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Existing elevations Scale 1:100 Print@ A1 Mobile 07515723812

East Elevation North Elevation West Elevation South Elevation

This document is designed for negotiations
with the relevant local authorities for
approval under the Building Act and Town
and County Planning Acts Only. Existing floor /roof plan Scale 1:100

All dimensions and any information

contained herein must be checked for Bath W.C
Lobby Kitchen Room 1
accuracy on site, before the start of any Lobby

building works and any necessery alterations W.C

Room 2 Room4 Room 5
Living Space Living Space Room 3
All information contained herein is also
subject to approval under the building Act
and the Town and County Planning Acts.
Ground floor First Floor Loft Plan Roof Plan
Althought this document is printed to scale
deformations do occur in printing and
drafting and for this reason dimensions and
information must be checked on site and any
alterations made. Proposed elevations Scale 1:100

Project: Rear Extension

Address: 21 Beech Grove,

Mitchem, Surrey.
CR4 1LD 4300 mm

Client: Mr S Ahmed
Date: 07/03/2017 2900 mm

Rev: 0.1 A01 East Elevation North Elevation West Elevation South Elevation

Exsiting view Proposed floor plan Scale 1:100 Proposed view

Lobby W.C Utility


Living Space Living Space


Ground floor Roof Plan