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KLA: Geography Year Level/s: 5 & 6 Date: Term 1, 2017 Unit: Amazing Thailand

Student Name:
NSW Syllabus Extensive Knowledge Thorough Knowledge Sound Knowledge Basic Knowledge Elementary Knowledge
describes the diverse Provides a highly descriptive Provides a descriptive Provides a description of Describes an aspect of a Fails to describe/incorrectly
features and insight into the geographic insight into some geographic some geographic geographic characteristic of describes a geographic
characteristics of characteristics of various characteristics of a region of characteristics of Thailand/South East Asia. characteristic of
places and regions of Thailand Thailand. Thailand. Thailand/South East Asia.
environments (GE3-1) Available Marks 2-4 Available Marks 0-1
Available Marks 9-10 Available Marks 7-8 Available Marks 5-7
Explains interactions Provides highly detailed and Provides detailed and Provides thoughtful links Describes a link between Fails to/ineffectively
and connections insightful links between at thoughtful links between at between at least two one or two Cultural Aspects, describes a link between a
between people, least four Cultural Aspects least three Cultural Aspects, Cultural Aspects, with two or with one or two Geographic Cultural Aspect and a
places and with three or more with three or more more Geographic Elements. Elements. Geographic Element of
environments. (GE3- Geographic Elements. Geographic Elements. Thailand.
2) Available Marks 25-30 Available Marks 20-24 Available Marks 15-19 Available Marks 7-14
Available Marks 0-6
acquires, processes Uses a range of geographical Uses a number of Uses at least two different Uses geographic tools to Fails to use geographic tools,
and communicates tools to provide highly geographical tools to provide geographical tools to provide provide somewhat relevant or chooses inappropriate
geographical relevant and insightful relevant and insightful relevant information that information to the topic of tools/information in relation
information using information which integrates information that integrates integrates with the body of the presentation. to the topic of the
geographical tools for seamlessly with the body of with the body of the the presentation. Undertakes limited research presentation.
inquiry (GE 3-4) the presentation and acts as presentation and provides Undertakes research from a and links information with
evidence for conclusions or some evidence for a range of sources and the topic of the presentation.
arguments presented by the conclusion or argument evaluates the
student. presented by the student. appropriateness of
Undertakes thorough Undertakes thorough information included in the
research from a range of research from a range of presentation.
sources and evaluates the sources and evaluates the
authority and appropriateness of the
appropriateness of the information included in the
information included in the presentation. Available Marks 7-14 Available Marks 0-6
Available Marks 25-30 Available Marks 20-24 Available Marks 15-19
communicates Produces an intelligently Produces a highly planned Produces a logically planned Presentation provides some Little evidence of planning or
effectively for a planned and highly engaging and engaging presentation. and well executed evidence of planning and practice. Vocal qualities are
variety of audiences presentation. Vocal qualities Vocal qualities and presentation. Vocal qualities practice. Vocal qualities extremely poor, expression
and purposes using and expressiveness are expressiveness are of high and expressiveness are of a cause the presentation to be is not used during the
increasingly natural and pleasant. The quality. The student pleasing quality. The difficult to understand. presentation.
challenging topics, student does not/extremely seamlessly refers to notes or student relies on notes or Expressiveness is lacking.
ideas, issues and lightly relies on notes or other prompting devices. other prompting devices Student relies heavily on
language forms and other prompting devices. regularly. notes or other prompting
features (EN3-1A) Available marks 14-15 Available Marks 10-12 devices. Available Marks 0-2
Available Marks 7-9 Available Marks 3-6
recognises, reflects Openly discusses their own Identifies their Identifies a preconception of Mentions a preconception of Fails to mention any
on and assesses their preconceptions of Thailand preconceptions of Thailand Thailand or its peoples and Thailand or its peoples. preconceptions of Thailand
strengths as a learner and its peoples, the manner and its peoples, the manner the manner in which the Mentions that a change in Fails to mention how
(EN3-9E) in which the students views in which the students views students views may reflect perception may be connections may influence
have changed over the have changed over the learning over the course of influenced by connections. connections.
course of the unit, and the course of the unit, and a the unit. The student can
reasons for these changes in reason for these changes in name understanding or
perception. perception. accessing information as a
reason for changing Available Marks 3-6
Available Marks 13-15 perceptions. Available Marks 0-2
Available Marks 10-12 Available Marks 7-9
Total Mark /100
Adjustments Made for Special Needs: