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Sound List:

# File Name Copyright

01 Boat Horn Royalty Free

02 Bullet Casings Falling Royalty Free

03 Car Door Royalty Free

04 Dart Thwang Royalty Free

05 Explosions 1-5 Royalty Free

06 Glass Shatter Royalty Free

07 Ocean Waves Royalty Free

08 Pistol Fire 1-2 Royalty Free

09 Police Siren Royalty Free

10 Punch Royalty Free

11 Shotgun Blast Royalty Free

12 Stressed Wood Royalty Free

13 Sunny Day Royalty Free

14 Throwing Knife Royalty Free

15 Train Sounds Royalty Free

16 Vehicle Driving Past 1-2 Royalty Free

# File Name Copyright

01 Carpenter Brut - Turbo Killer Copyright Noquartprod - 2015

02 The Crystals - Da Doo Ron Ron Copyright Philles Records -


03 Carpenter Brut - Looking for Tracy Tzu Copyright Noquartprod - 2015

04 Carpenter Brut - Escape from Midwich Valley Copyright Noquartprod - 2015

05 Carpenter Brut - Sexkiller on the Loose Copyright Noquartprod - 2015

06 Carpenter Brut - Obituary Copyright Noquartprod - 2015

07 Newsroom Theme Royalty Free

08 Carpenter Brut - Division Ruine Copyright Noquartprod - 2015

09 Carpenter Brut - Roller Mobster Copyright Noquartprod - 2015

10 Carpenter Brut - Anarchy Road Copyright Noquartprod - 2015

Production Schedule:

20th - 24th
3/17 8:45 - 9:55 10:10 - 11:20 11:35 - 12:45 1:25 - 2:35 2:50 - 4:00

Monday Pre-Production Pre-Production

Tuesday Audition: Download

(Sam Turnbull Sounds and
& Daniel Music

Wednesday Recording Recording

Session #1 Session #2

Thursday Editing Editing and




Are the actors appropriate for the role?

As this is an amateur production, i was rather limited in my options - making up only a
class of fellow students also busy with work - so as to help with that limitation, id
deliberately placed myself within the genre tropes of a famously amateur genre, thus
excusing what may be otherwise considered bad acting with appropriate acting.

As such, i feel confident in the selection of my two co-actors; Sam Turnbull as the Police
Chief, and Daniel Crocker as Greg Savage - one whose overly-dramatic dialogue allows
for a rather over-the-top performance given by someone genuinely interested in the
genre being portrayed, and the weaker more subdued voice of Daniel - whilst limited by
accent - is a perfect fit for the whiny and scared mannerisms of Greg (Please Refer to
the MP3 File Below for Auditions.)

How are you recording/editing the voice acting?

Voice Acting is done to a studio quality; including industry standard microphones and
editing equipment. The studio setup is designed specifically for high-quality, noise-free
audio to which i can then edit on foley and other elements of mise-en-scene.

Editing is to be complete using Premiere Pro CC 2017, and exported as an MP3 file - i
understand this isnt exactly industry standard for radio drama, but its what i am most
used to (See evidence of edit below.)

Contingency Plan

Due to heavy time constraints, retakes are difficult to organize, as such its likely that any
issues within production will have to be sorted by me personally - including voice acting.
Following that i may have to take the roles of my two actors as substitutes.

(Evidence of my rehearsal is located below.)

Performance and Directing Talent

Recording the performances was done in a simple conversational format - one character
speaking to the other in a majority of cases - this was done as to simplify the production
and keep a level of flow between multiple actors that allowed for the conversational
format of many dialogue heavy scenes to feel realistically paced without heavy editing in

Talent was directed to be as over-the-top as possible, supplying a large part of the

comedic effect of the characters and story, and expressing the characters personality
and range with effect.
Live Sound Effects?

Sound effects are to be purely stock only - this is for several reasons:
1. The simpler nature of taking pre-recorded sound effects helps to make the
production simpler to create, spending far less of our time budget on sound
2. It fits within the genre conventions; the dramas stylistic identity as a terrible old
80s buddy-cop story is only made better with accurately terrible acting and sound
effects; every stock explosion asset only helps to increase the dramas identity
within the genre.
3. The artificiality of the dramas writing and nature as parody is made far more
aware due to the artificiality of the sound effects; it separates the piece from the
audiences sense of immersion and helps the audience view the piece as a
deconstruction of the genre rather than just a comedy.