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As of 14 Feb 2012
Technical Specification STANDARD XEON XEON+ XEON++ HYBRID
Light Source 5W LED Lamp 5W LED Lamp 8W LED Lamp 10W LED Lamp 8W LED Lamp
Solar Module 12W 18W 18W 25W 12W
Lithium Battery internal internal internal internal internal
AC Input n/a n/a n/a n/a 100-240VAC
Human Infrared Source yes Yes yes yes yes
Net Weight 4.5kg 4.5kg 4.5kg 9.2kg 4.5kg
Luminous Flux Bright Mode 410lm 410lm 680lm 810lm 680lm
Dim Mode 120lm 120lm 200lm 270lm 200lm
View Angle
Color Temperature 5000K~6000K 5000K~6000K 5000K~6000K 5000K~6000K 5000K~6000K
Light Sensitivity 10lux 10lux 10lux 10lux 30lux
Luminance in Bright Mode 12lux 12lux 15lux 16lux 30lux
Working Time Bright Mode 6 8 8 8 auto switch to AC when
Dim Mode 8-10 10-12 10-12 10-12 batt is discharged
Installation Height 3~4m 3~4m 5~6m 5~6m 5~6m
Distance of lamp post 10~15m 10~15m 10~15m 10~15m 10~15m
Note: Lamp post (5m) and concrete pedestal plus delivery & installation additional P10,000/set

General Information
I. Delivery & Installation
a. Within Metro Manila Included
b. Outside Metro Manila To be determined
II. Lifespan
a. Solar Panel 20 years
b. Battery 3-5 years
c. LED Lamp 50,000 burning
III. Maintenance hours Free
Plug and Play
IV. Warranty (Parts & Service) systems
2 years