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S.BALAMURUGAN 4, Valan Illam, Vaigai Nagar, Muduchur road,
Tambaram West,
Mobile no: 09840730597

To take up a challenging career in mechanical field, in a reputed
concern like yours, where I can be a key team member an important contribution to the
financial health and strategy of the company.

Working Experience: (10+ years)

Presently working with Shriram SEPL Composites Pvt Ltd GRE/GRP PIPE &
Installation since June 07. Shriram SEPL Composites Pvt Ltd is a group of Shriram
EPC Ltd (JV with Strategic Engineering Pvt Ltd), This Company is one of the leading
player in the non metallic pipe and Tank manufacturing industries in India. It provides a
wide range of high performance, anti corrosion fiberglass and thermoplastic Pipe system
solution for various application including the oil and gas, Petrochemicals, Power Generation,
Desalination, Municipal and Civil Industries. Shriram SEPL has set the industry standard by
providing the largest portfolio of products ranging from 25mm up to 4000 mm in diameter
and with pressure up to 5000PSI using a variety of glass fiber reinforcement.

Installation Engineer: (Duration From 2007 to Till)

Projects Handled:

1. Project : 2x135MW Thermal Power Plant Project Nellore. AP

Client : M/s. Madhucon Projects ltd.
Product Range: 300mm to 900mm Diameter Pipe 10.4Km,
Pressure class PN6 & PN3, Stiffness Class -124Kpa
Application: Cooling water makeup line, ACW line, Raw water line

2. Project : 2x520MW Thermal Power Plant Project, Vizag. AP

Client : M/s. Hinduja National Power Corporation ltd.
Product Range: 3600mm Diameter Pipe 3.2km, 500mm Diameter Pipe 16.1km.
Pressure class PN6, Stiffness Class -124Kpa
Application: Sea water Intake & outfall - Cooling water piping
3. Project : 375 CCPP, Dhuvaran, Gujarat.
Client : M/s. L&T ltd.
Product Range: 15mm to 2300mm Diameter Pipe 2.3km
Pressure class PN10, Stiffness Class -248Kpa
Joint: Bell & Spigot with O-Ring, Butt & Wrap lamination Joint
Application: CW, ACW, Makeup water line, Blow down line, CLO2 Piping

4. Project : 2x300MW Thermal Power Plant Project, Nellore. AP

Client : M/s. EDAC Engineering ltd.
Product Range: 300mm to 2800mm Diameter Pipe 9.5km
Pressure class PN6, Stiffness Class -124Kpa
Joint: Bell & Spigot with O-Ring, Butt & Wrap lamination Joint
Application: Sea water Intake, Outfall, CW, ACW, Makeup water line.

5. Project : 2x800MW Thermal Power Plant Project, Krishnapatnam, AP

Client : M/s. Tata Project ltd.
Product Range: 350mm to 800mm Diameter Pipe 1.3km
Pressure class PN10, Stiffness Class -248Kpa
Joint: Bell & Spigot with O-Ring, Butt & Wrap lamination Joint
Application: Sea water Intake, Outfall, CW, ACW, Makeup water line.

6. Project : 100 MLD Sea Water Desalination Plant, Chennai.

Client : M/s. IVRCL Infrastructure & Projects ltd.
Product Range: 900mm to 1600mm Diameter Pipe 2.0km
Pressure class PN10, Stiffness Class -248Kpa
Joint: Bell & Spigot with O-Ring, Butt & Wrap lamination Joint
Application: Sea water Intake, Brine Reject line to sea Outfall, Sludge overflow
Line, Clarifier basin.
7. Project : Flue Gas Desulphurization system at 2 X 250 MW TPP, Dahanu .
Client : M/s. Reliance Energy ltd.
Product Range: 50mm to 1800mm Diameter Pipe 3.0km
Pressure class PN10, Stiffness Class -248Kpa
Joint: Coupler with Reka-Ring, Butt & Wrap lamination Joint
Application: Sea water Intake, Sea water Return line, Oxidation basin.
8. Project : Sewage Water Project for Kolkata Municipal Corporation, Kolkata
Client : M/s. Michel Bau
Product Range: Various sizes for Egg Shape & Horse Shoe Pipe 4.0km
Application : Sewage line (Adhesive Joint)
(Capacity from 3.0MTPA To5.0MTPA)
Product Range: 25mm to 750mm Diameter GRE/GRP Pipe 1.0km
Pressure class PN16 & PN10
Joint: Butt & Wrap lamination Joint
Application : Sea Water, Fresh Water, Potable water & Open Drain.

Work Responsibility:
To study Isometric drawing or Piping Layout Drawing for Laying the GRE/GRP
Pipe & fittings.
Plan, Supervise and assign task to supervisor & Laminator in an effective manner.
Control and monitor the daily job order and site report.
Lead the team to deliver on time and according to applicable international
Co-ordination with customer for installation plan.
Monitoring the Trenching, Bedding, Pipe Laying, Backfilling.
Check the compaction of bedding material.
Check the alignment of Pipe line.
Ensure the Pipe Laying as per Field QAP and work instruction.
Ensure the Pipe Joint with Proper sealing (Bell & Spigot ,Butt &Wrap, Flange
Joint U/G and A/G Pipe)
Supervising and Checking the Pipe Line Level by surveyor.
Supervising and checking the Cover depth of the pipe.
Monitoring & Checking the pipe deflection after backfilling.
Monitoring the Pre-Fabrication like spool and Miter bends.
Conducting the Joint Hydro test for all Pipes as per QAP.
Conducting the Field Hydro test for entire pipeline as per QAP.
Supervise the construction of thrust block, concrete encasement where ever
required like Bends, Tee &Road crossing etc.
Arrange the de-watering if its necessary.
Installed Equipment & Instrument like Pump, flow meter, valve etc, with proper
The Above ground pipe installed by Butt & Wrap lamination joint and flange joint.
Follow up the Butt & wrap lamination procedure.
Check and supervise the lamination joint with proper sequence.
Check the barcol hardness at laminated area.
Arranged and Ensure Proper support like saddle support, hanger support, anchor
support etc for above ground pipe.
Prepare the Pipe laid Report and Hydrotest Report.
Organized Raw material, tools and toggles etc
Raw material planning for lamination joint, pre fabrication of spool and miter bend
Ensure laminator bonder qualification certificate.
Knowledge in AWWA M45, AWWA C-950, ASTM, and BS 5480 etc.
Follow up and ensure the safety procedure.
Follow up and ensure the material handling & storage procedure.

Engineer -Technical service: (Duration From 2006 to 2007)

Work Responsibility:
Checking of Isometric Drawing, P&ID and Longitudinal Section Drawing.
Preparation of BOM from Plot Plan, Isometric Drawing, P&ID and others.
Involving Cost Estimation of G.R.P Pipes, Fittings & Tanks
Establishes the design input parameters.
Prepares and reviews the Material Requisitions for ancillary items.
Follows up projects and customers
Involved in Pipe Design as per Standards.
Preparation of Quality Assurance Plan (QAP).
Checking of Products Drawings (Pipe, Miter Bend, Reducer, and Tee & Tank).
Preparation of Construction Drawings of Tank and miter bend for Production.
Preparation of Non circular Pipe profile Drawing (Egg Shape & Horse shoe) for
Sewage Water Project.
Complete knowledge of filament winding and hand layup techniques.
Designing layers of GRE/GRP products
Review and maintaining the all Engineering Documents.
Coordinate with marketing for Enquiry from customer.
Accompanies the Sales and Marketing Manager to technical meetings/presentations.
Communicates the customer requirements related to project progress throughout the
organization to ensure products are delivered as per customer requirements.
Co-ordinate with Installation Team for Trenching, Routing, Backfilling & Bends
Raw material Norms Calculation.
Handled in Material planning & procurement for new projects.
Raw material testing as per IS 6746, 11551, 11273 & IS 11320 Standard.
Pipe testing like Hoop tensile, Axial tensile, Stiffness, Hardness test & Hydrostatic
test, as per AWWA C-950 & BS 5480 Standard.

Past Working Experience: (1 year 10 Months)

Quality Engineer at Eagle Industrial Products, Chennai-50 from
August 2004 to June 2006.
Work Responsibility:
Conducting stage wise inspection.
SPC- Statistical Process Control- Short term studies and long term studies like Cpk
and Ppk with the use X-bar r chart for Cpk study. And histogram for Ppk studies.
Handling of SPC for customer specific requirements.
Preparation and maintaining the ISO documents
Problem solving technique using statistical tools.
Clarify and checking the components at sub contractor end.
Preparation of Quotation for new order.
Preparation and maintaining Stock statement reports.
Professional Skill Set:
Knowledge about standards such as AWWA, BS, IS, ASTM
used in Composite Piping.
Knowledge in ISO 9001-2008
Academic Profile:
1999.2003 B.E (Mechanical) from Madurai Kamraj University,
- First Class with 73.10 %

1997.1999 H.S.C State Board of Tamil Nadu,

- First Class with 75.83%

1996-1997 S.S.L.C State Board of Tamil Nadu,

- First Class with 74.20%

Professional Project:
TITLE : Design & Fabrication of Hydraulic Pusher.
CLIENT : ELGI Equipments limited, Coimbatore.
Duration : 1.5 Months
Team Size : Four
This project used to mount the pulley on the crank shaft in reciprocating Compressor.
The aim of this project is to reduce the workers fatigue and time for the assembly of the
pulley on the shaft.
Training Program:
10 Days In-Plant Training in TAFE, Sembium at Chennai.
ITS Exposure:
Programming languages : C
Operating System : Windows 2000
Design Package : AUTOCAD 2000, PRO-E 2001, and
Microstation V7.1.
Extra Curricular Activities:
NSS Volunteer,
Participate in Cultural activities.
Personal Skills:
Resourceful, analytical and detail-driven individual with capabilities in completing multiple
projects with competing deadlines.
Aggressive in identifying and resolving inefficient operational processes.

Clear communicator, both oral and written.

Interpersonal skills interface effectively with co-workers, management and customers.

Personal Details
Fathers Name : Mr.P.Subramanian
Date of Birth : 21-04-82
Sex : Male
Marital Status : Married
Nationality : Indian
Languages Known : Tamil, English
Passport No : G7006436
Date of Expiry : 21/02/2018
Permanent Address : 486/337, Mariamman Kovil Street,
Virudhunagar District,
Tamilnadu, India.

Hobbies: Reading books, Playing Cricket, Drawing.