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Learn French as a habit

French Vocab
Fruits and

By Talk in French
Reading time: 1 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner -Intermediate

Go grab some fruits and hit two birds with one

stone because todays lesson is all about fruits and
vegetables. While munching on some apples, make
your time count learning a new set of French words
at the same time. Youll see that eating and learning
make a good combo if you want to remember words
and phrases more effectively. The words will also
come handy if youre planning on grocery shopping
any time soon.
Fruit, Fruit Trees, and Grain Fruits, arbres fruitiers et grains
almond lamande (f )
almond tree lamandier (m)
apple la pomme
apple tree le pommier
apricot labricot (m)
apricot tree labricotier (m)
avocado lavocat (m)
avocado tree lavocatier (m)
banana la banane
banana tree le bananier
cherry la cerise
cherry tree le cerisier
fig la figue
fig tree le figuier
grapefruit le pamplemousse
grapefruit tree le pamplemoussier
lemon le citron
lemon tree le citronnier
mandarin la mandarine
mandarin tree le mandarinier
mango la mangue
mango tree le manguier
olive lolive (f )
olive tree lolivier (m)
orange lorange (f )
orange tree loranger (m)
peach la pche
peach tree le pcher
pear la poire
pear tree le poirier
plum la prune
plum tree le prunier
barley lorge (f )
cereal la crale
corn le mas
oats lavoine (f )
rye le seigle
wheat le bl/le froment
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