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Oracle Applications Cloud: Functional Setup Manager for Implementers

Duration: 1 Day

What you will learn
This Oracle Applications Cloud: Functional Setup Manager for Implementers training will teach you how to browse and
configure offerings. Through a combination of interactive instruction, case studies and hands-on activities, expert Oracle
University instructors will teach you how to manage implementation projects, perform setup tasks and manage setup
configurations and data.

This course is relevant for any customers using Fusion Applications through Release 11.1.11. It's appropriate for both
Oracle Cloud and on-premise deployments.

Learn To:

Create implementation projects from offerings and functional areas.
Assign setup tasks to users and manage task and project completion.
Import and export configuration packages of setup data.
Maintain existing data configurations.
Understand the FSM infrastructure.

Benefits to You

By taking this course, you'll learn how to manage your implementation with a single tool for all implementation tasks.
You will learn implementation project management skills and use data import and export to quickly transfer
configurations between environments. As a result, your implementation project will be completed efficiently and
effectively using FSM project management tools and best practices.
Note:This course includes a preview of Release 12 new features

Functional Implementer
Implementation Consultant
Project Manager
Technical Consultant

Course Objectives
Configure Offerings

Manage Implementation Projects

Perform Setup Tasks

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