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Building Tomorrows Workforce

Innovative Technical Education Solutions
Technology for Education and Science

Welcome to Festo Didactic!

For several decades Festo Didactic has been recognized worldwide for
the development of high-quality, intuitive learning systems for technical
Qubec Denkendorf
education. We invite you to peruse these pages to learn about our most
Eatontown popular learning tools. Youll find even more systems on our websites.

A wide range of training systems

Festo Didactic brings over 40 years of experience into developing solu-
tions for fast learning and successful retention over a broad spectrum of
technologies. Festo Didactic further strengthened its leadership posi-
tion as a supplier of technical education solutions through the acquisi-
tion of Lab-Volt Systems. This merger created the ability to be the singu-
lar source worldwide for the study of technologies and curriculum that
cover an extensive range of products and services, including:
Festo Didactic Quick Facts Mechatronics
Factory and Process Automation
Founded in 1965 Electrical Engineering
750 employees Renewable Energies
Sector: technical training Energy Efficiency and Mobility
Headquarters in Denkendorf (Germany) Electronics
Two other core locations: Fluid Power
Eatontown, New Jersey (USA) Refrigeration and HVAC
Qubec City, Qubec (Canada) Industrial Maintenance
Acquisition of Lab-Volt Systems in June 2014 Instrumentation and Process Control
Part of the Festo Group, with over 60 companies and Telecommunications
250 branch offices worldwide
Solutions provided in 40 languages to over From fundamentals to complete training
42,000 clients worldwide From basic training and technology-specific courses to planning,
control, and handling of complex systems, to fully-furnished learning
centers we have created a world of learning tailored to your needs for
efficient study and guaranteed learning success.

Modular and future-proof

What characterizes our learning systems is their high practical
relevance achieved through the use of real industrial components com-
bined with the intuitive teaching of the educational content.
The systems are modular, allowing for expansion and flexibility, making
your investment future-proof with no dead-ends.

LabVolt Series products are identified with a * next to their name.

Training and Consulting
Information about these specific solutions can be found at:
One mission of Festo Didactic is to provide automation technology
training for manufacturing employees and our industrial customers
worldwide. Our Training and Consulting specialists provide this training
All other solutions are detailed at
on-site, at customer facilities, and at various Festo facilities throughout
the world.

2 See an extensive range of solutions at and

A Multimedia Approach for Blended Learning

Many paths to successful learning

Festo Didactic is committed to developing innovative, engaging, and

effective learning tools and content to meet the changing and
challenging needs of students and educators.

Our comprehensive, competency-based curriculum integrates several

types of media to accommodate different types of learners and to bring
flexibility to the learning process.

Textbooks, workbooks, guides, work sheets, simulation programs, web-

based training packages, and more, contribute to building knowledge,
skills, and troubleshooting abilities in a diverse spectrum of subject

Interactive software that connects with equipment

Festo Didactic offers a wide range of simulation and control software
packages that can work independently or in combination with hard-
ware, including:
Easy Veep 2D virtual models of real-world applications
FluidSIM Pneumatic/Hydraulic/Electric design, simulation, and
CIROS 3D Mechatronics, Robotics, and Manufacturing simulation
and control
LVSIM Simulation programs for different training systems (electro-
mechanical, telecommunications, etc.)

Mind-Sight* a system for technical E-Learning

Mind-Sight is a learning content management system (LCMS)
specifically designed for technical education. Available as a web-hosted
application or as a network appliance, it is adaptable to part- or full-
time high school, vocational, college, or university students.
Mind-Sight offers:
Carefully selected tools that optimize the learning environment.
An extensive science and technology E-Learning course library called
SCORM 1.2 compliance to allow import of other educational
Sharable Content Objects (SCO).
Customizable content and scalable system to suit evolving needs.
Complementary lab equipment and programs for hands-on learning.

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Mechatronics Factory Automation Fluid Power

The Modular Production System MecLab is a new learning The MPS Transfer System Festo Didactic offers an extensive
MPS has demonstrated that its system for schools that allows reflects our decades of experi- line of Pneumatics and Hydrau-
concept, stations and control sys- students to gain insights into one ence in the construction of modu- lics training packages. Highly
tems, and functionality provide of the most significant fields of lar learning factories. All cells and modular to enable instructors to
exactly those features that char- application for automation tech- functional modules are equipped tailor the systems to specific and
acterize automated production nology production technology. with the very latest industrial evolving needs, the systems
throughout the world: integration The three MecLab stations rep- technology. The concept and cover several areas of study:
of mechanics, electrical engineer- resent simplified models of the equipment demonstrate our inno- Basic and Advanced
ing and information technology to typical processes found in any vative approach. The result: Pneumatics/Electro-
create mechatronics. automated production plant. every MPS Transfer Factory can Pneumatics
be reconfigured in minutes Closed Loop Pneumatics
Numerous companies, schools, depending on the learning situa- Vacuum Technology
and universities all over the world tion and turned into a convert- Basic and Advanced
rely on the MPS. ible factory. Hydraulics/Electro-Hydraulics
The system constitutes a platform Proportional Hydraulics
for problem-based practical train- The basic features of the MPS Mobile Hydraulics
ing and offers maximum indus- Transfer System characterize the
trial relevance in automation and appearance of the system: The workbooks accompanying
handling technology. Wide transfer belt for pallet the training packages contain
transportation project-oriented exercises of
Stations represent the most com- Robotino with its omni- Functional modules above the increasing complexity.
mon sub-processes in any auto- directional drive, sensors, inter- belt
mated production system. faces, and application-specific Variable system layout, Practical basic and advanced
By effectively combining stations, extensions is equipped for providing freedom for desig- training using industrial compo-
you can assemble your own pro- universal use and forms the basis ning individual, partner, and nents provides the confidence to
duction system. for research and training in group workstations apply the acquired knowledge in
mobile and service robots. the workplace.
Since 1991, the MPS has been More convenient, faster, more The key features of the MPS
the WorldSkills competition plat- diverse: new, state-of-the-art Transfer System are its innovative
form for the mechatronics world functions ensure the greatest technology and the consistent
championships. possible system expandability. use of industrial components.

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Process Control and Automation

The Instrumentation and Process EDS Water Management is a EduKit PA Basic provides a step- The Process Control Training
Control Training System* intro- modular training system which by-step introduction to manual System* familiarizes students
duces students to a wide range of represents the core processes of measurement and open- and with the fundamentals of instru-
industrial processes (tempera- a water and wastewater treat- closed-loop control, using the mentation and process control
ture, pressure, flow, level, pH, ment plant in the form of a water example of a simple system with (control of pressure, flow, level,
and conductivity) as well as with cycle, from source to wastewater level, flow and pressure control. temperature, and pH). It can also
their instruments and control. treatment plant and back again. demonstrate advanced tech-
The use of modern hands-on lab An advanced kit adds the auto- niques, such as feed-forward con-
equipment coupled with a com- Thanks to its industry-oriented mation technology, with pressure, trol, second-order control, and
plete training program helps stu- design, EDS Water Management flow, and ultrasound sensors and cascade control, when used with
dents to get the theoretical and makes it possible to explain the an I/O connecting board for a a controller featuring these func-
practical knowledge that is man- principles behind the collection, controller. tions.
datory to work in the process con- extraction, transport, and treat-
trol industry. ment of water and wastewater. The learning concept of the This cost-effective workstation
It offers a compact introduction to EduKit PA supports experimental can be configured to accommo-
The modularity of this energy measurement, open-loop control, learning as well as teaching, sup- date a wide variety of space and
efficient process control trainer and closed-loop control technol- ported by the teachware. Fluid- teaching needs, with different
allows the instructor to select ogy. Lab PA process guides students benches, work surfaces, and
specific equipment as a function through the world of measuring optional equipment. Several
of the training objectives without In practical exercises and experi- and control engineering. What switches enable instructors to
going over budget. ments, the individual process students observe on the screen insert faults in the system for
Several configurations are avail- steps are analyzed in detail to occurs in real-time in the actual real-world troubleshooting.
able for a single workstation. illustrate how changes in one system or simulation, giving them
Workstations can be combined to area can affect the whole system. the feeling of being in the control All components are safe and
form complex process loops and station, thus contributing to a moveable. Comprehensive curric-
can also be used to replicate real- high level of motivation. ulum and software simulations
world industrial process loops. through LVPROSIM are available.
An optional kit is also available
for introducing students to
industrial components.

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Electrical Engineering Renewable Energies
Industrial Maintenance

The Electric Power Technology* Electrical Engineering training The Wind Turbine Nacelle The Mechanical Training
training platform was developed packages from Festo modular, Training System* is a complete System* safely familiarizes
to answer the increasingly diver- customized, or comprehensive scaled-down version of commer- students with the selection,
sified needs of technical insti- can be equipped for any applica- cial wind turbine nacelles. installation, use, maintenance,
tutes, colleges, and universities tion and budget, whether for Space-efficient and affordable, its and troubleshooting of mechani-
for training in the wide field of industry or trades, teaching basic large-scale, proportional compo- cal drive components. The curric-
electrical energy. principles, building systems, or nents are perfect for learning ulum is based on practical tasks.
control or drive technology. operation and maintenance of The system is divided into five
Each of the associated systems real-world systems. A pitch hub levels dealing with the compo-
provides a turn-key solution To support learning, systems con- can be connected to the nacelle nents encountered in industry; it
dealing with specific aspects of tain only industrial components, and a grid-tie connection is also can also be configured to meet
electrical energy. Most systems and derive from a typical work available to expand learning. specific training needs.
use unrivaled computer-based environment. Our professional
data acquisition and control to laboratory equipment for electri-
provide unparalleled training in cal engineering covers:
electrical energy. The learning Fundamentals of Electricity and
packages include: Electronics
Electromechanics Fundamentals of Circuits and
Power Electronics Contacts
Smart Grid Technologies Sensors and PLCs
Renewable Energies Motor Controls
Electricity Fundamentals Servo and Stepper Motor
And several more Technology Through hands-on training on the The Industrial Controls Training
Solar/Wind Training System* Systems* are designed to teach
The program is highly modular Training packages for electrical a complete hybrid energy system the theory, techniques, and
and in constant evolution, allow- engineering and electronics are students learn how wind tur- troubleshooting of electric motor
ing instructors to select courses modular, making them easily bines and solar cells are used in controllers.
that match specific needs. expandable. the consumer and industrial mar-
kets to supplement the worlds Four basic systems are available,
power needs. The modular pro- each covering a particular topic
gram covers the history, funda- that deals with various aspects of
mentals, installation, operation, industrial controls equipment
maintenance, and servicing of operation: Basic Controls,
solar and wind energy systems. Programmable Logic Controller,
Motor Drives, and Sensors.

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HVAC-R Electronics Telecommunications

Rely on hands-on HVAC-R* train- The FACET Electronics Training The innovative Radar Training Fully-operational Telecommuni-
ing systems to help students System* is based on a program System* combines real-world cations* training systems provide
learn principles and control of consisting of courses carefully radar with the power of modern students with real, hands-on
HVAC-R systems, as well as designed to foster recognition, surveillance technology. experience in telecommunica-
develop practical knowledge for understanding, experimentation, tions right in the classroom.
installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting, application, The system uses patented tech- These systems are a valuable tool
troubleshooting such systems. design, and evaluation of analog nology to detect and track for educating students
and digital electronics circuitry. passive targets at very short interested in todays dynamic
All systems use actual residential, range in the presence of noise communications industry.
industrial, and commercial Students perform experiments on and clutter.
devices for real-world practice. a wide range of modules that Completely modular in design,
combine theory and application The radar system is fully- the curriculum incorporates
Comprehensive curriculum with with practical skills training operational and highly realistic, hands-on experience with the
practical exercises accompanies techniques. reflecting the standards and basic principles and operations of
each system. Electric components technologies used in modern electric and electronic
are specific to the HVAC-R field, The complete learning solution radar systems, which makes it a communications systems.
and mandatory electricity con- encompasses four areas of study: valuable tool for training
cepts are explained in the Basic Principles of students or industry workers. State-of-the-art training systems
curriculum. Electricity and Electronics include:
Digital and Microprocessor This modular radar system Satellite
Available systems focus on: Electronics consists of seven subsystems, Antennas
Electricity Fundamentals Industrial Electronics allowing instructors to configure Microwave
Electric Heating Communications Systems a system tailored to their training Telephony
Building Energy Management needs and budgets. Digital/Analog
Multi-Zone Wireless Control When combined with the LCMS Communications
Mind-Sight and eSeries courses, The computer-based control of
FACET becomes a totally inte- the radars processing and
grated learning system for display functions ensures it will
electronics, with all the com- maintain its status as a lead-
puter-based learning advantages. ing-edge pedagogical product for
many years to come.

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Your Ideal Partner for Technical Education

Maximize learning success We support and assist you Your partner, worldwide

Festo Didactic and Lab-Volt joined Festo Didactic offers a variety of We speak your language! And we
forces to offer you a wide range training options. You can take are just around the corner in
of systems and solutions for tech- part in teacher training and info more than 100 countries around
nical education. events or visit us at numerous the world. We will gladly visit you
trade shows. You can also book at your school, office, or home
Our expanded team helps you instructor training sessions, as whether you need information,
design and implement learning they represent a cost-effective are looking for advice before
laboratories, educational equip- way to increase the return on making an investment, or have
ment, and programs that train your investment. questions about everyday use of
people to perform in highly the products. We are always only
dynamic and complex environ- The Training and Consulting team a phone call or an email away!
ments. offers a wide scope of training
services covering three skills To view the entire range of
Whether you are involved in areas Technology, Festo Didactic solutions, visit: USA
public or private educational Organization, and People and
institutions, government institu- the three factors in productivity Festo Didactic Inc.
tions, public administration, or Quality, Time, and Cost. For more information about Eatontown, NJ 07724
industrial companies, contact us LabVolt Series products, go to: Phone: +1-732-938-2000
to discuss your needs and chal- Festo Didactic also owns and/or Toll Free: +1-800-522-8658
lenges. operates Learning Centers on Fax: +1-732-774-8573
behalf of companies and govern-
ments in many countries. Canada

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