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Chapter 5
Exercise 3
Learning Area: Motion.
Learning Objective: Analysing the concepts of speed, velocity and acceleration.

1. State correct definition for each of the following quantities:

Quantity Definition

(a) Distance

(b) Displacement

(c) Speed

(d) Velocity

(e) Acceleration

2. Diagram 1 shows the motion a car moving along a road in a straight line.

20 m s-1 50 m s-1

Diagram 1
Fill in the blank to describe the motion of the car:
(a) The ... of the car increases.
(b) The car is said to be ..

3. Complete the sentence below by filling the blank with suitable word.
(a) When the .. of an object increases, it is accelerating.
(b) When the .. of an object decreases, it is ..
(c) When the velocity of an object remains , it is having zero ..

4. Diagram 2 shows an experiment is carried out to determine the speed of a trolley that is
moving down a runway.
Ticker tape
Ticker timer

Power supply

Diagram 2

Diagram 3 shows a ticker tape that has been obtained from the movement of the trolley.

0.1 second 0.1 second 0.1 second 0.1 second

Table 1 shows information about the ticker tape above.

Section of the ticker tape 1 2 3 4
Length of section / cm 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0
Table 1

(a) Using Table 1, draw a bar chart on the graph paper below.

(b) Using your bar chart in (a), state the type of movement made by the trolley.
(c) Calculate the velocity of the trolley for Section 3 of the ticker tape.

Velocity =