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I. Choose the letter of the correct answer

1. Which of the following causes electrical charging of objects?
a. Sewing b. Rubbing c. Cutting
2. When an object gains electrons it becomes_____________
a. Positively b. Negatively c. Uncharged
charged charged
3. When an object loses electrons, it becomes __________
a. Positively b. Negatively c. Unchanged
charged charged
4. Which of these symbols stands for positively charges ?
a. + b. c. O
5. Which of these is a source of electrical energy?
a. Battery b. Light bulb c. Switch
6. In which condition will rusting of iron occur easily?
a. Near the b. Away from the c. Both a and b
seashore seashore
7. Which is true about chemical change?
a. A new material is formed c. Both a and b
b. The product can be changed to
its original form.
8. Which of the following is an example of a chemical change?
a. Boiling of water b. Cutting a piece of c. Rusting of a steel
wood wool
II. Write (P) before each number that shows physical change and
( C ) if it shows Chemical Change
e. _______ 9. Burning of wood k. _______ 15. Sharpening of a
f. _______ 10. Cutting a cake into pencil
halves l. _______ 16. Cutting the
g. _______ 11. Grinding of meat fingernails
h. _______ 12. Boiling of water m. _______ 17. Burning of wood
i. _______ 13. Breaking of a glass n. _______ 18. Digesting food in the
j. _______ 14. Chopping meat into stomach
pieces o. _______ 19. Ironing clothes
p. _______ 20. Rusting of steel
III. What are the 3 main parts of an electric circuit. Choose your answer from
the box.
r. 21.
s. 22.
t. 23. Conductor Load Copper
Source rubber
IV. Give examples of each kind of matter
w. 24.
x. 25.
y. 26.
z. 27.
aa. 28.
ab. 29.
ac. 30.