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Teen Activists

Quentin Murre

Teen Activists Quentin Murre

Table Of Contents


2. Teen Activists


4. Girls Education

5. People Helping People/P.H.P

6. Schools


​ Malala Yousafzai Malala was born on July, 12 1997 in Swat Valley, Pakistan. She is


Malala was born on July, 12 1997 in Swat Valley, Pakistan. She is

named after Malalai (a Pashtun heroine). Malala’s father Ziauddin ran a

school in swat valley.

In 2009 Malala shared her father's love for education. Also in 2009

Malala made a blog that stated “They were schools that thought they would

be attacked by Taliban”. Lots of schools were getting threats so they closed

them down including Ziauddin.

Malala and her father were receiving death threats from the Taliban

but continued to speak out to the world about this cause.

In 2011 she received a Nobel Peace Prize. She was honored for the

prize but the Taliban voted her dead.

On October 9, 2012 she was on the bus with two of her friends and a masked gunman steps on the bus and asked for malala shot her and injuring her two friends in the attack but they were alive and safe. In 2014 she accepted the peace prize. She raised over $500,000 for girls to go to school.

Teen Activists

A teen activist is a believer, a person who wants to change the world.

There are many teen activists all around the world from Malala (in

Pakistan) to Alex Lin(in usa). A teen Activist is someone who will stand up

for themselves in bad situations.


The taliban is a terrorist group; the taliban were the people who shot

malala in the head. The taliban mainly targeted Pakistan for no good

reason. All across the country they have men do suicide bombings and

other attacks like assassinations. The taliban is going to do more attacks

even though we are trying to stop it.

The Taliban has placed many attacks on many places in Pakistan

and all around the country. They say that they will destabilise Pakistan.

Recently they did a bombing on the kunduz hospital.

Girls Education

124 million children aren't in school today, 52% of them are girls.

Some reasons girls aren't in school today is because of price in secondary

school. 130 million girls are out of school. Many girls are out of school

because they have to work, marry, take care of younger siblings. The

number of of girls who complete secondary school is very low. Girls face

violence preventing them from going to school in over 70 different


Girls are often under pressure to drop out of school, even after they

complete primary education. Making the transition to secondary school is

very critical for girls to develop important skills and confidence.

Girls lag behind boys on completing to secondary school. Girls face

serious barriers such as cultural bias and lack of safety. Girls all around the

world have many different reasons they can't go to school. But people are

trying their best to get them all into schools.


People helping people (PHP) is improving the lives of men, women,

and children. P.H.P is giving families food, furniture, and even money.

P.H.P is basically a charity. PHP started in 1992 and is still going today.

PHP is trying to help families in need, homeless people, and very sick


PHP has helped has donated food clothes money to homeless

people in need.


In 2013 - 2014 there were 1,737 schools closures; that means

274,000 kids left school. Of the schools that closed 1179 were regular

schools, 90 were special education schools, 20 were vocational schools,

and 448 were alternative schools. The number of schools closed in

2013-2014 was more than in 2000-2001(1193). But 1 or many schools

could be in in one building so two could be 1.