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PB Waste Management Inspection Report

Database No.: Contractor: Area:

Site Supervisor: ID# Date:
Location: Inspection by :
Compliance = 1 Non-Compliance = 0 Not Applicable = N/A
General Guidelines
The information in the description section is to assist personnel during the inspection, however, those conducting this
inspection must be thoroughly familiar with the information relating to waste management in the following Company
CPI SHE Guidelines, Waste Management Guideline EP.14. & TF-FPM HSE Guidelines
ALL deficiencies that cannot be corrected immediately are to be recorded on the Inspection Report Summary.

A. Waste Category
Waste No. NON-B-3 WASTE Score Remarks
08 Clean Debris & Construction Debris
-collected in drums or bins on site
- dispose at Approved Sanitary Landfill
14 Garbage & Food Waste
- collect in drums or metal bins
- dispose at Approved Sanitary Landfill
22 Office Trash & Paper
-re-use where possible & dispose at
incinerator or Approved Sanitary Landfill
23 Oily Debris (wood, rags, vegetation)
- collect in drums or metal bins dispose at
Approved Landfill (AL)or incinerator
31 Sand Blast Material
-collect in drums & dispose at AL
33 Scrap Metal or Equipment
-check for NORM if required
- re-cycle or re-use if possible
- dispose at AL or ASL
34 Sewage or Sanitary Waste
-process in septic tank before discharge
38 Used Tires & Safety Shoes
-store in labeled waste containers
- recycle if possible or dispose at AL or


Section Total Total Possible- 10 - _____N/A = _____


Waste No.
04 Batteries (lead acid & components)
- stored on pallets in contained area
- acid drained into marked container &
neutralized with weak caustic
- cases sent to recycler or filled with cement
& sent to Approved Landfill (AL)
11 Drums & Containers
-stored in designated & signed area
- drained & steamed
reuse if safe or crush & dispose at AL
14 Oily filters
- oil drained from filters (see# 37)
- stored in drums at designated area
- cleaned , crushed & disposed at AL
26 Paint
- Stored in drums at designated area
-solidify &dispose at Approved Landfill
30 Radioactive Waste
- stored in labeled lead container in
locked storage bunker
- contact Senior Safety Specialist or Duri
HES for further instruction on disposal
35 Solvent or thinners
- stored in labelled drum in designated area
- disposed at AL or incinerator
37 Used Oil (lube/fuel/hydraulic)
- collect in labeled storage tank or drum
- send to CPI Duri storage facility
99 Manifest completed for transport
-Trucks carrying waste must have
completed manifest (Both Sections A &B)
- Site records kept

Section Total Total Possible- 9 - _____N/A = _____

*NOTE: The following Non - Compliance items are to be recorded on Inspection Summary Report:
Those in Section A & B that cannot be corrected immediately.
Consistent non-compliance in Item/Activity, which indicates a management system problem.

A Section Total Total Possible
.B Section Total Total Possible
TOTAL SCORE Total Score Possible

FINAL RATING: TOTAL SCORE X 100 = __________ %

Total Score Possible