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How To Magnify Your Thought Wave

To tap into the electrical energy that is available in these Power Plants and to provide the"currents"
needed to allow the body to heal itself, we must know how to magnify our thought wave.
In 1976, Dr. C. Samuel West discovered how to use a lymphasizer (mini-trampoline) to magnify the
thought wave, and miraculous healings have taken place. (See pages 189 and 207 in the book, The
Golden Seven Plus One.) Although we have now learned four other ways to magnify the thought wave
without using a lymphasizer, we still highly recommend using the trampoline whenever possible.
Remember, always use a "gentle" bounce when on the trampoline. (See the last fifteen minutes of Dr.
West's Video #6.)
We can now magnify our thought waves by:
1. deep breathing, without creating stress;
2. using a mini-trampoline (lymphasizer);
3. compression of tissue (isometrics), without creating stress;
4. stroking the body, light and fast, over the area of concern (you don't even need to touch the
5. tapping into an outside energy source such as:
the human mind;
a magnet (use only North pole magnets on the body);
light/color therapy;
an electrical device, such as a TENS unit (see first paragraph above re: Dr. Joseph
the Great Mystery, the Supreme Intelligence, "pure and perfect energy"many refer to
this "intelligence" or "energy" as God, Heavenly Father, Earthly Mother, Great Spirit,
Allah, Yahweh, etc., or just use the word "activate."
4) The 3-Breath Lymphasizing Technique
Now, while using the above methods 1, 2, and/or 3 to magnify the thought wave, we can use the
following 3-breath technique to increase the electrical energy throughout our bodies. We will use #1
from the chart below as an example.
Breath #1: Take a deep breath in through the nose, if possible. When the lungs are filled, say or think:
"Activate, Bless and heal my right brain and left brain. Number 1." Blow out your air.
Breath #2: Inhale, and again say or think: "Activate, Bless and Heal my Right and Left Brain.
Number 1." Blow out the air.
Breath #3: Inhale deeply. Hold the breath as long as you can without creating stress and either read or
say out loud the wording below that follows number 1, that is, "The electric energy produced in the
brain can now be directed to every gland, and to every part of my body from my head to my feet,
Number 1."
Repeat this 3-breath process for each of the remaining numbers in the chart below. Do this at least once
a day. Best if done in the morning to set the daily computer mind program. This only takes about 15 to
20 minutes a day. You're worth it!

Power Plant Read or Say Out Loud . . .

1) My Right
The electric energy produced in the brain can now be directed to every gland,
Brain & Left
and to every part of my body from my head to my feet, Number 1
2) My Pineal
The energy goes from this Power Plant to help all my glands, Number 2
3) My Pituitary The energy goes from this Power Plant to help my mind and memory. It also
Gland goes from my head down through my body into my big toes, Number 3
4) My Thyroid
The energy from this Power Plant maintains metabolism in my cells, Number 4
This Power Plant goes to my heart, lungs, and bones. It brings white blood cells
5) My Thymus from my bone marrow to the Thymus Gland to make "T-Cells" that can kill
Glands bacteria, viruses and even cancer. (Where do I want these "T-Cells" to go?
Mentally direct the "T-Cells" now!) Number 5
This Power Plant sends energy to my skin and my kidneys, and it sends the
6) My Adrenal
electrical current from my tail bone to the base of my skull and up and down my
spine, Number 6
The energy goes from this Power Plant to control my digestion, sugar level, and
7) My Pancreas
heat, Number 7
8) My [Male: prostate and testes; Female: ovaries, uterus and mammary glands.] These
Reproductive glands are responsible for my hormone secretions, sexual energy and responses
Glands and reproduction, Number 8

Now, all my Power Plants are on! Where does my body need special help and attention right now?
This information is stored in my subconscious mind and can be accessed by adding the two steps
What I have been allergic to has acted like a poison to my body, and all poisons
have frequencies. The energy generated in these Power Plants can now Identify,
9) All Allergies
Neutralize, and Eliminate all the energy incompatibility of any poison that is in
From My Body
my body or outside of my bodywhether it be foods, chemicals, plants, animal or
anything in the airRight Now! Number 9
10) My Delicate All vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, co-enzymes, amino acids,
Chemical and essential fatty acids, pro-zeranine, chondriana, seed of light, Breath of God, all
Emotional elements known and unknown to my mind are made available for healing my
Balance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodiesRight Now! Number 10

Emotions. All emotions have frequencies. Obtain a chemical balance and apply "The Language of
Friendship and Peace," then the electric energy produced from all of these power plants can help
balance all emotions with peace, love, joy, and harmony.

5) ShortcutUse Every Half Hour

To remove sufficient dead cells and poisons to allow the healing process to begin, it is necessary that
you repeat this sequence as many times as you can for the first half-hour. To activate each one of the
Power Plants (1-10) using the 3-Breath Technique every half-hour takes time. However, once you have
used the 3-Breath Technique to activate each one, the subconscious mind already knows what each
number stands forright? Therefore, instead of saying what each number stands for, we can just say
the number.
Therefore, to make this powerful process even faster and easier, all we have to do is:
1. Breathe deeply three timesin through the nose and out the mouth. While you hold the third
breath, say or think: "Activate, Bless and Heal, number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, Repeat,
Repeat." Let your air out.
2. Breathe deep and hold your breath again and say: "Activate, Bless and Heal number
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, Repeat, Repeat. Activate 5 & 9 to send the T-cells into my [area you
wish to heal] to Identify, Neutralize and Eliminate ALL the Energy Incompatibility of
Anything in this area of my body that is interfering with my natural healing processes.
Repeat this sequence 7 times every half-hour or follow our guidelines.
When needed, use the "re-dial"system: Breathe deeply three times holding the 3rd breath as long as
you are able to without creating any stress and say: "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10; repeat, repeat, repeat."
If you get dizzy, rest and give your body a chance to handle the poisons that are being removed. The
important thing is Do Not Quit!

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