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CDC 2017 Immunization Schedule


Hepatitis B is the ONLY vaccine given at Birth

B for Birth and for hep B

Hepatitis A is given 2 times

Hepatitis B is given 3 times

Hepatitis A is given twice during the span of one year

- Specifically between 1yr and 2 yrs of age
- The doses must be at least 6 months apart

Hepatitis B is given thrice at 0, 2, 6 (months)

Say this out loud to yourself:
Just like Hepatitis Bee is given in Three, So is H.P.Vee

HPV can be given to teenage girls between 11 yrs 26 yrs of age

- The way its given is similar to HBV (no surprise there)

- HBV is given at 0, 2, and 6 (0 being birth)
- HPV is also given at 0, 2, and 6
However, take 0 to being the time of the first dose (11-26yrs old)
If I gave my daughter her HPV vaccine on her sweet 16, I would wait two
months to give her the second dose, and thereafter wait another four
months to give her the third dose
Example: 16yrs; 16yrs and 2months; 16yrs and 6 months old

Meningitis vaccine is given to Middle schoolers and High schoolers

MCV4 is given to 11 yr olds and 16 yr olds

MMR and Varicella always go hand in hand (They are both live vaccines too). MMRV is
a vaccine that you give in one shot and it includes both MMR and Varicella

MMR and Varicella are given at 1yrs of age and at 4yrs of age
*Dont need to memorize this (continue reading this document)
Remember Vaccination schedule dates in this format:




18 DTap


In case you missed it

18 mo = DTap


Did you know that Gryffindor is the only house to have

collected points past bedtime? Legend has it that it was
because one night, at precisely 2:46 am, Harry Potter
Ran Into Dumbledore. 246 points to Gryffindor!

2mo 4mo 6mo: HPRID

Hib Pcv13 Rotavirus Ipv DTap

(If you think Harry Potter is childish: I Hate Doing Per Rectals at 2:46 am)
Now let me tell you something JK Rowling told me once during a
recent Press Conference. She said that originally she had intended
Harry Potter to murder Voldemort in his very first year at Hogwarts.
Can you believe that! Finishing the entire Harry Potter series within
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Harry Potter Murdered Voldemort in his

FIRST year at Hogwarts

1yr old: HPMV

Hib Pcv13 Mmr Varicella

Are you still following? Because

My Doctor Is Very Fourgetful

4 yrs: MDIV

Mmr DTap Ipv Varicella

And finally,

Elephants Have Muscular Trunks

Eleven yrs: HMT

Hpv Mcv4 Tdap

Watch out, H is for HPV here, not Hib. Remember that Hib is a vaccination for infants while
HPV is for teenagers

Watch out, M is for MCV4 here, not MMR. If theres no Varicella, then its not Mmr,
remember that those two go together

The next page should make some sense now

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Birth HBV
2:46 am, Harry Potter Ran Into Dumbledore

2 Pcv13
4 Ipv
6 DTap

(Dont forget HBV at 0,2,6)

Harry Potter Murdered Voldemort in his First year

12 Mmr

18 DTap
My Doctor Is Very Fourgetful

4y DTap

Elephants Have Muscular Trunks

11y HPV (*not Hib)
Mcv4 (*not Mmr)

1) A mother brought her healthy 14 months old child, Thierry, to your clinic.
What vaccinations will you give him? 14mo is close to 12 mo
Hib, PCV13, MMR, Varicella
(Harry Potter murdered Voldemort in his first year)
* You may also give the first dose of Hep A vaccine *

2) Jill brought her twelve year old daughter for a routine check-up. What
vaccinations are appropriate for her age?
HPV, MCV4, Tdap
(Elephants have muscular trunks) 12 is around 11 yrs old
When should she return for the next HPV and MCV4 doses?
HPV: after 2 months and 6 months from todays date
MCV4: when she is 16 yrs old

3) What is the only vaccine you need to give at Birth? At 18 months?

Birth: HBV
18 months: DTap

4) How many times and when should you give DTap?

DTap is given 5 times: [2,4,6] [18] [4yrs]
Followed by a 6th booster dose: Tdap at [11yrs]

5) When and how many times should you give the Hepatitis A Vaccine?
It should be given TWICE, between 1 and 2 yrs of age
Both doses should be given at least 6 months apart
Live vaccines are delayed by at least 3 months from date of last
Immmunoglobulin (Ig) administration for whatever reason. The
Ig will kill off the live vaccine particles really fast, before
adequate immunity can develop

(inactive) Intramuscular Influenza vaccine is given ANNUALLY,

starting from 6 MONTHS of age and onwards
(live) Intranasal Influenza vaccine can only be given to healthy,
immunocompetent, non-pregnant individuals of at least 2 yrs of

MMR does NOT cause Autism or IBD (for Gods sake). What MMR
may cause is Febrile Seizures (rare)

MMR and Varicella vaccines (both are live) are NOT given until
the child is AT LEAST One year old

Either give the live vaccines on the same day, or wait AT LEAST
one month before administering the next live vaccine
o You can give MMR and Varicella on the same day
o But, if you gave MMR and forgot to give Varicella, then wait
at least one month before administering the varicella
Rotavirus can cause Intussusception (rare) within a few weeks of
administration. However, vaccine benefits far outweigh the risks

If you have an Egg Allergy, the only thing that should worry you is
that you cant enjoy Omelette du fromage like the rest of us
o MMR is absolutely safe in case of egg allergy
o Mild egg allergy Influenza vaccine can be given, you just
have to stay at the clinic for 15 minutes extra (just in case)
o Severe egg allergy (anything other than hives) Influenza
vaccine should be given as either inpatient or as outpatient
but under proper medical provider supervision (all eyes on

Yahya Firoze
Source: CDC Website 2017 & Kaplan CK 2017
Credit to my good friend Hassan Rahmatullah and J.K.Rowling*
I have never met JK Rowling and all my statements regarding her book are pure, undeniable falsehood**