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Natural and machanical ventilation:-

(a) Habitable room:
Timber Partitions :- 100x50mm vertical softwood studs @600c/c
secured to 100x50mm head and sole plates. Noggins @600mm Rapid ventilation 1/20th of floor area for a hinged or pivit window that opens 30 Deg or more, or
intervals. 12.7mm Gyproc plasterboard and skim finish to both sides. Provide 25mm isowool Apr for sliding sash windows. 1/10th of
1200 sound insulation to partition floor area for a hinged or pivot window that opens less than 30Deg. Background ventilation
voids at bathroom & around bedrooms to comply with E2 requirments for sound deadening. 5000mm2.
Floor joists to be doubled up when
running parallel with under timber partitions. Stud to eaves to be 100x100mm @400c/c with (b) En suite (with or without WC)
125x47mm doubled bearer beam Rapid ventilation opening window. Background ventilation 2500mm2. Extract ventilation 15 L/s.
to top with timber fillet to provide support to re-inforced rafters to roof set on new main bearer Extract as above required for new
beam. 85mm Kingspan thermawall en-suite at attic floor.
K12 should be provided within the studwork with an internal finish of 12.5mm plasterboard. P/B
vapour check type and skim finished, Location of mechanical ventilation devices in rooms:
to give a U value of 0.28mm. All load bearing stud partitions to be 100x100mm C16 @400c/c (a) Mechanical extract fans should be placed as high as practicable and preferably less than
with min. 12mm ply or OSB face to either side. 400mm below the ceilimg. Refer to appendix
E approved document F for futher guidance of installation of fans in dwelling.

Stairs:- Dimensions to be cheched and measured on site prior to fabrication of stairs. Timber
stairs to comply with BS585 and part K
of the building regulations. Max. rise 220mm, Min going 220mm. Two risers plus one going Fire Precautions:- All doors to stairway serving habitable rooms are to FD20
should be between 550 and 700mm. doors with 25x38mm rebates (exsiting to be replaced with new)
Tapered treads to have going in centre of tread at least the same as going on straight. Min 50mm 18mm fireline board to underside of new staircase to skim finish. Mains
going of treads measured at operated, self contained and inter linked smoke alarms must be
narrow end. Pitch not to exceed 42 degrees. The width and length of every landing should be at provided at each landing level. The smoke alarms must conform to BS 5446: part
least as great as the smallest width
of the flight. Min. 2m headroom measured vertically above pitch line of stairs and landings.
1. All units to have recharchable batteriers in case of
However if there is not enough space mains power loss. New attic floor to have Rockwall flexislab on chickenwire as
to achieve this height the headroom will satisfactory if the height measured at the centre of the above. Any glazing to the stairway enclosure to be replaced
stairs width is 1.9m reducing to 1.8m with fire-resisting (un insulated) glazing retained by a suitable glazing system
at one side of the stairs. Handrail on staircase to be 900mm above the pitchline, handrail to be at and beads compatible with the type of glass.
least one side if stairs are less than
1m wide and on both sides if they are wider. Ensure a clear width between handrails of
minimum 600mm. Balustrading designed to New Gable wall:- New gable wall to be in a facing render to match exsiting
be unclimbable and should contain no space through which a 100mm sphere could pass. Allow
comprising of 100mm blockwork Celcon or Thermalite
for all structure as designed by
structural engineer. to the external leaf with 1.1.6 cement/lime/sand. 100mm thermal insulating
Celcon or thermaltie on inner leaf with mortar as before.
Internal walls and linnings:- Exsiting gable walls at loft to be upgraded with Kingspan 13mm thickness British Gypsum plaster. Gable walls should be strapped to roofs
Kooltherm K18 insulation system comprising 62.5mm @2m centres. All external walls running parallel to roof
Kingspan Kooltherm K18 (contaning 12.5mm P/B Vaper check type) insulated Dry- rafters to be restained at roof level using 1000m x30mmx5mm galvanised mild
linning boards (fixed to timber batterns (50x25mm at max. steel horizontal straps or other approved to BSEN 845-1
600mm c/c the wider side of the timbers to faced the soild wall) all to provide a U-value built into walls at max. 2000m centers and to be taken across minimum 3 rafters
of 0.28 or less all to be skim finished. and screw fixed. Provide solid noggins between rafters
at strap positions. All wall plates to be 100x50mm fixed to inner skin of cavity
All exsiting foundations, beams and/or lintels accepting additional load, are to be wall using 30x5x1000mm galvanised metal straps or other
exposed, if necessary, for consideration by building approved to BSEN 845-1 at max. 2m centres.
control surveyor and upgraded if found necessary.