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FY-2009 Annual Accomplishment Report

I. Executive Summary

In 2009, the NAMRIA was able to make significant contribution to the

overall thrusts and programs of the DENR and the national government
through provision of geographic data and information as basic reference for
planning and decision-making.

The agency gained major accomplishments on its 17 regular projects

under the following major functions: (a) Hydrographic Surveys and Nautical
Charting; (b) Topographic Mapping; (c) National Geodetic Network Development;
(d) Land Classification; and (e) Information Management. Salient undertakings
were the PRS92 Project which aims to establish a homogenous geodetic
reference system for the country, and the locally-funded Extended Continental
Shelf (ECS) Project that would prove our entitlement for an ECS, to be
submitted to the United Nations (UN) in accordance with the United Nations
Convention of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

In hydrographic surveys and nautical charting, NAMRIA conducted

survey of the countrys Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and archipelagic waters
to ensure safety of navigation and delimit the countrys maritime boundaries in
large-scale charts as required by UNCLOS. The technical information gathered
shall be submitted to the UN as reference to resolve territorial boundary
conflicts with our neighboring countries. Notices-to-Mariners were published to
provide the maritime sector and other users with up-to-date navigational
information and ocean data. Tide Stations and the National Oceanographic
Data Center (NODC) were maintained and operated to provide year-long data on
sea level, periodic means of tidal datum planes and other tidal conditions to be
used by shipping, engineering and fisheries sectors as well as for scientific

NAMRIA provided full technical support to the Commission on Maritime

and Ocean Affairs (CMOA), the House of Representatives and the Senate for the
successful passage of Republic Act No. 9522, known as the New Archipelagic
Baselines Law of the Philippines. It is a landmark legislation and one of the key
Philippine actions toward the implementation of the United Nations Convention
on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). The new baselines are compliant with
UNCLOS and are the basis from where the different maritime zones are
measured. The agency conducted series of meetings on the technical aspects of
RA 9522 and provided various options for the Philippine baselines.

The NAMRIA prepared the technical data for the claim on ECS
entitlement at Benham Rise area which was submitted to the United Nations
Commission for Extended Continental Shelf (UNCECS) on April 2009. It was
presented to the Commission en banc, in August 2009 by the Philippine
Country Team on the Philippine ECS Submission.

The agency continued the development of the countrys national geodetic

network through the Philippine Reference System of 1992 (PRS92) Project
which aimed to establish a homogenous and accurate geodetic network as
reference for all surveying and mapping activities in the country.

Topographic base mapping at different scales were undertaken to provide

updated information on infrastructure and other land features that reflect the
topography, drainage systems, vegetation, road networks and major landmarks.
These base maps were provided to PHIVOLCS, PAGASA and MGB for use in
geohazard mapping and other related disaster management activities. These

maps are also being widely used by LGUs, private sector and academe as
reference for local development planning, business and research activities.

Another major activity undertaken was land classification survey to

delineate the boundaries between forestlands and alienable and disposable
(A/D) lands. Evaluation and assessment surveys were conducted and LC maps
were finalized as legal references for agro-industrial development, reforestation,
policy formulation and fast-track the land distribution effort of the government
in support of poverty alleviation.

Under information management, NAMRIA developed and maintained

web-based systems and databases to support the initial establishment of the
National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI). Geographic information services
were made available through the NAMRIA Geomatics Training Center and the
NAMRIA One-Stop-Shop (OSS). The GTC conducted trainings for different
government offices, local government units, academe and the private sector on
GIS, GPS operations, map updating and database development. The OSS
provided geographic and ENR information services to various clients.

Major NAMRIA projects were also supported by information management

activities. These support components include map integration; information
systems development; and information, education, and communication (IEC)
campaigns. The 20 Map Sales Office in the different regions continued to
enhance the accessibility of NAMRIA products to map users all over the

Special projects with other government agencies and the private sector
were also undertaken on base mapping, geodetic surveys, and systems
development, namely: (a) UNDP READY (Geo-Hazard) Project; (b) Clark
Development Corporation (CDC) Boundary Mapping; (c) GMA Network
Digitization; (d) Technical Assistance on the Development of GIS-Based Real
Property Tax Information System for the Provincial Government of Bataan; and
(e) Forestry Information System (Phase 2).

Intervening activities include accommodating requests of various

agencies in the government, the academe and from private institutions for
digital base maps/satellite images, aerial photographs, certification on land
classification status, and provision of related geographic and natural resource

II. Physical Accomplishments

A. General Administration and Support Services (GASS)

Supporting the operations and implementation of NAMRIAs mandates is

the Engineering Services which undertook repair and maintenance of buildings
and facilities, as used as technical, communications and IT equipment. For this
period, the program was able to accomplish the following:

Performed preventive and corrective maintenance, including

installations on 32/4 technical units and 242/102
communications equipment; installed eight (8) telemetry
instruments and solar panels to different PRS92 tide
Performed preventive and corrective maintenance on 1,049
computer system and 108 hardware/software related
Maintained and repaired buildings, appurtenances,
grounds and air conditioning/plumbing facilities; and

Performed 74 preventive and 147 corrective maintenance on
NAMRIA vehicles, and servicing transportation needs of
officials and employees.

On Intervening activities:

a) Conducted weekly check-up on Doppler Orbitography and

Radio Positioning Integrated by Satellite (DORIS) Beacon.
The system consist of a receiver flown on board the host
satellite (SPOT), a permanent network of orbit
determination beacons and a master beacon which sends
command and data required to operate the onboard system;
b) Conducted preventive and corrective maintenance on
various photogrammetric equipment such as: Planicart E3-
1, 2, 3, Planimat D3, PUG-4 and Planicomp Stereoplotter;
c) Assisted in the reconnaissance, installation of equipment
and construction of PRS92 Tide Stations.

Planning, Policy and Development Studies encompasses overall strategic

and operational planning, policy formulation and strategic studies. The
following activities were accomplished during the period:

Prepared FY 2009-2012 Forward Estimates and FY 2009

Work and Financial Plan; and targets for FY 2010 Budget
Collated and evaluated Daily Journal accomplishments and
activities submitted by Line Departments to cull NAMRIA
weekly accomplishments and significant events for the
generation of weekly reports for the DENR Secretary and
Members, NAMRIA Board of Governors;
Prepared FY 2008 Annual Accomplishment Report and FY
2009 Annual Accomplishment Report;
Continuously monitored accomplishments on regular and
special projects/intervening activities; and
Prepared NAMRIAs Citizens Charter in compliance with RA
9485 or the Anti-Red Tape Bill as implemented by Civil
Service Commission (CSC) Resolution No. 081471.

Administrative/staff and security services provided support to line

departments, and formulated policies, programs, guidelines, rules and
regulations pertaining to personnel, human resource development, medical,
dental services, logistics and procurement. The following were achieved during
the period:

Processed documents for: 211 Contractual; 1

Commissioned Officer; 6 Ensign; 1 re-appointment; 1
promotional appointment of Commissioned Officer; 3
dropped from the rolls; 2 resigned; 11 retired; 7 Enlisted
Men; and employees benefits (Productivity Incentive Bonus,
Overtime Pay, CNA, Clothing Allowance and Loyalty Award);
On Human Resource Development: implemented 8
training/seminar programs (5 orientation, 98 participants
and 3 GAD (GST), 97 participants); availed 18 training
programs (12 local, 20 participants and 6 foreign, 6
participants); and 7 scholarship programs (2 local, 7
participants and 5 foreign, 4 participant); and processed
placement of 60 student trainees;

Planning and coordination of the Short Term Training (STT)
Program entitled Strengthening Leadership of Middle Level
Management with the Philippines Australia Human
Resource Development Facility (PAHRDF);
Continuously maintained the operations of NAMRIA Day
Care Center;
Maintained and supervised NAMRIA Library and Museum;
Provided medical, dental services and assorted medicines to
NAMRIA personnel and issued certifications on Gemba and
FOSLA Loans, bonding on Special Disbursing Officers
Implemented rules and regulations on the wearing of
prescribed uniforms, security tags for NAMRIA employees
and visitors, and vehicle control tags for guests/clients;
Provided 24 hour security to NAMRIA facilities and
equipment; and
Coordinated with various government agencies relative to
the security and intelligence operations of the agency.

B. Support to Operations (STO)


Under this program, NAMRIA conducted hydrographic and

oceanographic surveys; produced nautical charts and maritime publications;
and operated and maintained survey vessels, tide stations and other related
facilities. Technical data generated were used to ensure safety of life at sea,
climate change mitigation and adaptation and chart the countrys different
maritime zones. These also supported the requirements for infrastructure
development, environmental management, resource exploration and scientific

Hydrographic Surveys: This involve survey and mapping of

the countrys continental shelves, sea-lanes, ports and
harbors, including the 200 nautical mile Exclusive
Economic Zone (EEZ) in accordance with the United
Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) for the
delimitation of our water boundaries, utilization and
exploration of living and non-living marine activities. For
the year, NAMRIA surveyed a total of 58,743.54 sq. km.
(Benham Rise=14,387; Archipelagic area=44,356.54) out of
the total target of 60,000 sq. km. of the EEZ and
archipelagic waters; a total target of 4,000 sq. km. of
sealanes covering portion of Sulu Sea; Ports and Harbor of
San Isidro and Catbalogan in Samar, Iloilo City and Iloilo
Strait; performed routine preventive and corrective
maintenance and dry-docking of survey vessels BRP
Ventura and BRP Presbitero, and motor vehicles including
the preventive maintenance of BRP Bantay Kalikasan;
collected 12-month continuous record of the earths
magnetic elements at magnetic observatory in Muntinlupa
City; and observed the eleven (11) targeted repeat stations.

Nautical Charting: For this activity, four (4) ports and

harbor charts (Matnog, Dumaguete, General Santos and
Davao) completed survey data processing; three (3)
approach and approach ENC charts (Manila to Cavite,
Batangas Bay and Cebu Harbor and Approaches), three (3)
Harbor ENC charts (Manila, Batangas and Cebu harbor)
were updated; five (5) coastal charts (1543,

1536,1549,1519, 1548) were digitized; two (2) new coastal
charts (1555 and 1554) and three (3) general sailing charts
(4705-Manila Bay to Taiwan, 4707- Philippine Western Part
and 4708-Philippine Southeastern Part) were compiled;
EEZ chart 4723 was updated and 4723A of KIG and Reed
Bank including Scarborough Shoal at scale 1:1,000,000
was compiled; ten (10) nautical charts were printed; 2,000
copies of 2010 Tide and Current Tables (TCTs) was
published; and selected printed paper charts to update
navigational information (submarine cable, submarine pipe
line, light characteristics and other dangers to navigation)
were manually corrected.

Maritime Publication: The 12th edition of Notices-to-

Mariners was published; and 2010 Edition of List of Lights
and Volume 1 of the Philippine Coast Pilot Book (CPB) were

Operation and Maintenance of National

Oceanographic Data Center (NODC): Oceanographic
survey activity primarily focuses on the physical aspects of
oceanography that dwell on ocean parameters such as
tides, current, temperature, salinity and depth. The data
collected were used in the updating of the information and
inputs to the Tide and Current Tables being published
annually. Accomplished were: the astronomical
computations, prediction, editing and final tabulation of the
2010 Tide and Current Tables (TCTs); twenty-two (22)
primary tide stations were releveled and inspected; 62
retrievals of tidal observation on 22 stations based on
weather tide gauge; 264 tidal datasets and water level
measurements from different tide stations were processed;
and 39 nautical charts on tidal information were updated.

Aside from above regular activities, special and intervening

projects/activities were accomplished under this program in order to generate
data for use in scientific research in the field of oceanography and provide
technical assistance to LGUs and private institutions. These were as follows:

Collected 12-month record of the earths magnetic elements

using the magnetometers installed at the Magnetic
Observatory for the Circum-Pacific Magnetic Network
Project (Kyushu University, Japan) and Ocean Hemisphere
Network Project (University of Tokyo, Japan);
BRP Hydrographer Presbitero was used as platform for the
East Asia Hydrographic Commission (EAHC) training
courses on: a) Quality Assurance of Multibeam Surveying
and Data Processing; and b) ENC Quality Assurance;
Continued processing of 2005-2008 surveys of
NAVOCEANO data for use in updating of charts; and Sheet
Nos. 4, 6, 7, 9, 12 and Harbor surveys of Ships bathymetric
data for use in updating of nautical charts and ECS
Provided technical assistance/support and coordination on
the following:
- Delineation of Philippine Baselines: NAMRIA provided
technical expertise that led to passage of RA 9522 or the
New Archipelagic Baselines Law of the Philippines.
These baselines become the bases for drawing the
different maritime zones;

- United States NAVOCEANO and Philippine Navy-OLAG
concerning the resumption of the cooperative
hydrographic surveys aboard USNS BRUCE HEEZEN
along Mindoro Strait towards San Bernardino Strait and
along Verde Island Passage;
- Continued coordination and preparation of Chapter 2
(Geodetic and Hydrographic Data and Information) for
Extended Continental Shelf (ECS) Submission to the
- Continued technical assistance/support to LGUs in the
delineation of municipal waters;
- Installation of Tsunami Buoy in Sulu Sea; and
- Philippine Navy-Ocean & Littoral Affairs Group (PN-
OLAG) on joint hydrographic survey of Casiguran Bay
relative to the request of the Province of Aurora to
support the planned Aurora Special Economic Zone
under RA 9490.
Participated/observed the airborne LIDAR surveys
conducted in the Sulu Archipelago including its data
Conducted hydrographic survey in Laguna de Bay;
Other clientele services rendered include:
- Issuance of fifteen (15) certifications on tidal data,
information, extremes, benchmarks, elevations, mean
sea level, predictions and moon phases;
- Issuance of 77 navigational warnings to mariners
through NAVAREA XI Coordinator in Japan;
- Advance copy of tide prediction of Manila (2010);
- Historical Mean Sea Level Data of San Jose, Mindoro;
- Provided Notice-to-Mariners free of charge to the
maritime public, including foreign hydrographic offices
to ensure safety of life at sea and environmental


NAMRIA produced topographic base maps at various scales, as well as

thematic maps which served as primary inputs for national and local
development planning activities. These also serve as base data used by other
agencies such as MGB, PAGASA and PHIVOLCS in the production of geohazard
maps. These topo maps were produced using photogrammetry, satellite remote
sensing, digital cartography and Geographic Information System (GIS)

Large-scale Base Mapping (1:10,000): This project is

part of the continuous large scale mapping of urban and
high-growth areas of the country to detect rapid changes in
land features. Data gathered through aerial photography
undergo photogrammetric and digital cartographic
enhancement processes prior to mass production. Six (6)
sheets for Metro Manila at scale 1:10,000 were enhanced;
twenty one (21) sheets for Bulacan were compiled and
orthophoto mapping for the same area extending to an
additional of twenty two (22) sheets and nine (9) sheets for
Boracay were likewise completed. Aerial photography
covering Kalibo area was successfully conducted and

Medium Scale Mapping (1:50,000): The production and
updating of topographic base maps at this scale are
indispensable in the determination of areas at the
municipal and provincial levels that are susceptible to
geologic hazards such as soil erosion from rainfall, flooding,
storm surge, earthquake-induced landslides, soil
liquefaction, subsidence, volcanic upheavals and lahar flow.
A total of seventy two (72) out of 162 map sheets were
converted into digital format including elevations of contour
intervals, edge-matching, corrective editing and map layout;
forty (40) SPOT 5 satellite imageries were acquired and
nineteen (19) were processed.

Administrative/Special Mapping: This activity involved

the production of updated regional and provincial maps
based from topographic map at scale 1:50,000 and other
references as tools for development planning. Activities
completed were: data gathering, mosaicking, conversion
and cartographic enhancement for provincial maps; and
data gathering, mosaicking and geographic names indexing
for Philippine Road Atlas.

Printing of Topographic/Administrative Maps:

Reproduced/printed the targeted 30 quadrangles.

On intervening activities, NAMRIA undertook special mapping projects

with LGUs and other government agencies to serve their requirements for
specific map products and services. Private entities were also provided various
services through Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). These were as follows:

a) Special Projects:
Large-scale Mapping in Support to Geohazard Mapping
Populated the large scale topographic map database of
83 map sheets covering Mindoro, Bohol, Antique, Negros
Oriental, Agusan del Norte, Zamboanga del Norte,
Bukidnon, Misamis Occidental, Agusan del Sur, Surigao
del Sur and Capiz;
Topographic Databasing and Conversion to GIS ready
data of Metro Manila at scale 1:5,000 data
gathering/conversion and attribute encoding are on-
Hazard Mapping and Assessment for Effective
Community-Based Disaster Risk Management (UNDP
READY Geo-Hazard) Mapping converted thirty nine
(39) hazard maps at scale 1:10,000 for Iloilo, Antique
and Zambales; fifty (50) hazard maps at scale 1:50,000
for Northern and Eastern Samar, Zambales and Antique
including barangay boundary data collection; printed
twenty six (26) preliminary provincial hazard maps for
the provinces of Zambales, Northern and Eastern
Samar; and IEC activity was conducted on the provinces
of Northern Samar and Zambales with participants from
the LGUs, barangay officials, teachers and guest from
various government agencies.
Printing of Manila Map produced and delivered 600
black and white map sheets to the Office of the City
Engineers of Manila and registration, application of
fitting marks of different color separation negatives,
road, text, building, and platemaking for blue/black
color prior to offset printing of colored map were

b) Memorandum Of Agreements implemented:
Ricsons Enterprises evaluated and certified Outline
Map of the Philippines (2009 Revised Edition);
HYDN Publishing evaluated and certified Economic,
Historical, World and Political Map of the Philippines;
National Bookstore Inc. evaluated and certified Street
Map of Metro Manila;
Prostyle Graphix evaluated and certified Political Map
of the Philippines at scale 1:2,000,000;
Mercury Drug Corporation evaluated and certified
Administrative Map of the Philippines;
Meadowland Development Inc. provided digital
topographic map scale 1:50,000 of Malogaya, Quezon,
Real, Baras, Mt. Irid, and Ulalikan Point;
Camsur Watersports Company provided digital
topographic map sheets of the provinces of Naga City,
Mt. Isarog and Caramoan;
Bulacan State University provided digital topographic
map sheet of Malolos City;
British High Commission provided digital map sheet of
Olongapo City;
EGROUP Inc. Philippines provided digital file for some
part of Luzon Road Map;
Porphyrex Pty. Ltd. provided digital topographic map
sheets of Camiling and ODonnel;
Environ Trust provided printed topographic map of
Subic Airport and portion of Morong, Bataan;
Manila North Tollways Corp. (NLEX) provided digital
topographic map of NLEX;
LGU of the province of Camarines Sur provided digital
topographic map 1:50,000 in geotiff format of the
CTI Engineering Intl. provided administrative map of
Region IV-A and Region III in .jpeg format;
Toyo Construction Co. Ltd. provided topographic map
of Olongapo City in .jpeg format; and topographic map
sheet of Malolos City at scale 1:50,000;
National Irrigation Authority (Region III) provided
digital topographic map sheet at scale 1:50,000 of
Malolos City and Angat;
Aloha Hotel provided administrative map of the
Philippines at scale 1:1,700,000;
Naga College Foundation provided regional and
provincial maps covering Region V;
Rock Energy Intl. Corp. provided digital topographic
map at scale 1:50,000 of Bacacay and Rapu-rapu,
E.D. Agagot Surveying Office provided digital
topographic map at scale 1:50,000 of the cities of
Cabanatuan and Tarlac;
Coffey Intl. Devt. Pty. Ltd. provided digitally scanned
and spatially rectified copies of topographic map at scale
1:50,000 covering the provinces of Guimaras, Bohol,
Surigao del Norte, Misamis Oriental, Misamis
Occidental, Bukidnon, and Agusan del Sur;
Asia Halcrow Inc. provided digital topographic map
scale 1:50,000 of Iloilo City and the municipalities of
Perez, Mauban, Atimonan and Lucban in geotiff format;
E.M. Dela Paz Surveying provided digital topographic
map scale 1:50,000 of Mercedes in jpeg format;

CCALS Intl. Inc. provided digital topographic maps
scale 1:50,000 covering some areas of Agusan del Norte
in tiff format;
Aragorm Power and Energy Corp. provided scanned
image of Tabule Radar;
Geonobel Inc. provided digital topographic map scale
1:50,000 of Lope de Vega in tiff and geotiff format;
Tomas Co. Jr. provided print-out of topographic map
scale 1:50,000 of Laguna;
Pili Water District provided digital topographic maps
scale 1:50,000 of Isarog and Naga;
JICA Study Team provided scanned images of
topographic maps scale 1:50,000 covering the cities of
Cebu, Talisay, Carcar, Danao and General Santos; and
twenty (20) updated map sheets scale 1:50,000 under
the JICA Pilot Project;
North Luzon Railways Corp. provided scanned images
of 22 topographic maps scale 1:50,000 covering the
provinces of Bulacan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija,
Pangasinan and La Union;
Seri Philippines provided topographic map scale
1:50,000 of Cebu City;
Maragondon Water District provided vector data in
CAD file format covering municipalities of Maragondon
and Carmona, Cavite at scale 1:50,000;
Asia Pacific Resources Recovery and Development Corp.
provided printed map of Tanay at scale 1:50,000;
David Elizaga of DLSU digital file of San Pablo in jpeg,
tiff and ecw format;
Sagittarius Mines Inc. printed copy of Region XII
Japan Radio Company Ltd. Phils. digital copy of
Philippine Road Map;
Construction Management and Consultancy, Inc.
digital copy of topographic map of Tampolong, Talakad
and Pulong Peaks;
Wenhao Huan Mining Co. digital copy of rectified JICA
Proconsult Engineers, Co. digital copy of topographic
maps of Tumaga, Lipadas and Silway (Mosaic);
UP- National Institute of Geological Sciences (NIGS)
scanned topographic map of Bacuit;
University of the Philippines digital copy of Mount Irid
and Baras in raster format;
HW-ANGS Inc. printed copy of Albay map;
Alternergy Philippine Holdings Corp. vector file of
Pananapan Point & raster data of Sta. Ana;
Local Water Utiulities Administration digital copy of 17
regional maps of the Philippines;
Ms. Rosaly Tabla Administrative map of Catanduanes
in raster data format;
CMC Asia Inc. scanned topographic map of Cleopatra
Needle and Tinitian; and
China National Machinery Industry Corp. scanned
topographic map of Mt. Pinatubo, Angeles City, San
Miguel, Guagua, Malolos City and Angat.

c) Prepared/provided different base maps for the following:

House of Representatives - Administrative Map of 2nd
District of Misamis Oriental;

Office of Global Warming and Climate Change rectified
23 topographic map sheets in geotiff format covering
Diliman, Quezon City, Davao City Dumaguete City,
Tagbilaran City and Cagayan de Oro City;
UP Planades two (2) topographic map sheets (JICA)
1:50,000 in geotiff format covering the municipality of
Bacolor, Pampanga;
Forest Management Bureau topographic map sheet
1:50,000 in geotiff format covering the whole
Philippine National Police Intelligence Group two (2)
topographic maps 1:50,000 in .jpeg format covering Jolo
and Patikul;
Office of Congressman Mark Liandro Mendoza five (5)
copies of provincial map of Batangas;
Office of Congressman Jose G. Solis, Jr. computer
print-out of Regional map, multi-hazard map and
indicative map of areas vulnerable to sea level rise of
Region V;
Office of Usec. Virgilio Leyretaa Sr. 166 topographic
maps scale 1:50,000 in geotiff format covering eight (8)
major river basins in Mindanao;
Office of Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr. printed
provincial maps of Cebu, Lanao del Norte, Palawan,
North and South Cotabato and Iloilo; and administrative
map of Lanao del Norte;
Office of Senator Edgardo Angara computer print-out
of Administrative maps of Luzon, Casiguran, Aurora and
Office of Civil Defense digital copy of topographic map
of Calamba;
Office of Mayor Benito L. Doma topographic map of
Prieto Diaz at scale 1:50,000 in paper and digital raster
Office of Mayor Aldrin Gardiva digital and print-out of
Municipal map of Nueva Era at scale 1:50,000 and
Municipal boundary and Index Map of Nueva Era
Cadastre scale 1:100,000;
Certeza Infosystem topographic maps covering Cluster
6 (Cavite-Batangas) in .ecw and .dwg format;
Land Management Bureau administrative maps
covering the provinces of Lanao del Norte, Palawan,
Cebu and Cebu City;
LGU of Prieto Diaz two (2) copies of topographic map
scale 1:50,000 of Prieto Diaz, Sorsogon;
LGU of San Guillermo, Isabela topographic map sheet
no. 3434-I to IV in shapefile format and geo-referenced
topographic map at scale 1:50,000;
LGU of Nueva Vizcaya digital file of Nueva Vizcaya
(ortho image map);
DPWH Albay five (5) topographic maps scale
1:50,000 in geotiff and ECW format covering 2 nd district
of Albay and digital copy of Nasugbu and Corregidor
Island in raster format;
DENR - Region XI 15 topographic maps scale 1:50,000
covering watershed area in Davao del Norte and
Compostela Valley;
Katahira International 12 sheets of topographic maps
at scale 1:50,000 covering the pilot area of JICA Project;

Foundation for Information Technology Education and
Development Inc. digital copy of administrative map of
the Philippines;
SMEC Phils. Inc. scanned topographic maps of
Kabayan, Atok and Cervantes;
National Irrigation Authority scanned topographic map
of Central Luzon (JICA Project);
NDCC ortho image map of portions of Cainta, Rizal
and Marikina;
BFAR digital file of portion of Albay;
PHIVOLCS digital copy of topographic maps covering
target provinces in READY Project;
PAGASA digital copy of Aurora and Eastern Samar in
vector file; and
Mines and Geosciences Bureau rectified topographic
map of the target provinces of READY Project.

d) Assisted in the following activities:

Preparation of Project Proposals on: a) Geographic
Information Database for the Phils. (GIDP); b)
Topographic Mapping for Peace and Development in
Mindanao Island of the Republic of the Philippines; and
c) Mapping of Strategic Agricultural and Fisheries
Development Zones (SAFDZ); and
Rapid mapping by determining water surface elevation
of Pasig and Marikina Rivers using GPS.

e) On clientele services, the following certifications were issued:

2,820 GCPs descriptions;
259 benchmarks descriptions;
80 GPS receivers were calibrated and registered; and
4,461 GCPs were evaluated.


The development of the national geodetic network through the Philippine

Reference System of 1992 (PRS92) Project continuously provided a
homogeneous geodetic reference for accurate survey and mapping of natural
resources, as well as administrative and cadastral boundaries. The project was
undertaken through the collaboration of the Regional Offices of the DENR.

The following were the accomplishments of PRS92 Project:

Geodetic Network Development: This component

established new and maintained existing geodetic control
points (GCPs) and updated the geodetic database to
expedite the referencing of surveys and maps to PRS92.
Established/observed fifty nine (59) out of the total target of
sixty five (65) Zero Order points; re-observed eleven (11) 1st
Order points; releveled 145.6 km. in Mega Manila; four (4)
clusters of inter-island benchmark connection; and
surveyed/established 37 gravity stations.

PRS92 Data Integration: This activity produced a set of

spatially consistent and precise datasets and developed
procedures, through research, on fundamental data build-
up by integrating all ENR maps in the DENR regional offices
into PRS92. Ninety seven (97) image control points (ICPs)
were established in Pangasinan, Antique and Marinduque
covering a total of 15 map sheets, four (4) scenes of SPOT 5

satellite imageries, GPS network design of ICPs and PCPs
for the remaining target mapsheets and satellite imageries
for Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales were completed.
Installation, training and data input for the Land Survey
Project Information System (LSPIS) was completed. Regional
monitoring and evaluation of the 16 DENR-Land
Management Services (LMS) accomplishments for FY 2008
and assessment of targets for FY 2009 were also completed.
A total of 418 LC maps were processed; replotted 600 and
converted 418 LC lines and corners; evaluated 6 LC and 12
forest boundary lines and corners; transformed into PRS92
LC maps of the provinces of Biliran and Benguet;
conducted three (3) regional trainings on replotting of LC
maps for Regions 3, 9 & NCR; continued encoding PRS92
and other ENR Datasets for the province of Aurora,
Camarines Sur and Bataan; and continued downloading of
ALOS data (62 scenes of AVNIR-2 and 248 scenes of

PRS92 Active Geodetic Network: The project installed

Active Geodetic Stations (AGS) all over the country in
support to the modernization of surveying and mapping in
the Philippines by establishing permanent Global
Positioning System (GPS) base stations. This is by
continuously maintaining and monitoring the six (6)
existing active geodetic stations (AGS); signed
Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for hosting the AGS with
Philippine Navy, Nueva Vizcaya State University (NVSU),
Mindanao State University (MSU), PMMA, Dept. of
Agriculture (Region II), LGUs of Legazpi, Iloilo, Tacloban,
Surigao and Cebu. Continuous follow-up is being
conducted by the PageNET Group on the approval of the
MOA for the remaining six (6) sites; completed construction
for the six (6) AGS in NVSU, Legazpi, Iloilo, Tacloban,
Surigao and General Santos City; and installed GNSS
antenna and receiver and tilt sensor at NVSU, Legazpi,
Tacloban, Surigao and Iloilo stations.

Establishment and Upgrading of Tide Stations: The

operation of tide stations in relation to PRS92 is vital in the
collection of tidal data for use in the processing of tidal
datum. This is needed to obtain continuous sea level
records in the coastal areas in the Philippines. The project
conducted nine (9) reconnaissance survey on the proposed
12 new tide stations; completed construction and
installation of equipment for Catbalogan and El Nido tide
houses; and continuously undertook releveling, retrieval
and processing of datas on PRS92 Tide Stations.


Classification/assessment surveys of the remaining unclassified lands of

the public domain were conducted, as well as determination of land
use/suitability of the countrys forestlands. Provision of services for transfer,
sharing, exchange, packaging and dissemination of natural resource and
environmental information in all regions and provinces of the country were
likewise undertaken by the agency.

For this period, the following were undertaken:

Land Classification: This project included the conduct of

classification survey of unclassified public forests to
facilitate the segregation of alienable and disposable lands
and forestlands of the public domain in support of President
Gloria Arroyos land distribution program. For the year, this
activity conducted research and secondary data in the
provinces of Quezon, Palawan, Laguna, Basilan and
Zamboanga City; surveyed a total of 5,261.56 hectares
covering Caramoan, Camarines Sur and Tagaytay; and
prepared LC maps for the provinces of Camarines Sur and
Tagaytay for presentation to the National Technical
Evaluation Committee (NTEC) of DENR;

Assessment and Mapping of Forestlands: This activity

intend to determine the most equitable, rational and
sustainable use of forestlands and other inalienable lands
of the public domain into various land utilization types.
Completed were secondary data research and acquisition;
thematic mapping and digitization are on-going for the
province of Cebu;

ENR Production Atlas (Thematic Mapping): This involve

research and data gathering to facilitate the production of
thematic maps comprising the provincial atlas for economic
and sustainable development. Accomplished were
compilation and research of secondary data and slope
classification of analogue slope maps; base mapping, data
collection, conversion and map lay-out covering Camarines
Sur are on-going;

ENR Production Atlas (Analytical Mapping): For

Analytical mapping, reclassified land cover data, map
compilation and assessment of existing land cover data are
being undertaken for the province of Camarines Sur.

Intervening activities accomplished under this program include projects

with government and private agencies relating to land survey, evaluation and
assessment, and provision of GIS-produced maps. These were as follows:

Clark Development Corporation (CDC) Prepared and

submitted Final map and report on the boundary survey
of the Leased Property of Dongwang Construction Co.,
Ltd., situated at the Clark Special Economic Zone and
preliminary copies of Land Use map; updated Western
Part of CDC General Land Use data; acquired 2008 and
2009 PRISM and AVNIR2 images; uploaded firm and
contract databases comprising CDCs updated buildings
and survey databases; and updating the satellite data
covering the whole area of Clark Development
Corporation being undertaken;
Philippine Reference System of 1992 (PRS92) Replotted
600 and converted 418 LC lines and corners; processed
418 LC maps; evaluated 6 LC and 12 forest boundary
lines and corners; transformed into PRS92 provincial
control maps of Biliran and Benguet; conducted three
(3) regional trainings on replotting of LC maps for
Regions 3, 9 & NCR; printed provincial control map of
Biliran; plotted and produced individual reference map
of 36 ENR Datasets for Aurora; digital/visual image

interpretation of satellite data for the provinces of Leyte,
Samar, Sorsogon, Albay, Surigao del Sur and Surigao
del Norte; final classification/interpretation of SPOT
satellite images covering portion of Regions 1, 2, 3 and
CAR; visual classification and editing of attributes for
the provinces of Batangas, Oriental Mindoro and
Occidental Mindoro; and on-going downloading of ALOS
data (62 scenes of AVNIR-2 and 248 scenes of PALSAR);
UNDP READY (Geo-Hazard) Mapping Produced 570
hazard maps of Surigao del Norte, Surigao del Sur and
Dinagat province; and reproduced 243 preliminary
hazard maps of Northern Samar and Zambales;
Mapping of Critical Habitat (Mangrove areas)
conducted mapping of remaining critical habitats of
mangrove areas nationwide including drafting of
Presidential Proclamation and technical descriptions
Acted on different LC cases/requests by different
government and private entities;
Conducted assessment/evaluation of area in Naga,
Cebu (House Bill No. 314) of Congressman Gullas;
Surveyed and established GPS control points in support
of evaluation and land classification survey activities
within the remaining unclassified public lands for the
provinces of Cavite, Batangas and Camarines Sur;
Conducted fieldwork for the provinces of Metro Manila,
Isabela, Aurora, Cavite, Lanao del Sur, Lanao del Norte,
Zamboanga City and Nueva Ecija in support of the
project Continuously Operating Reference Station
(CORS) System;
Prepared and submitted comments/position papers in
Senate and Congress on various proposed House Bills
and House Resolutions involving various concerns of
Prepared TDs of unclassified public lands for the
province of North Cotabato;
Conducted mapping of flooded areas in Marikina River
and vicinities of Laguna Lake using PALSAR imageries
taken before and after typhoon Ondoy and in Northern
Luzon as requested by NDCC after typhoon Pepeng;
Conducted monitoring and evaluation activity re
Forestland Boundary Delineation and Assessment in
ten (10) DENR regional offices;
Verified LC status of four (4) small islands in the
province of Leyte; and Lot-463, CAD 257 of Kanjarang,
Pata, Sulu;
Prepared datas/maps as requested by:
a) BFAR in connection with the Sustainable
Management of Coastal Resources in Bicol and
Caraga Regions (SUMACORE) Project;
b) Congressman Jose Solis for Geo-hazard map
covering Bicol Region; and
c) NGO of Albay for Albay Critical Watershed map.
Prepared map of low-lying areas nationwide using
Digital Elevation Model derived from Shuttle Radar
Topography Mission data in connection with House Bill
4320 An Act to Direct the DENR through NAMRIA to
identify low-lying areas of the Philippine Territory
Vulnerable to Rising Sea Levels as a result of Global

Prepared Project Proposal re Mapping and Assessment
of Low-Lying Areas Vulnerable to Risks associated with
Sea Level Rise Due to Climate Change;
Digitized nautical charts of Tablas Island re
Assessment of Physical Environment Using Satellite
Database in the province of Romblon Tablas Island;
Edge-matched of analogue and digital slope maps of the
provinces in Regions 1, 3, 4-A & B, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 and


NAMRIA continued the development and maintenance of information

systems, management of databases, conduct of geomatics training activities,
and provision of other geographic information services to government agencies,
business sector, non-governmental organizations, academe and private

The following were the accomplishments of the project:

Information Systems Development and

Maintenance: This project intends to provide a spatial
framework that will support integrated surveying and
mapping activities of the country compliant with PRS92
standards, and technical support in the establishment of a
geographic information infrastructure for the effective and
efficient storage and dissemination of information. The
project developed and maintained Geodetic Network
Information System (GNIS), Land Survey Data Management
System (LSDMS) and PRS92 Website; and web-based
systems for NAMRIA Acknowledgement Receipt for
Equipment Monitoring System (AREMS), Daily Journal
Information Systems (DJIS) and Web-based Document
Tracking Information System (WebDocTrack).

Database Management: This activity developed metadata,

populate land-related database of the Presidents priority
areas, integrate digital spatial data seamlessly, develop a
web browser for topographic map and conducted inventory
on GIS capability and GI projects/activities and data
holdings. It populated 500 metadata records covering
Regions 9 to 13 of scanned georeferenced topographic maps
at scale 1:50,000; prepared map layouts of the
municipalities of Palawan for the small islands containing
the digital topographic maps at scale 1:50,000 and nautical
charts for verification. A two-week consultative mission was
conducted by AusAID to assess possible implementation of
spatial data infrastructure (SDI) for natural hazard risk
analysis; revised/updated and generated the databases of
LGU for 2001-2003 and 2007-2008 to include an E-R
diagram for easy printing of the information/data; and
fifteen (15) LGU databases on the Stages of GIS
Development for cities, provinces and municipalities were
also generated.

Geographic Information Services (Component I): This

project involved the provision of data/inquiry services and
other activities that aimed at providing enhanced services
to customers and preserve archival materials. Distributed

201 information materials and conducted 36 trainings on:
(a) Introduction to GIS; (b) Advanced GIS; (c) GPS data
processing and evaluation; and (d) LAN and
Troubleshooting; updated archival databases and
maintained 2 information and training centers; conducted
two (2) information campaign, five (5) orientation campaign
on company products and services, enhanced Baguio and
Nueva Ecija MSO facilities, updated SRR-SIS Database and
prepared 2008 Sales and Analysis Report.

Geographic Information Services (Component II): This

activity involved information packaging and community
relations in coordination with other agency departments,
inform the general public about the NAMRIAs mandates,
projects and the importance of its services and products in
support of the national development program. It was able to
publish the 2008 NAMRIA Annual Report, Infomapper with
the theme Climate Change, GIS Link, PRS92 Newsletter,
NAMRIA 6-Fold Brochure, Primer and Posters on Vertical
Control Network and PageNET and 24 news articles on
Newscoop; produced an Audio-Visual Presentation (AVP) on
NAMRIA Profile, set-up photo/map exhibits and prepared
photo and video documentation for various NAMRIA
projects and events/activities; published press and photo
releases on Signing of MOU on PRS92-AGN Project and
NAMRIAs post-Ondoy mapping activities and conducted
IEC and regional monitoring on PRS92 and Adopt-a-Mojon
Program at DENR-Regions II, IVA, IVB, XII and ARMM.

On Special projects/intervening activities under this program, database

build-up and management were undertaken and information systems were
developed. Likewise, IEC activities were conducted on major programs of
government. The following were accomplished under this program:

a) GMA Network Digitization-Phase 4 Project: Generated thirty

(30) topographic map sheets at scale 1:50,000 in digital
vector data covering portions of the provinces of Isabela,
Kalinga, Ilocos Sur, Ifugao, Mountain Province, Bataan,
Camatines Sur, Sorsogon, Guimaras, Antique, Iloilo, Davao
del Sur, Davao Oriental and Compostela Valley and
provided technical assistance on the actual applications of
b) Hazard Mapping and Assessment for Effective Community-
Based Disaster Risk Management (READY Project): Printed
and submitted preliminary provincial hazard maps of
Laguna for final comments of READY concerned agencies,
preliminary hazard maps of the province of Northern
Samar; submitted final hazard maps by municipality
covering the provinces of Leyte and Southern Leyte;
finalized map layouts of hazard maps of the provinces of
Cavite and Laguna, barangay boundaries of the province of
Pampanga; barangay data collection in the province of
Antique; and IEC activity was conducted on the provinces
of Northern Samar and Zambales with participants from the
LGUs, barangay officials, teachers and guest from various
government agencies.
c) Philippine Extended Continental Shelf (ECS) Project:
Continued assistance on the maintenance of ECS
Application Systems and FTP Site, collection and packaging
of submission reports; completed final revisions on maps
and charts of Benham Rise; plotted the maps of Vietnam-

Malaysia and Palaus ECS Submission for reference; and
finalized map layouts/figures for Chapters 2 to 5 containing
the Foot of Slope points, continental margin, outer limits
and limit lines for Kalayaan Island Group Reed Bank
region for KIG-Reed Bank report preparation;
d) Forestry Information System Phase 2 Project: Conducted
training on Advanced GIS to technical personnel from
Forest Management Bureau (FMB); system design
documents and final report were turned over to FMB;
e) Support Activities for the Implementation of PRS92:
Conducted Users Training of ENR Metadatabase Browser
and Introduction to LSPIS and monitored the ENR to all
DENR regional offices; drafted guidelines for the protection
of PRS92 mojons; conducted research and gathered data at
the offices of National Historical Institute, National Archive
and National Library for the proclamation of Balanacan as
historical site; and monitored the ENR Metadata browser
and LSPIS accomplishment of Regions 4A, 4B and NCR;
f) Production of Thematic Layers for the Touch-Screen
Interactive Map Application: Produced forty-five (45)
thematic map layouts (climate type, forest cover, land
classification, earthquake triggered by landslide, ground
rupture, ground shaking, liquefaction, storm surge and
tsunami) for the provinces of Aurora, Bohol, Surigao del
Norte, Surigao del Sur and Dinagat Islands; and
g) NAMRIA Gender and Development (GAD): Prepared
Womens Month 2009 Calendar of Activities; coordinated
various GAD activities; conceptualized/designed GAD flyers
and 7 GAD posters.

C. Locally-Funded Project

The Philippine Extended Continental Shelf (ECS) Project: The

claim for ECS entitlement at Benham Rise area was submitted to the
United Nations Commission for Extended Continental Shelf (UNCECS) on
April 2009. It was presented to the Commission en banc, in August 2009 by
the Philippine Country Team on the Philippine ECS Submission. The
presentation was praised by members of the commission. On the other
hand, the 1st draft of Report for the KIG-Reedbank area was prepared. At the
same time, seismic data processing was also undertaken. Series of review
and consultation workshops were conducted to further improve the draft. In
addition, the project co-sponsored the East Asia Seas (EAS) Congress
Workshop on Continental Shelf Submission Post May 2009 by providing
for secretariat support in the workshop.

D. Gender and Development (GAD)

NAMRIA in partnership with the DENR and other concerned

institutions conducted and participated in various GAD programs/activities
to heighten the awareness and understanding of the employees on GAD
concepts and agenda on the protection of children and enhancing the role of
women in the various endeavors of the agency. The GAD programs/activities
were the following:

Conducted three (3) in-house trainings/seminars and

workshops on Gender Sensitivity Training (GST); and
Continued to serve the needs of 27 regular wards the
children and dependents especially of the rank-and-file

E. Special Events

The NAMRIA likewise participated in various special events as


Womens Month 2009 Nationwide Kickoff at World Trade

Center, Pasay City;
10th Annual Fun Run Takbo Para sa Kalikasan 2009 at
Quirino Grandstand grounds;
5th ECO Products International Fair (EPIF) 2009 at SMX
Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay City;
PINAY in Action 2009 at Mall of Asia Promenade, Pasay City;
River Clean-up at Prenza Dam Site, (Marilao River) Bulacan;
Tour of the Fireflies 2009 AT Tiendesitas, Pasig City;
Philippines Earth Day 2009 Celebration at SM Mall of Asia,
Pasay City;
Commemoration of National Flag Day FY 2009 at Quezon
City Hall;
Earth Run 2009 at Fort Bonifacio Grounds, Global City;
24th International Clean-up 2009 at San Dionisio, Paraaque
City; and
UN-led Stand United, Fight Poverty (SUFP) Campaign and
Observance of the National Week for Overcoming Extreme
Poverty at CCP Complex, Paraaque City.

National Mapping and Resource Information Authority
Accomplishment Report
As of 31 December 2009
Program: Water, Coastal and Land Surveys
Department: Hydrography

1. Hydrographic Survey 100 79.96 -20.04

1.1 Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) Sht. Nos. 4 (West Coast of N. 58,743.54 sq. km. Benham Rise = 14,387;
Luzon; & 7 (East of Quezon) Archipelagic area = 44,356.54 sq. km.
60,000 sq. km.
1.2 Ports and Harbors 3 sites (Sn Isidro, N. Samar; 4 San Isidro & Catbalogan, Samar;
Liloan, S. Leyte; and Iloilo City & Iloilo Strait.
Villanueva, Osamis Oriental)

1.3 Sealanes 4,000 sq. km. (Portion of Sea- 4,000 sq. km.
lanes at Sulu Sea)

1.4 Extended Continental Shelf 10,000 sq. km. (KIG) - Awaiting clearance from DFA.

1.5 Operation of Magnetic Obs. and 1 operational observatory 12 mos. record

Magnetic Obns. of Repeat Stas. 11 repeat stations re-surveyed 11 stas.

1.6 Operation and Maintenance of 2 vessels (BRP Presbitero Continuing activity.

Survey Vessels & Support Vehicles and Ventura); 2 rubber boats; Completed dry-docking of two (2)
2 motor launches; 4 skiffs; survey vessels.
(Cdr. Virgilio Antonio) 15 vehicles; 1 motorcycle

2. Nautical Charting 100 79.42 -20.58

2.1 Standardization/Updating and 4 new ports & harbor charts 4 survey data processing completed.
Compilation of Nautical Charts 1 new approach chart
3 updated approach charts 3 Mla.-Cav.; Btgs. Bay; Cebu Harbor
6 digitized coastal charts 5 1543; 1536; 1549; 1519; 1548
2 new compiled coastal charts 2 1555; 1554
4 new updated general sailing 3 4705; 4707; 4708
1 EEZ updated chart 1 4723
2 new EEZ compiled charts 1 4723A

Page 1 of 2
National Mapping and Resource Information Authority
Accomplishment Report
As of 31 December 2009
2.2 Compilation and Updating of 3 updated harbor ENCs 3 Manila, Batangas & Cebu.
ENC charts 4 updated approach ENCs 3 Mla. to Cavite, Btgs. Bay & Cebu Harbor
3 new harbor ENCs - Priority next year.

2.3 Reproduction of Nautical Charts 12 printed charts 10

and TCTs 2000 books of 2010 TCTs 2010 TCTs
6000 manually corrected charts 6000 charts

(Cdr. Jacinto Cablayan)

3. Maritime Publication 100 88.52 -11.48

3.1 Prep. & Publication of Notices 12 editions of NTMs 12th edition
to Mariners

3.2 Revision of Philippine Coast First Volume (14 chapters) 1st Vol. PCPB
Pilot Book

3.3 Updating of List of Lights (LOL) 2010 edition 2010 Edition of LOL Reproduction on 2010.

(Cdr. Herbert Catapang)

4. Oceanographic Survey 100 100 0.00

4.1 Maintenance of Tide Observatory 22 stations 22 stas.
and Data Processing 62 retrievals 62 retrievals
264 tidal measurements 264 tidal datasets
4.2 Maintenance & Operation of 1 NODC 1 NODC
Nat'l. Oceanographic Data Center

4.3 Analysis, processing & Predictions 292 pages of 2010 TCTs 292 pages
of year 2009 Tide & Currents

(Mr. Raul Capistrano)

TOTAL 42,123.00 37,343.00 88.65 100 86.98 -13.02

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National Mapping and Resource Information Authority
Accomplishment Report
As of 31 December 2009
Program: Mapping and Remote Sensing
Department: Remote Sensing and Resource Data Analysis
1. Land Classification 100 80.58 -19.42

6,400 has. (3,400 Tagaytay; 5,261.56 has. Caramoan, Cam. Sur = 3,910 has.
3,000 Camarines Sur) Tagaytay = 1,351.56 has.
Final LC mapping of UPF areas 3 LC map Caramoan, Cam. Sur & Tagaytay
(Mr. Jesus Gerardo)
(Ms. Olivia Molina)
2. Assessment and Mapping of 100 89.00 -11.00
140,989 hectares (Cebu) Thematic mapping & digitization
(Mr. Oscar Braganza)
(Mr. Jesus Gerardo)
3. ENR Atlas Production 100 87.00 -13.00
(Thematic Mapping)
Camarines Sur Base mapping, data collection,
conversion & map lay-out on-going.
(Ms. Violeta Quiliza)
(Ms. Rijaldia Santos)
4. ENR Atlas Production 100 68.50 -31.50
(Analytical Mapping)
Camarines Sur Map compilation & assessment of
Existing Land Cover Data on-going.

(Ms. Alma Arquero)

TOTAL 6,881.00 4,159.00 60.44 100 81.27 -18.73

Page 1 of 1
National Mapping and Resource Information Authority
Accomplishment Report
Program: Mapping, Geodesy and Remote Sensing As of 31 December 2009
Department: Mapping and Geodesy

1. Large-scale Base Mapping 100 93.36 -6.64

1.1 Conduct of Aerial Photography, 300,000 hectares (Lucena Kalibo area completed covering
& Legaspi/Bicol River Basin) 100,000 hectares.

1.2 Large Scale Carto Enhancement 27 mapsheets (Bulacan 21; 27

Manila 6)

1.3 Stereo Compilation 31 (Bulacan 22; Boracay 9) 31

1.4 Orthophoto Mapping 60 mapsheets

1.5 Satellite Image Acquisition and 40 mapsheets 40 scenes acquired; 19 processed.

Orthoimage Mapping
(Ms. Ofelia Castro)

2. Medium-scale Base Mapping 100 65.66 -34.34

2.1 Conversion 162 mapsheets 72

2.2 Topographic map updating 40 mapsheets 14 Data procurement, GPS survey,

map compilation, field verification
and cartographic enhacement on-
(Mr. Joaquin Borja)

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National Mapping and Resource Information Authority
Accomplishment Report
As of 31 December 2009
Program: Information Management and Statistical Services
Department: Information Management
1. Information Systems Development 100 100 0.00
and Maintenance
2 application systems 2
3 web-based systems 3

(Mr. Sunday Lingad)

2. Database Development and Maintenance 100 90 -10.00

500 metadata records 500
1 database (Phil. Islands) 1
1,462 LGUs inventory/survey 1,722 records

(Mr. Benjamin Balais)

3. Geographic Information Service (Component 1) 100 97.25 -2.75

2 Centers 2
1 data browser 1
22 training sessions (2-6 regular; 36 (16 reg.; 12 PRS92;
10-12 PRS92; 2-4 MOAs) 8 MOAs)
100-200 edited 1944-1982 275 scanned aerial
scanned aerial photos photos
2 information drive activities 2
2 enhanced MSO 2
(Baguio & N. Ecija)
(Ms. Febrina Damaso) 1 updated MSO Profile 1

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National Mapping and Resource Information Authority
Accomplishment Report
As of 31 December 2009

4. Geographic Information Service (Component 2) 100 100 0.00

2008 Annual Report 2008 Annual Report
1 Infomapper Infomapper
1 GIS Link GIS Link
4 PRS92 Newsletter 4 PRS92 Newsletter
12 Newscoops 24
NAMRIA 6-Fold Brochure 6-Fold Brochure
3 Primers (Vertical Network; 3 Primers
NSDI; and AGN)
3 Posters (Vertical Network; 3 Posters
NSDI; and AGN)
2 Press Releases 3
4 Information Campaigns 4
(Ms. Nancy de Jesus)

TOTAL 2,948.00 1,832.00 62.14 100 96.81 -3.19

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