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Master of Science in Power Engineering (MSPE)

Letter of Reference
A) To be completed by the applicant
Please fill in your name and the current date, sign the form, and give it to a professor or other person who is well acquainted
with your academic work. Ask your referee to mail the completed form back to you in a sealed envelope. Send the envelope to
Technische Universitt Mnchen together with the rest of your application documents.

Applicants last name, first name


Applicants signature Date (day/month/year)

B) To be completed by the referee

The above-mentioned person (applicant) is going to apply for admission to the Master of Science Programme in Power Engi-
neering (MSPE) at Technische Universitt Mnchen, Germany.
We would appreciate your personal impressions of the applicants motivation, intellectual ability, aptitude in research or profes-
sional skill, and his or her ability to conduct advanced study and research. Please comment on the applicants character and
his or her capacity to adapt to a foreign culture as well. Mail the form back to the applicant in a sealed envelope, please. Make
sure that all pages bear your signature and seal. Otherwise, we cannot accept the reference letter.
Thank you for your time and effort to complete this form. If you have any questions please contact us at

Referees last name, first name


Institution / University, Location




1. Among approximately 145 students you have known in comparable fields, how would you rank the applicant?

Exceptional Outstanding Very good Good Average Below average

(top 3%) (top 10%) (top 20%) (top 33%) (top 50%) (bottom 50%)

2. How long and in what capacity have you known the applicant?
Mr. Govardhana Reddy has been under my guidance for Four Years of his graduate program. He is capable of
understanding and analyzing the critical aspects of subjects with great ease, which is a rare trait that holds him
in good stead in all his academic endeavors. He has an excellent ken of mathematics, which he applies
efficiently in problem solving. His confidence, talent, maturity, interest, and keeping abreast with the current
developments in the field make him a promising research worker.

Referees signature and seal Date (day/month/year)
3. Your letter of reference for the applicant
I am delighted to issue this recommendation in favor of Mr. Govardhana Reddy for admission into the
postgraduate program at your renowned University. As a HEAD OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS
ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT, he has been under my guidance him since 2010 from where I had seen an
active & disciplined student of mine. I have closely observed his progress in the class room when I taught him
the subjects Electrical Machines I, Control Systems and Advanced Control Systems. My interaction with him
during these courses had given me abundant scope to assess him academic and personal capabilities.

A sedulous student with high level of academic commitment Mr. Govardhana Reddy has sound knowledge of
fundamentals and enthusiasm to acquire knowledge. Outstanding leadership qualities, high initiative and strong
academic background are few of his assets. His amiable and cheerful disposition makes him easily
approachable. He is perspicacious in widening the horizon of his knowledge by close interaction with faculty and
active involvement in various extra-curricular activities.

His ability to organize time efficiently and meticulous preparation will be an asset to any research team he joins.
His oratory skills are praiseworthy. He has always been industrious and attentive. I am confident that his
sincerity added to his perseverance and good potential for research would enable him to make rapid strives in
his career and accustom him to any situation.

Taking into account his overall performance, he secured the 2nd rank among the 145 students of his batch of
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Course. I there by consider him to be efficient of pursuing his Masters
program in your university. Hope you would endorse his induction with suitable fiscal assistance.

Referees signature and seal Date (day/month/year)
You can also use your own sheet of paper for your letter of reference. Please make sure that all pages bear your signature and seal and

that all fields of Part B on the first page of this document are filled in. Otherwise, we cannot accept the letter of reference.