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Course Level: UG 3 - - - 3
Course Code: IT423
Course Objectives: This course will provide each student with an exposure to crucial aspects of cloud. Students will be introduced to the realities of cloud
Infrastructures and their Services. Useful models and frameworks, complemented by practical advice and guidelines, shall provide students with a
solid foundation to launch their own Technology Ventures.

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of web & networks

Course Contents/Syllabus:
Weightage (%)
Module I Introduction to Cloud Computing 25%

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Basics of cloud computing
Architecture: Layers of Cloud Computing
Types of cloud computing
Cloud Computing Features
Security issues Cloud Computing
Advantages and disadvantages pros and cons, benefits
Deployment challenges Cloud service development
Cloud Computing Challenges

Module IICollaborate on email communications 15%

Centralizing email communications

Cloud for community cloud computing for community
Collaborating on schedules
Group projects and events collaborating on group projects and events
Cloud for corporation cloud computing for corporation
Mapping scheduleism
Cloud for managing projects managing projects presenting on road.
Cloud for calendars Collaborating on calendars
Schedules and task management

Module III Online Scheduling 15%

exploring on line scheduling and planning

Event management : collaborating on event management
contact management : collaborating on contact management
project management : collaborating on project management
word processing : collaborating on word processing
spreadsheets, and databases : collaborating on spreadsheets, and databases
Module IV Web Mail Services 15%

Evaluating web mail services

Evaluating instant messaging
Evaluating web conference tools
Creating groups on social networks
Evaluating on line groupware
Collaborating via blogs and wikis

Module V Cloud Storage 30%

Understanding cloud storage

Evaluating online file storage
Exploring online book marking services
Exploring on line photo editing applications
Exploring photo sharing communities
Controlling it with web based desktops

Student Learning Outcomes:

Describe cloud computing and types of services.
Analyze how data stored in cloud
Explain architecture and security levels in cloud.

Pedagogy for Course Delivery:

The class will be taught using theory and case based method. In addition to assigning the case studies, the course instructor will spend considerable time in
understanding the concept of innovation through the eyes of the consumer. The instructor will cover the ways to think innovatively liberally using thinking techniques
Assessment/ Examination Scheme:

Theory L/T (%) Lab/Practical/Studio (%) Total

100% NA
Theory Assessment (L&T):
Components (Drop MID TERM Viva HA ATTENDANCE End Term Examination

Weightage (%) 10% 7% 8% 5% 70%

Text & References:

Cloud Computing: Insights Into New-Era Infrastructure by Kumar Saurabh- Wiley India Pvt Ltd (2011) ISBN: 8126528834
Cloud Computing: A Practical Approach by Anthony T. Velte - Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited (2009) ISBN: 0070683514
Cloud Computing For Dummies by Halper Fern, Kaufman Marcia, Bloor Robin, Hurwit Judith, - Wiley India Pvt Ltd (2009 ) ISBN: 8126524871