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Reflection Assessment Rubric

5 4 3 2 1
Reflective The reflection The reflection The reflection The reflection There is little or
thinking explains the explains the explains the demonstrates no reflective
about students own students own students thinking some reflective thinking about the
performance thinking and thinking and about his/her own thinking about students
learning learning learning learning but is learning.
processes in processes, as processes. vague and
detail. well as some unspecific.
implications for
future learning.

Reflective The student The student The student The reflection is The student
thinking demonstrates a demonstrates a demonstrates an vague and/or shows little or no
about superior strong emerging unclear about understanding of
proficiency understanding of understanding of understanding of language language
language language language proficiency. proficiency.
proficiency. proficiency. proficiency.

Impact on The student The student The student The student The reflection
future accurately reflection explains reflection identifies reflection explains does not address
learning identifies areas for strategies to areas in need of ideas to improve plans or strategies
growth and improve future improvement but future learning but for future learning.
describes a learning but does does not address does not include a
concrete action not include a how growth will concrete plan of
plan for future concrete plan of occur. action.
improvement action.

Analysis The reflection is The reflection is The reflection is The reflection The reflection
an in-depth an in-depth an analysis of the attempts to does not move
analysis of the analysis of the learning analyze the beyond a
learning learning experience and learning description of the
experience and experience and the student can experience but the learning
the student can the value of the state the value of value of the experience or
relate their learning. the learning learning to the focuses only on
learning to the experience. student is vague their grades.
world beyond the and/or unclear.
classroom. It shows an
enhancement of
the students
The student is appreciation for
able to explain the discipline.
how language
proficiency may
help them in their
career or life after