December 31 Voters, featuring: President Elect- Cecelia McKay, Dallas Chap-
Margo Baines December 31
November 28
January Chubbys Family Restaurant
11331 E. Northwest Highway #105f, Dallas, TX 75238
Elizabeth Taheri January 2 Program: Expanding our Eta Zeta Bouquet: Initiation of New
Sandra McMillen January 7 Members
January 23
DKG Scholarship Oppor- On the Border Restaurant
3130 Knox Street, Dallas, TX 75205
tunities: Program: DKG Scholarship Opportunities: They Worked for
Me! , featuring Kendall Hasse, former Eta Zeta member and

They Worked For Me! multiple scholarship recipient

February 27
By Kendall Hasse Chubbys Family Restaurant
Kendall Ann Hasse was initiated into Del- 11331 E. Northwest Highway #105f, Dallas, TX 75238
ta Kappa Gamma with Eta Zeta over 15 years Program: WiNGS: Women in Need of Generous Support Fi-
ago with the help of Bradley Sue Howell, with nancial Empowerment Program, featuring Sommer Neff, Direc-
whom she worked at Woodrow Wilson High tor of Special Initiatives
School in Dallas ISD. March 27
Kendall taught English, coached tennis and On the Border Restaurant
taught AVID at Woodrow. 3130 Knox Street, Dallas, TX 75205
To help with a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, Program:How We Service Families/Community in Our 160 Unit
DKG gave her $6000 in scholarships. After being awarded Complex, featuring Spencer Watkins, Buckner Hope Family
Teacher of the Year for Dallas ISD, Kendall earned her Mas- Hope Center at Wynnewood
ters in Leadership and has worked in administration since
2005. April 1, 2017
Currently, DKG is helping Kendall pay for Doctoral studies Spring Luncheon of Coordinating Council of Dallas County
at Tarleton State University while she works as an assistant Lakewood Country Club, 10:00 am
principal at Worley Middle School in Mansfield ISD. She has 6430 Gaston Avenue, Dallas, TX 75214
received a travel grant, been published in the DKG Interna- May 15
tional Bulletin, twice served as recording secretary, yearbook, Chubbys Family Restaurant
and is now 2nd Vice President of the Theta Alpha chapter of 11331 E. Northwest Highway #105f, Dallas, TX 75238
DKG International. Kendall loves DKG and its mission to help Program: Founders Day Celebration and Eta Zetas Chapter
support women educators! Birthday. Guest Speaker Shirley Kochman, Charter Member of
Eta Zeta Chapter
**unless otherwise noted, all Chapter meetings begin at 6:00 pm, with mem-
ber Eat and Socialize beginning at 5:00 pm**

Politics in the Classroom?
A Perspective
By Diana Gonzalez

Its now several weeks after the

November 8th presidential election, and
just days before our 45th president
takes office. While many of the stu-
dents in my classroom were very anx- By Michelle Grandinetti, Chair
ious following the election, most now For this month I am borrowing (with her permission) from
seem to have become calmer about the election issues that our Second Vice President, Cookee Johnson, who wrote in the
were keeping them from concentrating in school work and Winter LSN about a subject that I feel is very important and
worried about their families wellbeing. deserves continued attention. The article emphasizes the re-
Having worked in the public school system for sixteen sponsibility of veteran members to recognize the value that
newer members bring to the chapter and their need to be nur-
years, I never thought I would have to worry about what to
tured and mentored.
tell my students with regards to politics, but the immediate The initiate is excited about the heritage of DKG, service
days after the election were hard for my class. Having to see to community, projects for purpose, and programs for inspira-
my little ones crying and asking me Miss, did you watch the tion and information. She will come with new ideas, creative
election? Having them wonder if their parents were going to suggestions, enthusiasm, and boundless energy.
get deported, and what was going to happen to their family if Recognizing this, it is incumbent upon us, the veteran mem-
bers, to embrace the initiates enthusiasm, accept her ideas,
their parents were gone. It was during this time that I realized
and incorporate her suggestions into the activities of the chap-
that teaching is not just a careerit is a life journey. A jour- ter. We must make sure that she is given opportunities to par-
ney to make a difference in as many childrens lives as possi- ticipate in the preparation of programs and serve on com-
ble! mittees. We cannot assume that she knows how to be a DKG
Being a teacher has taught me that my own political member or that she understands the requirements of chapter
membership. Change is a good thing, and in DKG, change in
views must be kept outside of the classroom, but this election
membership is opportunity for growth, renewed commitments
was a time when keeping my opinion to myself was hard to do and moments of sheer excitement about the future of our Soci-
because of how upset my students were. Frankly, I was dis- ety. Members are the heart of our Society, and we can grow
mayed by the number of teachers that seemed to have little our Society with the anticipation and excitement of our initi-
compassion for the students post-election anxiety. I decided ates.
Gentle guiding hands, encouragement and support will
that remaining calm and focused was the best policy, not just
guarantee that these initiates will one day become the veter-
for myself but for my students, as well. I explained to my stu- ans mentoring the new initiates.
dents as gently as I could that they needed to not worry--that
Necrology Report
everything was going to be alright for them and their families. If you are also the Necrology Chair for your chapter, the report
Keeping their focus on their schoolwork and education is due February 1, 2017. The Report can be found on the TSO
was the key to calming them down, and I am pleased to say website, under Forms and Deadlines. The report is sent to Can-
that my students seem more comfortable now and havent dy Carroll who is the Necrology Chair. I do not receive this re-
port. Her email is
brought up the subject of politics as much. The much-needed
two week Holiday break helped them clear their heads, and 50/50+year Members
recharge for the second half of the year. Now that they are Each year members who have 50 or more years of membership
in DKG and who attend convention are recognized with a cer-
back in school, we will all try to continue focusing on learning
tificate and a rose at the Birthday Luncheon.
and keeping their young minds busy. I am sure I will not have I will send the information needed in the February newsletter.
a hard time doing that, especially since standardized testing
Houston! Are you ready?
seems to be the new topic on our campus after the presiden-
tial election!
The Membership Committee wishes each of you a most wonderful,
healthy, and joyful 2017!

Scholarships! Chapter Local Project
Community Partners of Dallas Rainbow Room
1215 Skiles St., Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 624-7557 phone
DKG international scholarships are for graduate and doctoral (214) 624-7667 fax
work. You may apply for a scholarship if you will be attending
class next summer or through the next school year. The appli-
cation is available on the website under Forms. Here's
a link to it: The Community Partners of Dallas Rainbow Room is our
Chapter Local Project. Below is a wish list of items they need
Scholarship Application, Deadline February 1
on an ongoing basis. Please donate if you can!

The state scholarship deadlines are March 1. You may get Rainbow Room Needs:
more information about them at
Clothing2T-5T toddler clothing for boys and girls
Undergarmentsinfant socks and toddler socks
See Kendall Hasses article in this newsletter for how DKG
scholarships have helped her achieve her educational goals! Shoessize 7, 8, 9 and 10 tennis shoes for boys and girls

Formulabasic formulas including Similac Advance

The Womens March on Diapersdiapers in sizes preemie, newborn, 1, 5 and 6, boys

and girls pullups, wipes
Washington, D.C. Hygiene itemsAfrican American hair products
By Lisa Bagley
Household cleaning suppliesclothing detergent, Windex,
On January 21st, 2017 more than one million people paper towels, dish soap, floor soap
marched at numerous locations across the United States in an
attempt to demonstrate to newly-inaugurated officials in Booksbaby board books
Washington the depth of the divide the contentious presiden-
tial election has wrought on the nation. Toysnew, unwrapped toys for boys and girls ages 10-18 for
birthday gifts (Lego's, scrapbooking materials, craft kits,
While marchers undoubtedly attended for a variety of
sports balls, etc.)
personal reasons, many echoed actress America Ferreras sen-
timent that Our new president is waging a war on the values Child Proofing Suppliesoutlet covers, cabinet locks, baby
that define our country with a credo of hate, fear and suspi- gates
cion of one another. Its been a heart-rending time to be a
Baby Itemsbaby wash, baby lotion, bottles, pacifiers, receiv-
woman and an immigrant. Our dignity, our character and our
ing blankets, diaper rash cream
rights have been under attack.
As educators, we know that our nations strength lies in
the diversity of its people. It is up to us to nurture hope, resili- December-January Inspiration
ence and strength in each of our students and to pass on to
them the democratic ideals of electing leaders who honor all "Education, then, beyond all other
of our nations many histories and backgrounds. Organizers of devices of human
the Womens March hope that the origin, is the great
groundswell of support shown on Jan- equalizer of the
uary 21st will grow into a national conditions of
movement to support each other and man...."
hold our leaders accountable for their
actions. ~~Horace Mann

Eta Zeta Chapter Meeting November 28, 2016

Location: Chubbys Family Restaurant, 11331 E. Northwest Highway, Dallas, TX 75238

The regular meeting began with Mary Bixler presiding as President.

Members present: 16

The meeting began with Mary Bixler, President, presiding. October meeting minutes were
approved. Treasurer Sandra McMillen gave her report and informed the assembled mem-
bers that the yearbook would be mailed to State in order to be included in the Early Bird re-
port for chapters. Chapter by-laws will be updated later and the new information will re-
place information in the submitted notebook. Received report with Area 9 Coordinator
Cathy Criners comments.

Second Vice President Diana Gonzalez honored Mary Claire Welch for her membership of
fifteen years and presented her with a fifteen-year award pin. Birthdays and anniversaries
were recognized. Norma Matthews gave the Global Awareness Report.

Upcoming events announced:

Nomination for new members to be invited/recommended

June 22-June 28 convention in Houston; early registration for hotels starts January 2, 2017

Applications for State committees available

Newsletter submissions deadline January 9, 2017

New member initiation ceremony for Margo Baines facilitated by Mary Claire Welch, Diane
Gonzalez, and Mary Bixler. Refreshments followed the ceremony.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm with the singing the Delta Kappa Gamma song.

Submitted by: Seretha Merchant, Recording Secretary

for the
Annual Coordinating Council of Dallas County Luncheon

Please plan to spend your April Fools Day with us!

April 1, 2017
10 oclock in the morning
Lakewood Country Club, Dallas Texas

The cost of the Lunch-

eon ticket will be $30.
The Menu choice:

Tomato and Mozzarella

Salad, Fresh Baby Spin-
ach, Pesto Dressing

Chicken Parmesan, An-

gel Hair Pasta, Buttered
Chocolate Mousse Cake

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