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Technical Specifications


Motor Kit Description Parts
Power - AC 115,230, 115/230 VAC 115/230
Special shaft seal assembly,
HZ 50,60,50/60 60/50 KIT300BD Bio-Diesel Kit gasket, inlet gasket, bypass
Power - DC 12, 24, 12/24 N/A O-ring
HP (Horsepower) Rating 3/4 HP
Poppet, spring, O-ring,
Power Cord Length (feet) N/A KIT300BV Bypass Kit cap
Power Cord Gauge (AWG) N/A
DC Power Cord Connectors N/A KIT300JC Junction box cover, O-ring,
Junction Box hardware
Amps (FLA) 9.8/4.9 11.4/5.7
RPM 1725/1425 Nozzle boot, attaching
KIT120NB Nozzle Boot Kit
Duty Cycle 30 min. hardware
Thermal Protection Switch Yes
Nozzle retainer and
Circuit Protection Fuse None KIT300NR Nozzle Retainer Kit attaching hardware
Certification UL, cUL
KIT700BG Inlet Kit Inlet adapter, AST 2 x 1
Type - Rotary, Diaphragm, Gear, Rotary Vane KIT300SW Switch Lever Switch lever and nut
Vane 28.7
GPM in Supplied Configuration 34.3 Nozzle boot, attaching
KIT120NB Nozzle Boot Kit hardware
GPM Open Flow - no Hose or Nozzle 26 PSI
By-Pass Pressure Rating (PSI) - Max 14 Rotor, 8 vanes, rotor key,
Dry Vac (in Hg) 60.06 KIT300RG Rotary Group gasket, rotor cover,
4 screws
Head - Max (Ft.) Anti-Siphon Ready
Anti-Siphon Valve 1.25 KIT300SL Shaft Seal 8 piece assembly
Inlet - Size / Thread NPT
Outlet - Size / Thread Bung (NPT) Outlet flange, O-ring seal,
KIT300OT Outlet Kit attaching hardware
Mount Cast Iron
Material - Pump Housing Buna
Anti-siphon valve, Teflon
Material - Wetted Material 80% Iron / % Copper tape, elbow adapter,
KIT700AS Anti-Siphon Kit
Rotor Material Carbon stainless steel braided
hose, attaching hardware
Rotor Vane Material Diesel, Gasoline, Bio-Diesel
Compatible Fluids up to B20, E15, Kerosene
40 x 40 x .008
Strainer Mesh Size 2 Years
Accessories Measurements
Suction Pipe Material N/A Overall Height 19.4
Suction Pipe Length N/A Overall Width 17
Nozzle - Size 1 Manual Overall Depth 17
Nozzle - Manual / Automatic Manual Intake Center Line to Discharge Center Line 2
Hose Diameter 1 Intake Center Line to Back of Nozzle Boot 8.5
Hose Length 12 Shipping Weight 94 lbs.
Hose Material of Construction Black Nitrile Rubber Qty per Pallet 8
Hose Static Wire (Yes/No) Yes Box Dimensions: Length 21
Certifications UL, cUL Width 20
Height 17

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