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1. Human poverty index according to UNDP
a. %people dying before 60 yo
b. % illiterate children
c. %people with access to health care
d. %people with access to healthy house
e. %malnourished children under 1 y.o

2. WOTF sentence is the most likely about poor?

a. the poor report many of illnesses
b. the poor make less use of traditional health service
c. the poor gain less benefit the rich from public spending in both primary and
private sector
d. the poor tend to use the private service more than public sector
e.the poor get less subsidy

Question 3-7
A.ensuring the poor are covered by public health services
B.improving the access to and quality of personal health services
C.avoiding heavy expenditures by the poor on health care which exacerbates
their poverty

3. improving the performance of the existing public and private sectors

4. The practice for given free or low cost beds for poor (pro poor strategy)
5. The idea of public health services with the improving availability of drugs.
6. Public health issues for poor include health education and information about
ways to improve health and promotion sanitation.
7. health facilities can allow credit so pt without available money can pay later
Ans : avoid heavy expenditure which exacerbate poverty

8. -

9. WOTF is correct about the Health Insurance in Sweden?

A. All expensive treatment are covered for adult
B. Charge fro dental service in children
C. Provider select by government
D. Health service for children and adolescent are free
E. Patient must pay most of the pharmaceutical costs

10. Askes :
a. social insurance fund for private sector employee and their employee
b. the fund is organized as a profit business
c. with minimum benefit of member
d. The member of family not covered by askes
e. the program based on social health insurance mechanism with premium is
paid by the government.

11. WOTF sentence is the most likely problem public health insurance in

A. All type of treatment are covered by health insurance

B. Problem in reaching all the poor
C. Getting some cards holder is very easy
D. People have a better knowledge about health insurance
E. Premium is paid by government

12. correct about social insurance

A. relative higher participant satisfaction
B. products will vary
C. high administrative cost
D. allow all residents are covered
E. meeting the unique needs of any person for a group of ppl.

13. Which of the following sentences is the most correct for neglected disease?
a. not associated with intense stigma
b. given high priority by minister of health in endemic countries
c. given priority in finance in endemic countries
d. cause great and permanent misery, but do not kill increasing no of
e. travel internationally

14.WOTF is the most likely meaning of accessibility for neglected disease ?

a. Essential drug be made available in adequte number within countries
b. Delivery mechanism for neglected disease always reach population
c. Where there has been adequate R & D into developing appropriate and
effectiv drugs
d. Should be made accessible economically and on the basis of non
discrimination to the population who need them
e. Adequate health infrastruture to deliver

15. WOTF sentences is the most likely reason why neglected disease are
becoming a major human right issue?
a. existing medicine and delivery mechanism for ND always reach people
b. this disease affect the poor and rich community
c. most of all death are most of all DALYS in the world from communicable
disease occur among children under 14 y.o
d. the morbidity and mortality were higher among women than men
e. where there are affordable and appropriate drug they often fail to reach
neglected communities

16. The following sentence is the action to respect, protect, and fulfill the right to
a. obligation to take positive measures to ensure individual and communities
to enjoy their right to health
b. accessibility to health care good, services and facilities are responsibility
private sector
c. to conduct research and development are responsibility private sector
d. medical research are not necessary
e. the state only have responsibility for the quality of health care good

17. WOTF sentence is the most correct for lifestyle drug?

a. drug need for all medical problem
b. drug are use only for satisfaction
c. drug without SE

d. drug are need to treat diseases that result from person lifestyle choices
e. drug are always available in the community bcos of cheaper

18. WOTF sentence is the most likely reason why lifestyle drug receive more
attention from pharmaceutical company than other drug?
a. drug company focus more in marketing than on research and development
b. decrease competition between pharmaceutical company
c. less advertisement
d. cheaper in production
e. improving objective QOL

19. WOTF sentences is the most correct for drug discovery

a. the process are not always complicated
b. the process take a short time
c. the process is cheaper
d. many of risk failure during the process
e. the process not always need highly tech. equipment

20. WOTF sentence is the most correct for TB as ND?

a. occur among rich and poor community
b. the drug for TB treatment always available in the community
c. Tb treatment is not expensive
d. many of control measure and research action for TB program
e. need to control bcos of drug resistant

21. WOTF sentence is most likely action to prevent tb?

A. Free TB service, but for drug only
B. Free TB service, but for equipment only
C. Free TB service, but for lab only
D. Private sector have responsibility to increase funding for research drug &
TB vaccine
E. Government have responsibility to built drug management system

22. NOT included in reasons for neglected bioethics in infectious disease.

a. bioethicst overly concerned with the ethical issues associated with the use
of high technology such as reproductive technologies and intensive care
b. the belief that infectious disease are no longer the dominant threat to
global health
c. patients with HIV/AIDS or TB are often stigmatized
d. true understanding in infectious disease requires integrated understanding
of many sciences: medicine, microbiology, immunity, psychology and etc
e. no reason to be alarmed by isolated cases of zoonoses disease

23. The statement that is not related to the following aspect in the managing of
bioethical issues relevant to the impact and control of infectious disease is :
a. early supervision and prevention if infectious disease
b. balancing between privacy and public health interest
c. controlling method of transportation between areas
d. control person to person transmittal disease
e. managing health system and resource

24. False statement regarding to factor causing problem to spreading infectious

a. urban people r growing
b. person to person transmission
c. people more prone 2 zoonoses infection

25. why address ethical issues in TB care and control?

a. ethical guidance is needed to support countries to solve existing prob.

b. TB is primarily a disease of poverty and therefore races issues of social
and global justice
c. TB has receive comparatively little attention by human rights and
d. ethical issues have been highlighted by the emergence and spread of the
e. all statement are correct

26. not included in statement related to balancing between patient privacy with
the obligation of public official to protect public from infection
a. contact investigation and the duty to warn
b. DOTS for TB pt. the right to refuse treatment and the risk cause
individual to others
c. quarantine of indiv. To assure drug treatment
d. mandatory childhood vaccination
e. adequate treatment of antitb drug SE

27. Funding in PH insurance system comes from

b. general taxation
c. woluntary or private health insurance
e.out of pocket payment

28. The group which usually dissatisfied with a universal coverage health
insurance is
A. low income group
B. middle income group
C. higher income group
D. employers
e. health insurance companies

29. Which group received less benefits from practiced indonesian health system?
a. Low income group
b. Moderate income group
c. Higher income group
d. Employer
e. Health insurance company

30. -

31. One of the major downsides of universal coverage system is

A. People has to pay for other people
B. High group income will not be removed
C. People can't choose which doctor to visit

D.high end health services may not be covered

E. People has to pay first by reimbursment

32. Which group of countries that usually use universal coverage health
insurance system :
a. developed countries,
b. developing countries
c. Underdeveloped countries
d. Democratic countries
e. non-democratic countries

33. What justice issue when subsidy is given to low income group in universal
coverage system?
A. High income group will receive justice
B. Universal coverage only gives limited coverage
C. Not everyone receive the same amount of subsidy
D. Larger budget for small percentage of low income group
E. Most benefit goes to medical professional healthcare

34. Which country is on the top rank best health insurance?

B. cuba
C. sweden
D. kanada
E. jerman

35. Which effect of doctor's service by the universal coverage of health

A. Higher fee accepted by doctors
B. Expensive diagnostic can be paid
C. Same standard care despite wealth
D. Guarantee all & service will be paid
E. Low income, given better service

36. Which norms designed to guide allocation benefit & burdens of economical
A. Beneficence
B. Social justice
C. Distributive justice
D. Profesionalism
E. Universal coverage

37. What is neglected disease?

A. Disease with higher mortality rates
B. Disease in tropical country
C. Most common world's disease
D. Infectious disease can make epidemic
E. Disease given more attention

38. Why the tropic disease is included in neglected disease category?

A. Many poor people reside in tropic area
B. Tropic disease not interesting
C. Tropic disease difficult to manage
D. Pharmaceutical company reside in tropic area

E. Pharmaceutical company reside in Northern countries

39. Why some disease are being neglected ?

A.drugs for the disease difficult to found
b. Those disease will not endanger human
C. Drugs for the disease had been found long time ago
D. The drugs are less profitable
E. The drugs for the disease are not interesting to the researcher

40.What is the estimated ratio of investment in neglected disease drug

development compared with other disease?
A. 10:90
B. 20:80
C. 25:75
D. 50:50
E. 75:25

41.Investment on neglected disease is much lower than disease with relative

lower number of sufferer:
A. Cancer
B. Dengue
C. Malaria
D. Tubercullosis
E. Salmonellosis

42.Jumlah penderita neglected disease menurut WHO

A. 0,5 million
B. 1 million
C. 0,5 billion
D. 1 billion
E. 5 billion

43.What is the most important implication that some disease have been
A. Drugs for neglected disease are rarely found
B. Limited progress on the management of the disease
C. Hospital received less patient with neglected disease
D. Less researchers with competence

44.WOTF is the drug for TB that used in the past?

A. Isoniazid
B. Rifampicin
C. Ethambutol
D. Pirazinamid
E. Streptomycin

45.What is the most likely situation that has encouraged big pharmaceutical
companies become more attentive to TB?
A. End of cold war
B. Endorsment from United State
C. Reemergence of TB in developed country
D. Developing countries are becoming politically stronger

E. Tendency to give more assistance to developing country

46.What is the largest proportion on budget for a new drug discovery &
A. Patent
B. Research
C. Marketing
D. Post production
E. Personnel reward

47. What budget component has to be cut down to make drug cheaper
e.personnel reward

48. Which step that is usually the most expensive step in drug discovery?
A. Pre-clinical development
B. Clinical trials
C. Safety monitoring
D. Developing
E. Launching

49. Which component in drug discovery budget that become the source of
dispute between the developing countries?
a. cost for pattern
b. for marketing
c. for innovation
d. for post production
e. for personnel reward

50. What cost component can be lowered immediately regarding the current
situation of expensive new drug?
A. Cost for patent
B. Cost for pre-clinical research
C. Cost for clinical trial
D. Cost for safety monitoring
E. Cost for researchers incentive

51. Drug developed by many diff. pharmaceutical company without significant

benefit to disease?
A. phytopharma
b. me-too drug
c. lifestyle drug
d. blockbuster drug
e. pharmaceutical drug

52. Example for lifestyle drug

A. drug for slimming
B. drug for heart disease
C. drug for genetic disease
D. drug for cancer

E. drug for nano-tech

53. What is the most likely reason of pharmaceutica company to develop lifestyle
A. more profit
B. easy marketing
C. more demand
D. easy to develop
E. no clinical trial

54. why lifestyle drug development become a justice issue??

a. high demand internationally
b. it is produce by multinational company
c. developing country-cheaper lifestyle drug
d. larger research fund than for disease
e. can be found in every country

55. One of the major social challenges to manage TB in Indonesia that need
culture change is?
a. low budget
b. stigmatization
c. expensive drug
d. expensive diagnosis
e. multidrug resistant

56. This term was often use as euphemism for TB

d.lung disease

57. The icreasing challenge in managing TB due to lack of drug compliance is

a.drug specificity
b.multidrug resistant
c. diff. in diagnosis
d.TB in HIV n AIDS
e. longer medication period

58. The justice issue related to the fact that BCG vaccine is still in use
a. bcos of its high efficacy
b. no possibility for advancement
c. low no of future research
d. it is very effective for adult TB
e. it is the ultimate vaccine for TB

59. Dilemma occurs when government policy requires a patient with pulmo. TB
to comply with medication, it is an issue of
a. autonomy
b. beneficience
c. nonmaleficience
d. justice

60. What social justice issue emerge in vaccine production by a multi national
pharmaceutical company based on microbe from developing countries?
A.efficacy of the vaccine
b. marketing of the vaccine
c. petential harm of the vaccine
d. benefit shared by both parties
e. location of the vaccine production


Why some disease are being 'negleted'?

a. Drugs for those disease are difficult to find.
b. Those disease will not endanger human life.
c. Drugs for those disease had been found long time ago.
d. Most researchers focused on drugs that give more profit.
e. They are not interesting subjects for medical researches.

Who will less benefit from Indonesia health insurance?

A. Low income people
B. Middle income people
C. High income people
D. Employers
E. Health insurance