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Dotrid International Training Institute

Course Overview Procurement & Logistics

INTRODUCTION Management Course
International best practices are very 10 - 20 April 2017, Arusha, Tanzania
crucial benchmarks for todays
procurement and logistics officers and
those with responsibilities for due process
and internal Control.
Each participant will receive a free take home IPAD/Tablet

This course aims to equip officers with

recent knowledge, skills, and Course Objectives
competencies to enable fulfill their roles
On completion of this course delegates should be able to conduct and manage
in procurement and logistics
a complete tender process including how to:
Establish award criteria and evaluate tenders from a financial and value
for money perspective
Present day realities have shown that Prepare scoring mechanisms and justify contract award
todays procurement and logistics officers recommendations
require new level of skills and Negotiate with suppliers and manage supplier performance and contracts
competences to match the challenges of Understand tender documentation and processes
managing procurement process as well as Research suppliers and markets for goods and services
a broad range of logistics processes. Understand the benefits of aggregation
Understand what drives suppliers and the markets they operate in
This programme has been designed to Understand the structure of supply chains and the different ways through
which supply chains can become competitive in the market
meet the needs of these professionals,
Explain how to use the levers of the logistics strategy to redefine the
whether they are in public or private
points necessary to make this harmonization
sector organizations. The case studies Analyse the importance of the term value creation and to propose
which have been prepared for delegates actions in the field of management of logistics costs towards the creation
to work with are based on real-world of value
examples of those working in both public Distinguish the forces shaping international logistics in a global market
and private sector environments. Assess accurately the risks occurred due to loss of focus on the
satisfaction of endcustomer demand
A core component of the course is to
deliver practical awareness and
understanding of the recent initiatives for
procurement and contract management
in developing countries of Africa.
Course Outline
1. MODULE 1. Fundamentals of Public Procurement
2. MODULE 2. Procurement Methods
3. MODULE 3. Principles of Contract Management
4. MODULE 4. Fundamentals of Contract Law
5. MODULE 5. Procurement Planning
6. MODULE 6. Bid Opening, Evaluation and Award
of Contract
7. MODULE 7. Project Cycle Management
8. MODULE 8. Ethical Considerations in
9. MODULE 9. Concepts of Prequalification & Post
10.MODULE 10. Negotiation & Effective
Communication Skills
11.MODULE 11. Inco terms
12.MODULE 12. E-procurement
13.MODULE 13. Fundamentals of Logistics and
14.MODULE 14. Key Business processes in Freight
Transportation and Logistics.
15.MODULE 15. Benchmarking Logistics
16.MODULE 16. Logistics Management and Strategy
17.MODULE 17. Applications in the Industry Who Should Attend?
18.MODULE 18. Key Business Trends in the Industry
This course will be of benefit to Procurement
Officers, Contract Managers, Logistics
Managers/Officers, Accountants, Auditors,
Budgeting Officers, Project Officers/Managers,
Team leaders, Monitoring & Evaluation Officers,
Programme Managers and anyone wishing to
acquire recent knowledge in the management of
procurement or aspiring to hold procurement
Methods of Training
The method of training for each module is highly
participatory. And training sessions will include:
Exciting practical group exercises,
Case studies
Live instructions
Video presentations
Explicit practical examples
PowerPoint presentations

Certificate of Participation
All participants shall receive certificate of
participation at the end of the programme.

Registration & Course Fees South Africa Office: Ground Floor, Milnerton
Building, Ixia Street, Opposite Point Business Park,
Milnerton, Cape Town 7441, South Africa.
Course fee is USD3150 per delegate Tel: +27832412212, +26876515877,
payable in advance. The fee is +27735892401 Tel/Fax: +27215520431
inclusive of refreshments, course Swaziland Office: Embassy House, Allister Miller
Street, P O Box 4755, M b a b a n e ,
materials, expert facilitation and Kingdom of Swaziland.
buffet lunch. To register for this course Email:
please apply online at: or complete UK Office: 4 Dalespark Drive, Swinton, Manchester,

M27 0FP, UK Web:
and forward the form below to: To apply online go to:
Dotrid International Training Institute
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