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Human and Cultural Development via the Arts

1. Creative expression is the driving force of human civilization.

Example: Basic human inventions like tools are result of creativity.

The arts are known to affect human development, both of the artist and the

2. The arts help us Caribbean people to understand ourselves and our place in
the world. They have helped to share our Caribbean identity and sense of

3. For Caribbean artist, art is an attempt to try to establish the validity of their
own experiences of the environmental context of their country. So the
individual artist finds voice and flow in expressing his or her creative

4. The audiences see their own reality in the arts.

Derek Walcott, for example, embraces his European heritage but weds it to
the Caribbean reality.

5. For the audience, the arts give a feeling of collective belonging and shared
The arts confirm a sense of identity and the place of the individual ion that

6. The arts can also provide models for those who are seeking an outlet for
creative expression.
Roles and Functions of the Mass Media in Development.

Mass media is any mean of communication, as television or newspapers that reach

very large numbers of people especially in a short space of time.

The Roles and Functions of the Mass Media are:

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These roles and functions of the mass media contribute to Sustainable

development. Sustainable Development id defined as development that meets the
needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet
their own needs.
Role and Function of mass media in responding to cultural


Cultural imperialism is the imposition of a foreign culture (usually an economically

stronger one).

Cultural imperialism can refer to either the forced acculturation of a subject

population or to the voluntary embracing of a foreign culture by individuals who do
so of their own free will.

Responses to cultural imperialism

1. Emulating the themes of the imported media, associated fashions and


Example: The use of the word dog as a friendly term or the wearing of extra
loose-fitting pants.

2. Merging of our own culture with the new influences from foreign media.

Example: Listening to a song from our country and seeing whether you can
identify any non-local themes.

Mass media, both regional and foreign, are vehicles to cultural imperialism.

In the Caribbean, an example of cultural imperialism would be Americanization of

our culture (food, dress, speech, music, etc) derived mainly from the processing of
American television accessed through cable, movies, books and magazines.
Roles and Function of mass Media in responding to National, Regional and
Diasporic Identity.

The diasporic identity has always depended on the sounds, taste and visual images
of home to keep it alive.

The development of local media independence and cultural products is important to

the development of identity.

Mass media is one of the primary means through which those in the diaspora enjoy
entertainment and are kept informed about news and developments in the

Example: In 1950, when the West Indies Cricket team celebrated their historic win
over England, West Indies living in England tool to the streets to celebrate.

The diaspora is now exposed to information, entertainment and culture which

enforces and enhances Caribbean Identity as never before.

Example: Several Caribbean radio programmes are now available on prime time
stations in major cities in Canada, the United States and the UK.