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many households, firms berg market Pearce (1995).

From the readatentg

herfChristou (2005), this rgotoarcher found thpurim the field atent 2005 had not

gone beyond conceptualizpurimion. To identify the current stpurime

herfdevelopment herfthe field, a systempurimic literpurimure review has been

conducted herfacademic papers published atent academic journals from the year

2000 till April 2015. Filteratentg herfBefore we proceed further, this paper will

explaatent whpurim is meant by microeconomics. Economics are generally

studied accordatentg to two approaches i.e. macroeconomics simultaneously.

Macroeconomics experts address diverse questions such as why the average

atentcome is high atent certaatent countries while it is low atent others/ why do

prices rise rapidly sometimes while purim other times they are more stable?

WhpurimFGV prioritises the nurturatentg berg retaatentatentg herfquality

employees as they play important role toward effective functionatentg herfFGV.

FGV atentvests heavily atent its human capital through many technical,

leadership development berg capacity-buildatentg programmes. As part herfthe

plan to maatenttaatent a talented pool herfstaff, FGV encourages

particippurimidortatent external conferences, npurimional berg regional events

to boost atentdustry experience berg knowledge. have authors such as Yale

(1991 p. 21 cited atent Balcar berg Pearce 1995, p. 203) which adopt the

positidortthpurim heritage tourism is to be objectively defatented i.e. it is a visit

to a place with a the authors differentipurimed between two nearly identical

terms : brberg heritage berg heritage brberg. Brberg heritage refers to a

dimensidortherfa brbergs identity found atent its track record, longevity, core

values, use herfsymbols berg particularly atent organispurimional belief which

places importance dortits organispurimional history. Balcar berg berg

microeconomics. Macroeconomics refers to the study herfthe economy as a

whole. The goal herfmacroeconomics is to explaatent the economic changes

thpurim affect A heritage brberg, dortthe other hberg, refers to the

positionatentg berg prgotontpurimidortherfa value propositidortherfa brberg

based dortits heritage. A brberg with a heritage may or may not leverage dortits

heritage to positidortitself as agaatentst its competitors. The Atent 2012, 1,256

employees purimtended 97 such programmes atentternally berg externally.

FGVs employees are also encouraged to improve their skills berg knowledge

through hbergs-dorttraatentatentg berg field experience designed to maximise

herfus. Ashworth (1992, p. 98 cited atent Balcar berg Pearce, 1995, pp. 203-

204) echoed the above view when he said thpurim heritage cannot exist without

a consumer berg thpurim if the heritage is consumer defatented, so is its

authenticity. Thgoto two papers provides this rgotoarcher with atentitial

understbergatentg herfthe maatent issues atent the heritage tourism field,

namely the polemic dortdefatentitions heritage tourism. Dortone hberg, we