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Gig Harbor Republican Women

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Helping Our
Sunday, July 18th
This month’s General Meeting will
be a potluck picnic at Crescent
Creek Park, 3303 Vernhardson St.,
Gig Harbor.
PICNIC & PIE AUC It starts at 1:00 pm and lasts until 5pm .
Our Candidates will be there to listen to
you and to talk to you. Pies will be there
for auctioning.
Our July meeting is in the afternoon at
RSVP before July 14 to the GHRW 1st
Crescent Creek Park in Gig Harbor. Proceeds VP, Beckie Krantz, either by email at, or by phone at
from the auction go to help our candidates! 253-226-6283.

Suppo rt T h e C a n d i d a t e s
Picnic, combined with a importantly listening to you and August 17th: Primaries
A Pie Auction, is the order
of the day on the 18th of
July from 1pm to 5pm. Our
to your ideas.

The format is designed to let

Watch for your ballot in the mail, mark it,
and send it in.

regular monthly meeting will be you come and go as fits in with

combined with this family event your schedule. But of course,
at Crescent Creek Park. you can only bid on the pie you
want if you’re there when it’s August 18th
The regular “meeting” part will auctioned! GHRW Monthly Meeting
be set aside, so that we can take 11:30am-1pm at the Inn at Gig Harbor.
advantage of our wonderful Crescent Creek Park is a Guest speaker: Dr. Terry Bouck,
“guest speakers”. wonderful family place. Nearby Peninsula School District
is a baseball field, and an area Superintendent, is our speaker. RSVP
before August 16th to the GHRW 1st VP,
Rather than just one “guest with playground equipment for
Beckie Krantz,by email at
speaker,” we will have several of the smaller set. or call her at
our local candidates, who will be 253-226-6283. Please state whether you
informally meeting each of you, Come on out and have fun! are ordering the optional $11.50 buffet
talking to you, and most lunch or the $2.50 drink only opition.
The GHRW continues to support soldiers
serving in Afghanistan
any thanks to everyone who We are sending them special support to those who wait for their
has donated to support our packages… return)
troops! Your gifts really make  
a difference in the lives of our adopted Just last week I received a personal We can do that by contributing money,
soldiers. invitation to participate in the home- time and items for “care” boxes.  
coming celebration of one of our You may bring donated items to my
As we go through the transition of adopted soldiers,  it was Brion, who home or to our monthly meetings.
adopting and re-adopting soldiers who had been deployed to Afghanistan for
deploy and re-deploy;  we find that over a year. 
Gifts of cash are used to defray the
their names and locations may change,
cost of postage and to purchase
but the end result is the same:  That It was exciting and joyful to see all the
necessary items to fill the “Care” boxes.
is, to give them a sense of connection happy faces of friends and family!! 
with the Gig Harbor Republican Also there was a great sense of relief
Please email me if you have any
Women. that they came home uninjured and in
good spirits, and believe me, that was a
We now have adopted two female great feeling!
soldiers who are deployed to
Afghanistan. Seeing the home-coming made it even Tineke Geringer
Their names are: Kelsey and Cocoa…
more apparent that we must continue
to support those who continue to  GHRW Americanism
  fight this war on terror.  (and to offer

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H ab it at F o rH u m
an it y
On June 26th, some
of us
went out to a local H
for Humanity site. G
Birthdays for July and August was there to show th
appreciation and pr
Nancy Shelton lunch for all of the w
July... The house they are will have universal ac
building cess into
and throughout the
Marjorie Pearsol
August 26th
Joe Siegel: ‘Stimulus’ Package has its effect on
local economy
L et’s start with a premise:
Government can’t create
jobs (other than public-
sector sinecures) or prosperity
Any spending can have
questionable destinations, such as
more than $1 million in partial
funding for the Gig Harbor
This all boils down to the
commonly accepted shibboleth
that our philosopher kings in
government have the knowledge
without unintended consequences. Historical Museum by the Port of and wherewithal to fix our
The president’s stimulus/jobs bill is Tacoma, Gig Harbor, state coffers employment woes based on their
based on the premise that
and HUD, versus, for example, clairvoyance. Keynes once used the
redistributing taxpayers’ dollars will
produce a net gain of employment. $577,000 in stimulus funds applied phrase “replacing the magneto,”
For some Gig Harbor residents, the for by the Gig Harbor Police meaning, in his mind, these woes
reaction might be: what hath the Department to fund new deputies. could be repaired as a mechanic
tooth fairy wrought? (My detractors would say museums fixes an engine by replacing a
produce net economic benefits component. Do the demand-siders
Others cast a skeptical eye on what through increased tourism. That’s in Olympia view themselves as
in geek parlance is the Keynesian difficult to prove.) master mechanics?
Multiplier. This simply means a
belief--formulated by 20th Century Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a Another example of ill-advised
economist John Maynard Keynes. museum addict, especially history stimulus dollars landing in our
museums. But that’s my addiction, community is the administration’s
Hence the term multiplier. If true, not necessarily the taxpayers’. I’m mortgage-relief plans. A benefit
then unlimited stimulus packages perfectly willing to pay out of for the harbor? I think not.
would reap unlimited growth. So, pocket for things I find valuable.
Since data shows many bailed-out
then, why not have the Gig Harbor The Founding Fathers viewed homeowners end up defaulting
City Council spend $1 million on government’s primary respon- anyway, this “philanthropic” wealth
anything in general based on this sibility as providing security for distribution again has the uninten-
logic? life, liberty and property. ded result of furthering economic
Not being a total laissez-faire Wouldn’t we be better off with damage to banks and investors who
market devotee, I do believe fiscally responsible, long-term hold the loans, resulting in
government has a role to play, from planning instead of falling artificially high interest rates for
the Pierce County Council to the victim to sub-jective/ borrowers who didn’t close on 3
U.S. Congress. But how much? haphazard entitlement percent down mortgages with
spending? Additionally, federal payments at half their gross
“Libertarian philosophy” says dollars that are provided to our income.
government should provide for communities problematically result
only police, fire and defense. (I in future unfunded liabilities like Incidentally, this mortgage relief
would add other things, such as Medicaid. Where will dollars for plan is guaranteed by government-
reasonable safety measures, these new entitlements come from sponsored enterprises like Fannie
reasonable infrastructure and when this “incentive” river runs Mae via your wallet. So, reasoning
contract enforcement). dry? this entitlement benefits the
harbor, why not use taxpayers’
If pressured, I might swallow this This fairy tale of command bullion to assist local renters?
Castor Oil of temporary economy-created employment Whose personal ethics determine
disbursements from Foggy Bottom rockets the national debt ever that apartment-dwellers are less
and Olympia if it went to the higher and weakens the dollar, worthy than someone who drops
above; but claiming these funds raising prices for everyday their house keys in a Gig Harbor
create permanent private-sector commodities, which make up a bank’s door slot at 5:01 p.m.?
jobs is anecdotal, at best, and disproportionately large percentage
historically destructive. of Gig Harbor’s lower wage earners’ Even if I agreed that some in the
income. domed buildings know how to use
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More From “101 Constitutional Questions To
Ask Candidates” from the 5,000 Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen

or this edition, we will
concentrate on one main
question, that is:

How should the powers of

government be separated?

First of all the Founders wanted

political power separated vertically.
They considered the principal power
base of society to be the family.
However, there are a few things
which a community of families can
provide better than a single family
(police, fire, water, utilities, etc.).
Power to perform these functions is
therefore delegated to the community.
Then there are a few things which Image courtesy of National Archives of the United States
groups of communities can do better
than the single community. These tasks
are assigned to the higher level of the discovered that there were certain provided that the greatest number of
county. matters dealing with foreign affairs, responsibilities should rest with the
problems of war and peace, imports, family. Only a few responsibilities were
etc. which need to be handled in behalf assigned to the levels of government
There are also a few things that a of all the states. These responsibilities above the family and the Federal
group of counties can do better than a are therefore assigned to the Federal Government was to have the least
single county and these are assigned to Government. It should be noted that of all. ( See Federalist Papers, N. 45,
the State level.The Founders also the Founders’ pyramid of power Mentor Edition pp. 292-3.

‘Stimulus Package’...Continued from previous page

my salary to “promote the general welfare,” typical government bureaucratic incompetence and inertia (caused by
people who can’t be fired) like interminable permitting processes never gets money out the door quickly enough,
anyway. Case in point: stimulus dollars planned for early 2009 for a “shovel ready” I-5 project between
Lacey and Tacoma have yet to be spent. Last year, the president told those he views as uneducated Tea
Partiers that the stimulus will hold unemployment (currently almost 10 percent) below 8 percent. Oh, well. And
the recession grinds on.

The phrase “promote the general welfare” (not provide) in the Constitution’s preamble can be interpreted several
ways. One understanding is that laws should provide for everyone’s protection. Another is that our legislators
should take money from investors, employers and taxpayers to provide me with a new suit, as the multiplier effect
will benefit Gig Harbor residents and suit makers.

I’ll go with the former.

President’s Corner, and a Recap of Our June
16th Meeting
 President's Corner They can put anything into it that agents.  Consumers will pay taxes
        they want since it has already on tobacco, bottled water, candy,
"Passed".  This is transparent gum and mass-produced beer.  SB

democracy? 6846 a new taxes for emergency
     On June 19, GHRW and services, it is a tax on 911
embers: GHRC held a  joint Forum for emergency communications
candidates for Pierce County services, per phone line, wireless
GHRW is a very busy Council seat #7.  The meeting was line and VOIP line.  Hans' Bond
organization!   a breakfast meeting held at HB 2561 a referendum to sell $505
We postponed the May 22 Cottesmore.  The room was full of million in bonds above and beyond
Dinner/Fund Raiser.  The political interested  citizens.  The the state debt limit to finance
activities this time of the year  attendees said that it was a very construction projects.  Rep. Hans
interfered with the event.  The informative meeting and suggested Dunshee calls EHB 2561 a "jobs
Dinner/Fund Raiser will be re- that we need to have more of such bill" it should be called "spend now
scheduled in the fall.  Watch for meetings. and pay later" .  To pay for this bill
the new date.      On July 18 we will have our it wants to make permanent tax on
     The GHRW is continuing annual Picnic/Pie Auction.  This is bottled water.  Other bills
to work with other Republican a successful and enjoyable annual mentioned were SB6726 and
groups  in Pierce County.  We do function.  All Republican HB1329-expanding the reach of
this to maximize the effect of our candidates are invited to join us at public employee unions; SB6214--
political efforts.  It is essential this event. restricting the Growth
that we  have a flood of      August 18, Dr. Bouck will Management Hearing Boards;
Republicans elected to office on be the guest speaker at our HB1653-Clarifying shoreline and
Nov. 2.  We must restore balance meeting.  Dr. Bouck is currently growth Management acts.   
to this government. the Superintendent of the She talked about "Ghost Bills"
     Our meeting on June 16 Peninsula School district. which are "title only" bills  which
was a good example of a successful legislators go to various committees
joint effort of Republican groups. 
Diana Landahl, President to discuss and vote on whether to
We scheduled a number of political allow the bill to move ahead
candidates to speak at our meeting.  without holding a hearings on a bill
Walker Allen, the President of the before the bill is actually written. 
GHRC was at the meeting as well Then the impossibly short notice
as a number of his officers. The GHRW General June 16 when Committee Chairs change
     Our keynote speaker was  meeting was a great success.  agendas on a whim leaving citizens
Jan Angel, a member of our State with little notice to make their
House of Representatives.  She voice heard.  And finally the
Jan Angel did a fabulous and
gave an up-date  on the recent Emergency Clause abuse.  The
informative Legislative update. 
legislative session.   One of the "Emergency Clause" was meant for
She talked about the budget:  
most alarming facts she discussed real emergencies--volcanoes,
total revenue is 29.2B and Total
was the passing of "Ghost Bills" earthquakes, and the like.  Yet this
spending 30.5 B which puts the
done by the Democrat dominated
Washington state in debt of (1.3B).   Majority legislature passed 24 bills
legislature.  A "Ghost Bill" is one containing Emergency Clauses,
To raise revenue to pay for the
which is passed in name only.  repeal of Initiative 960.  Last year
spending the majority (Democrats)
There is little discussion because there were 66 "Emergency Bills
passed a$ 749 Million tax-increase
the legislators do not know the became law.
package.  The SB 6143 The big
details of the bill as it has not been  
Tax Package-- A temporary
written yet.  It is passed by title  
surcharge on service businesses
only, then the words are put to the  
such as attorneys and real estate
bill by some committee later. 
g ig har b or r e pub li c an w o me n

S u n d a y, Ju l y 1 8 t h
Remember our Picn
ic and
Pie Auction on Su
July 18th. Many of
our local
candidates will be th
“I believe that small available to listen,
and to
business will create the jobs ask questions of.
necessary to put the Come and support
our local
economy back on track.” candidates in person
enjoy an afternoon
at the
Doug Richards park.

26th District,
Position 2


PO Box 2683, Gig Harbor, WA 98329