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Teacher Candidate Andrea Overman and Catherine Leber

Grade Level: 3rd
Subject: Science/Reading

Millicent Atkins School of Education: Common

Lesson Plan Template

List the Common Core/State Standard(s) to be addressed in this lesson:

3.RI.5 Use text features and search tools (e.g., key words, sidebars, hyperlinks) to
locate information relevant to a given topic efficiently.
3.a. Students plan and employ effective research strategies to locate information
and other resources for their intellectual or creative pursuits.

List the Learning Objective(s) to be addressed in this lesson. Use the

following format: Students will be able to

Students will be able to use text features to locate information. Students

will be able to identify the planets.

Describe how the objective is relevant to students lives.

Students are constantly surrounded by text and information, and it is an

important skill to be able to take information from that to answer questions
that they have schoolwide or real-life experiences.

List the words relevant to the content area that you will either introduce
and/or review during your lesson.

Planet, orbit, rotate

List the materials you will need to teach the lesson.

Worksheet, Epic app, iPad, and pencil

Pre-Assessment: Describe the instrument or process you will use to
measure students level of understanding toward the learning objective(s)
prior to teaching the lesson.

APPENDIX: Include a blank copy of the lesson pre-assessment. (if


Is your pre-assessment included at the end of this lesson plan?

Describe the timeline as to when you plan to administer the pre-

(Recommended timeline is a minimum of two days prior to teaching your

Create and insert a table/chart/graph that shows the pre-assessment data

results. (if applicable)

Insert an image of your table/chart/graph here.

Describe how the results of the pre-assessment (what the students have
demonstrated they know) will be used to design the lesson objectives,
instruction, and post-assessment.
Post-Assessment: APPENDIX: Include a blank copy of the lesson post-assessment
you will use to measure students level of understanding toward the learning objectives after
teaching the lesson.

Is your post-
assessment included
at the end of this
lesson plan?

APPENDIX: Include a copy of a Key/Product (completed by you, the teacher) which

provides a model of the desired outcome.

Is your key included at the end of this lesson plan?

Since each students will be different, there is no true key.

Describe the instructional and/or assistive technology that you plan to
incorporate into the lesson to enhance instruction and student learning.

Students will use the research kid-friendly app Epic on their iPads to find
information about the planet they choose. There are multiple books on all
the planets for students to use; so, it is part of their job as researchers to
check more than one source.

Describe the accommodations/differentiation/modifications you will use to
meet the needs of all learners and accommodate differences in students
learning, culture, language, etc. * Be sure that these accommodations are
based on what you identified/described in your contextual information
(Task I).

Students IEPs will be followed as well as the options in the app to have
text read aloud and text to be bigger.

Identify the management and motivational strategies you will use to meet student
behavioral/developmental needs in order to keep students on task and actively engaged
throughout the lesson.

Teacher allows students to choose their own planet so to be more engaged

in the project. Teacher will model the project with multiple examples of
different planets and projects. From there, teacher will walk around
answering questions and making sure students are staying on task while
using the iPads. For smooth transitions, a timer will be started for how long
they have left to work on the project. Throughout the time working,
teacher will continue to remind students of process.
I Do
(Teacher introduces lesson and models expected outcome of
learning objectives)
Describe how you will activate student interest and present the learning
objective in an engaging way (this is your lesson opening).
Anchor: Teacher will start class by introducing the planet project that will
engage students and will help teach them more about the planets in which
they already have some knowledge from prior lessons. Task: For the
project, the teacher explains that each student will choose a planet,
complete the Planet Report worksheet, write one to two paragraphs about
a day on that planet. After it is complete, students will have a chance to sit
in the authors chair and present their days on their planets. These then
will be hung in the hallways for the rest of the school to see. Directions:
Teacher explains that students will use the Epic app to find books on the
planets. From there, they will use their reading skills to find the correct
information about their planets and log it on their sheet. Students are
required to use more than one book from the app.

Describe how you will communicate (to students) how the objective is
relevant to their lives.
Anchor: Use the example of the news of Pluto no longer being considered
a planet to connect to real world experiences. This project will help the
students to understand what makes a planet a planet.

Describe what instructional strategies you will use to

model/explain/demonstrate the knowledge and skills required of the
objective. (cite theories/theorists)
Modeling will be used to show examples of the final project. As well as this
project is located within the students Zone of Proximal Development.

Describe how you will check for students understanding before moving on
to guided practice.
Students will be comfortable with the app and choice of planet.

We Do
(Teacher engages students in guided practice)
Describe the learning activities you will use to provide students multiple opportunities to
practice the skills and content needed to meet the learning objective(s).
Student Choices: Students will then get to choose a planet in which to do
their project on, however, they cannot choose the same as a neighbor.
They also get to choose the books that they use. The students may also
choose to write or type their paragraphs. Student Inquiry: From here,
students will begin to look for information about their planets they have
selected. They use the Epic app that has a multitude of books on this
topic, and the students may ask questions to their neighbors as well as the
teacher. Collaboration and Teamwork: Students, although researching
different planets, are allowed to ask questions from neighbors as well as
share information about where to find facts within the different books of
planets. They are encouraged to share if a good page is found with
information to the teacher and then the class.

Describe how you will check for students understanding before moving on to independent
Teacher Coaching and Feedback: Teacher will walk around assisting
students when necessary as well as giving helpful feedback. Teacher will
be asking engaging questions to help the students understanding and
pushing them to think further about what they are learning.

You Do
(Students engage in independent practice)
Describe what the students will do to independently practice the knowledge and skills
required by the lesson objectives? (this is the post-assessment)
Public Presentation: Students will come up one by one to get a chance
to read their paragraph about their day on the planet. They will assist the
teacher in hanging them in the hallway for the rest of the school to see.
APPENDIX: Include a blank copy of your post-assessment.
Is your BLANK COPY of the post-assessment included at the end of this
lesson plan?

Lesson Closing
Describe how you will reemphasize the lesson objective and any
skills/content that were taught in an interactive manner (whole/small
group, etc.).
Student Reflection: Teacher will prompt students to have an oral
discussion about how the project went in regards to researching. Teacher
will ask things such as Did you like using Epic, If you had a choice, what
are some of the other resources/tools you would use, what are some of
the other ways we could present this information, and Would you like to
try some of those? We will close the lesson by singing the planet song in
which the students already know and each student will share their favorite
fact about the planet they studied.

(This portion may only be done after the post assessment is
Describe the results of the Post-Assessment and be sure to address the following:
Students progress from pre-to-post assessment. (if applicable)
Factors that may have influenced the post assessment results.
How the results of the post assessment highlight what areas of the
lesson will require re-teaching (if any).
If applicable, insert a table/chart/graph (below) that shows the post-assessment data
results. If you used the same document for both the pre and post assessments, it is strongly
encouraged that you show the comparison.

Insert an image of your table/chart/graph here.


List and describe two things you feel you did well to plan, implement, or assess instruction
List and describe two things you feel were challenges during the planning, implementation
and/or assessment of the lesson.

List and describe two ideas for redesign you would make if you were to teach this lesson