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Ay, ersesccan-s Standard Test Method for Obtaining and Testing Drilled C Concrete’ ‘ores and Sawed Beams of ino ha bn apd fry apo ey of nf Scope? 1.1 This es metod coves obsinng epung and test ing cos riled oe conse for length or compesive seagoing tense seen determin, ‘stig sed emer Res pemnce 1. Te vals eed te SI unto inc-pound wits are tobe rep eprtly andr The vale sad sh system may aot be eect equivalent etefore ech Systm dll be ted idependently of he ser Comins Salis fom the wo syatens ay sul topconTomnanes trite snd 13 The text ofthis standard refrnces nos nd fotos hat provid explanatory meri. These notes ad Toots (ctl hein tes and gues) sal ot be conse SS vequetens of he anda TS" Thi nan! doesnot purport to adds the concernn fy aries itr are. ee the responsi ‘fhe oer of ts standard 0 esablsh appropiate safe and Fath race at deerme te pan fete 2, Referenced Documents 2 ASTM Sanderde:® Cioi9M Tee Metis for Compuessve Suengt of Cy Tel Cacit Spocies CCHICTEN Test Metre for Renal Sing of Concrete ‘Wang Simpl Bea th Thr-Poin Log) CCHTWETTANT Text Method for Measuing Thickness of Conse Elen Using Dil Conercte Cores (ChW/CAFENC Ten Mato fr Spiting Tene Stengh of Cyndie Conc Species CcolCst7M Prete for Capping Cylindrical Cneee Specimens (C642 Tet Maid (or Density, Absorption, and Voi in anseed Conte (C670 Patio Pring Presson an Bias Semen {or Te Meth for Constction Mates a2 CR2IM Pate for Exminton and Sapling of udened Concete Costctions Cclanveta3IMt Pcie fr Use of Unbonded Cape in ‘eteminaton of Compasiv Seng of Hanesed Can CCISH/CLSHIM Te Meth fo Measuring Length of Cov- |. Sipicance and Use 5.1 This wet mated proves sandaied procedures fr thing and esting pecan to determin the compress, Spitng tei nl esa strngh of fplcecoserete "32 General, test specimens ae otaaed when dou xis sbow the plc contete quality de ether 1 ew Sng es esas dringconsescton o signs of asbess ih The sete. Anthea of ths meno prove sents "tration on oder acti. 33 onset tenth tafe hy the Iocaon of the ort na steterel elma h be conrete a tebe {tng tobe song than the comet atthe top. Cor ftongh Ie aso ett by cre cremation relive 1 Oe Inna plane of he conrte apace, with strength {ending to fewer when essued pall fo the hviontal Dane! These factor sal be conser fo plaoning he {bestows for abining concrie samples and tn compusag ‘tenth wt reli. The sen of conte ested bytes of ors affected y th uous an dation of itr i Be ‘ecimen a heme of te. Theres bo anda precede o ‘Sotto a spcinon that wl ese fa at the ne of tet Stel hin the densa moisture condion as once ine Straus. Me mele coaoning priced nhs test @p) cree 12 ‘thar tended roide repre moire cond ons that minimize witlrdbaaay and beret arty sons nl to reduee the fcr of mote naced Sing peinen preparation, “35 The measured compressive sengh of 2 coe wil coral be ss thn hao coesondiag prope mod ‘Sucre sandr yin tested tbe sme ge Fo ren verte, borer, there wo ungueelatnsp between he Steg occ mo pes of fern NT ISel of te cance. the inplace temperature uo mre soe, the dere of coalition ttcrbac Yad ithe eng sn chanctersicn of the comer te o- Alin of the coin putas, ad Ue cae wed ia removing Nore 2A roca ae fr rating eee er ecasegh i mado oe Se ete sgh ime e te roje pce c bdein e pee Sart cps nena resin A nf ee ‘Staaf oe seg del nck AS ch Se nes eh em ih. ‘Senay torso tly gaa ‘hg cw tegh sonar be 36 The"spsie ofthe est" referaced in ses metbod 4g the indldual iponsbe for sali or reviw and scepance of coe test 2 rims oon gh ae CL 117 The appre sompresive seth of once a me sed by acme fected byte eng dame ao (UD) af ‘te core steed a the mst be caidered in preparing oe ‘ecinots and evaunng st eal, 4 Apparatas 441 Core Dri for cbsinng extn core specimens wih humor imprepited ssc o coe bare ‘£2 Saw, for wining ens of cor. The sash Rave @ ama siconcaree cating ede and al be xpd ot ‘ting cores woot itedocing ck o iladeng ge fate prices. “43 Balance, sour f at east 5 § [00 5. Sampling 1 Genera in of saengh test spacimens sal aot be then gal he Eoncret sstoopencugh fo permit sple removal Wit tnurbing the bond betwen the mara ahd the corse gare th Ni a ee Me ein gh cain alr e e eae Soke Teena ISS pn ae Sin tage SEES Tope eter at Spates cet nce Seem ce i pe og a SaaS Suara ars == rh Ci ie fei Susstercmmtietepten esratrreenteoneeet sapien ce oceaesncmar ioe ere ieee Saab mds cnt tof seg cep pt ae ge po ng i leben a ot Sietrescatatteiccees Yet ae eae Se so alan SPF a re oa Site Sarees i eee Sotecerooe cages aa SEES arse oeptnee ence Set ele tata re Shaan rine Somes tema ‘nw nem, arg aon reed re Scat he The sper tert es ‘ew bet rsa fr rearranged ‘edit wt js mad new pl es 52 Core Driling—When coe wil be west 6 meso ore sength th soe sal be riled erence ‘ace and a et 180 (68) aay on oe os oF ‘vias edges ofa unio epost (ze Not). This minimum tance does at ap oe red ound stra ‘memes, Record the approximate ane Between th git ‘dal sof the dled coe tnd the soil plane ofc ence ws pnced. A specimen ied pepeoiclt 0 8 ‘erica wre, or perpeialar oa soping sre, sl he {ate frm nar the mle o uni of deport when possible Teor ae bined Yor pups ce ha daerination oF ‘engi ill cores in ascoréance ith the intone ‘ded bythe specif ofthe est. Record date cove wt Ailes Tr knwo, ord the date when coneete was lace @p cacon-12 cho it my et it ot jetty 2 to ‘53 Sib Remmal—Remave a slab sulin Inge to secure the sia txt sesimens witout casino an) ‘Soncrte ts bun ecko pall undret,o eherwise amset DRILLED CORES {6 Measuring the Length of Deled Cores 61 Cores for deemining he tikes of pavements, ab, nals rote tral leet shall have Smee fa {Ent St ym [370 fn] hes the lng of such cores ae fiplated tote messed in accordance with Test Mead (CTrwcr7aXe When core og fr determining the ike sf amenbers ot eqed abe measured in accotdnee wih {fest Metod C170C114N, cove dame shall tea deed ty specter of tnt 62 For sores th oe not tended fo determing stud imei, mest elangs ad short ngs on theca Sie slong ines pr tothe core ai Rested eer Tenth oth eat Sn [4 1. Cores tor Compressive Strength 21 Diameter TALL Except a provided in 7.12, the diameter of core sgecimes forthe eternaon of smprestive seat shal teat ent 9mm [310 oa est vo ties the nomial ‘tin se ofthe coreapaepste, whichever i lege. “I I ed ember tckese makes impossible to incre wth ng Sumctervaio (UD) ofa est 10 ot if lar dua beeen enforcement ite, core sim tare les than 94 rm (3.70 are nt probed a coe ‘lame es tae 94mm [3.70 tn] sed rep the eas, yee wu toon nb eto nd nee a es ‘FTonma ob. a] dua ocr Instone dete Serpe ob ie cote gee 72 Length 7231 Except as provided in 7.22 the peered length fhe ‘capped or ground specimen is betvecs 19 and 21 Une he amt Ifthe to ofthe length the dames LD) of he fre exceeds 1 rdace he ng ofthe coe 5 tht he ao the eapodo round specimen is between 9 and 21. Core Speciness wit Inglaterra egal tot 5 han 1 rege cometon fo the menses crpressive seas (sce 791) Astength erection ctor ot equ for LD (Batra 75 core ving mani gto es as 535% of ts dametr before capping ora length ss tn lamer tr appng, rimming. ond ining sl nat be uc” A Mr Sa 91, 9, Oe 98 122 I he compressive suengis of coc are 1 be com ped with socied stents tas sandal coats bes, cores sal Be eed ih LD. se nd preparation, in the mage of LOD to. 109 voles eerie dered bythe ‘pes ofthe est th steph of cores ith LID = re {ebe compued with pected cocci eabe SEEN, do ot tpl the eomeson fo in 7.91 "13 MolureCondioning Ts cores afer mois con ings speed net met ota ect by he ‘poser of the tee The ase contoning procures ‘Pes in tas te etd ae tended To preseve the sre of the died ore and 10 provide reprodible Imsstre conon that minimizes th ees of moware fadeats inodvced by weting daring ding and specimen rept, "TAL Af cores ve been dled, wipe off ace dei water an allow remsnig suace moisture to evap Wen sce appear dy, bat oot ner tan Tr dig, ip rns tp aoe cies tert and poet ores om exposure det tl ‘Tramp. the coves to te tesng bose 6 000 = oul Keop coer inh eae plastic tags or noabsortet rine al es excep daring end preparation and fora 7132 If wer ix wad ding sing oF grinding of core cas, complte thew operon 2000 a possible, But no Iie thon’ 2 days afer dein of cors ones spied fihernse by te spcifer of tens Aer completing end fvepurice wipe of saree mas alow the suacs To {rand lace the coe In eld plc Hao nna aint, Minimize he drat of exposure to Wake ng preparation 7.33 Allow the coe to emai in the sald pas aps soabeorent contin fora est 5 days afer lst Bela ‘Ted tnd efor feving, less plated brie by he pester of tet, Nor 1th mig pi oo 3 se ed ce ole panned wen ee sd weed ta See nda 734 When decom is piven 10 wat coe i 9 moistue onion other than achieved by consitoning scoring 711,732, and 733, report he aerate roe 74 Sawing of Ends ends of cor Specimens to be test in eampesion sal bet, and perpesult f the Tonstudal as in socorance with Test Mathod CSIC39M Tepecesry. teens cf cre tht ml be ppd ‘rw capping the following egies re met “11 Pectin, ify sll a extend more thn Sm [02 in) sbove he end sures, 742 The sacs sal ot pa from pepe iy 1 te longitoinal axis by 1 soe of more than 8d er {ou} whore d i the verge cow ameter in mn oe Ince) 75 Colcalted Densiy—Masu the ass ofthe coe jus. ‘fore epping o ant haere testing if bond eps ae ht ‘Shed Divide the mast by the volar of the ere ele @y cxarcwen—12 from the werge dameter sd leat determined 72. evr he alte ey to nearest 204g [1 Te ome ere abtion nih on ested eu ‘Sct fer ise gto a et ‘sic ove erg yf np, ea 76 Capping—Ifhe ede ofthe coe not confor the rena omens of Test Metros CSIC39N4, hey [a te se pound tn meet Hove regent or app teh bonded sap sosordanc wih PractoeCOL/CSI7M. If Te cade of the cores do nt conform to the planeness fejoements of Tet Method 29/08, they sal be sed tegroond to met tow quent or capped with bonded ‘gemstone with Pace C6IICGITM oF tested with ‘bonded eps acarance with racteeC12S1C1231M. I ‘res ae cpp in crdance wid Price C617AC517, he ‘Soping dove shall accmmode acancoe ters and alice caps ta ar oncente wth the Sore ed Messe re lenge othe near (ry. in efor capping. I bond cap ewe, he gap Detocn hs eral eaning ‘gest conform to the rgusemens of Paice C1231 cosine eB, Mitt may In C2 ‘Shieh ox fons ae Seer at ‘Sig eng ce eed 1 (01 17 Meaarement—Befr testing, easie the nh othe ‘one to the nearest | (0. in] i accordance ich Tes Moto C1SiC1St2M or et Weta CC174M, and ‘this leng compat te lenge (LID) ratio. Fo ores oe etd wi Boe caps measuie eens ofthe sped cores. Fo cores to be tsnd with uabonded eps ‘nth grou eds, measure the lear oth prepare cos Determine the aerge darter by aerauing we ease ‘ee kena right angles fo ech ler the Ma gh of he coe Measre cre amet he newest 2 mn (01 in ithe diferencia cre amstrs does nt exons 2 of the overage tere tease othe mere |r (0.10 Do not tet cores if he recs betwen te gst ad small diameter excerds 5% of sr serge. 7 Teing—Test te species in occrdaee with Tet Math CHICIOM, Test he specimens within days alr ‘ring uns speciod oerwie 719 Coleuation Callie the compresive suength of cach gecimen ting tbe eau cross-sectional ae based bn he average amet of the spesinen, "191 te ti of eng gamete (LD) of he spocinen 1s 1780s, comet he res obs n 79 by malyng by the aprepite earectn fcr sown in the flowing sublet Nae 13): Use inerplaton to demite conection fates fr LD salu tg a he able Nig 13—Caecin fr dp ons nis sch a sie nr i ng aang oes {50 Rand toro dest coer. apt oh yn et cre or eg buen ‘Mbvant sp Se00 je) Fosempr ane DOE 10 sent cay hae 7.10 ReporRepor he esas reed ty Tet Method CC3C39NT wth the adton of he Folens: “Ho Lang of crea dill the rece Sma 1202 If the core diameters han 94 a (370 provide eas for wing te sale diameter "7103 Length of et specisen bere aa es capping or nd preston wo the guest I mm [0.1 in, tod average ‘dunetr of creo he nearest 0.2 un [001 oF (0.1 in. “F104 Compressive song othe weet 0.1 MPa [10 psi) when te eters mest th ners 02mm (0.01) Sd to te tearet 03 MPa (50 pu} when the damier is Ieee the aearest 2 man 0) in air orton fer Tenge dameter ao when reed. “F103 Diet of applcatn ofthe Jad onthe specimen with reaps the horn pase of te concrete a placed. "Tine The masse condoning hist TAO The date snd time eo was obted and ist. Placed in ele hg or bomsorent onan and tie end pspuation was compeed nd ore ned ‘ald bog or tonrotent conta, 1107 at oocete ws place, known, 7108 The date ad tine when ested, 71109 Nomi! mxsmus se of concrete aggregate. 71010 Tye celts deity othe neaest 20 Eg? (1 It "TH11 The ostion, shape nie of embeded met if the specter of i teas pes testing crs with embeded. “THI2 I aplcabl,desciion of defects in cores hat colt be tte. and "THOS any devon ror this et etd was require ei tne Gvison and expan why as macy TaN Precision ae cs a Acance wi ASTM CAST a of Cent hp csycsem—12 1A The singe-opeator conic of vrition 0 cores tt bez found to be 3.2" for a range of compressive ‘Mang between 520 Ms [4500 psi an 48.3 MPs [7000 Dil Thera, salts of 0 propery comiced tes of Tle corer By the sas operon be sume sample of Insts ot dil fom ach oer by moe tan 9 Pi avenge. TIL The moliaborary coeticien of variation on cos at been found to be 47 8 for a rane of omesive Segth heen 320 MP [800 ps) und 48.3 MPa [7000 pu Therefore, reste of two property conde tess ca ‘Sores ample om te sme hardened conctete (whee Sno tests eed sth average af 0 observations (cores, ‘chad on separate scent les 100m [6] lamer (She) andtetdty oo dle bros shout ier fom each ter by ret 15%" of i vege “12 Bla—Sine tee is no accepted referees materi suite for serine as are pocedue i is st ‘tha, 20 Sateen on Bas being mise 1. Cores for Spin Teste Strength ‘81 Test Specinens—The specimen sal confor the imensiona eesti 1072, 1 rand 4, End ae sot be capped "52 Moutre Conditioning Condon he specimens 2s esrb in 7.3 of screed by the specie oF tests 3 Bearing Suacer ~The line of contact bowed the cine and each tearing sip sll bs spt snd fe of {ny projecsons or aprons higher oF dep hat 02 ra {ODL in When the fn of conte ot Sait cons Projections or depesonsfuving hig or dep gee than 0.2 mv [001 in grid or cap the specimen 30a Proce esi ies meting hse equemeat, Do fot st Specimens with projections or depesons greater thn 209 [Ot ia Wien capi empoye, te cps sal be shi {pclae shal be formed of hihstength Eps i ci a ie a ig A Tening Test the specimens in sconce with Test Mati COC96N 1 Callan nd Report—Cokeaate the spliting sense scogth and rope the fests a5 reqled in Test Ned Cope When ang or tts of te Bung surfaces. Indicate thatthe specimen was core a provide the ‘mode condening stay a0in 7.106 86 Precio! S61 The wiia lborawy sage opertorcoeicent of orion for iting ose eng bweea 3. MPs (820 pil and 1 MPa (80 pi cores hs Been fund © be ELEVATION c+ Sut capping Dev or Siting Teas Sangh att 153.5! Tettre, rts of to propery conducted es by the same operator the sae laboratory on the same sample fre should oe oer by move hn 149°" of thet TEE he mukilsoratny eect of vrsin for pit sing tole sonia too Se MPa (S20 pape LE [S80 pal of cares as ben ound fo be 150%" Therefore, Fens eo property onde ss on he sare sample of titra of ured corte and este by two iret Ieborstnges shld ot fer rom each her by mae han A258 of thr avenge 137 Bias Since there is no socoped feferene maa suitable for eteinig te bas forthe posed ni est metho no sotement on basting me 9. Keywords 81 compressive rng concrete caring: conse ving; sovetete ogi: Rotel seen spine ee tena Gy croceon—s2 (SonmandooyInrmaton) XL Genera LLL Thee ae fsficient dt. he fe of vatous arash cou fect the messed Real performanse of saved beams. Considerable resources te cess rove te data necesary develo define fen tehod fs the sesompunying precision da. ati at das ae ered the following pene mcomesdons af pr "ie or bing an feng sed es 1XI.1.2 Testing beams sed rom exring concent peeed maied of ssssing the place Nex! songs eae ofthe ical noting the core sony Sd [esha ofthe is of daaget th spines 6 the san roses, subsequent hang and incomes most cond ving Iinplace Rex Seth sede to be steed, the ‘pling ten sng en be mesied on Cos in scar Aine with Secon 8 and plated shone tween ‘owt Sega sping eae segth can be pid IF eis neceasary to West aed teams theses es ‘oul provide tstaconr on the Seo te ben den. Stora lence and Row beams te Wo he emda Be testing appr X12 Test Specimens ‘eam specimen lor the dserinsion of fecal stngth soul! hive sue oss secon. The cos secon ean be TOO 100 (1 by 4in] the nomi snare sireis 25 mm in| of ess otherwise he ros section shold {e150 by 150 mm [6 by 6 in} Cross-sectional dimensions shoul be within = 24 af tase amin mensions. H the ‘ep ofthe Bex ecole hy the dep he srl clement, the specie of tts needs To speify the, ean ines The text speimen shale at et 50 (2 looper thn he ese oral ep When beats ae ‘teh stoi, bem dimensions shld conor tte Iqdeerent ofthe apptiabe tet math. X22 Saving and hapection Beas sou ecu wh wae-coled masonry saws Tet ‘pssimens can be dag saving ot done cael Eartha an ate ply of watered hsp tes bade coo. The saved sacs need ob pr nd gue ‘ih he ints provided by te specier of ee Mark the ‘pecinen 50H tsoematon in the svtce can be etd. Check the sava safe fr the presen of ech, wich canbe er by sure dying he pein sa looking for dack Tes th pce wae led eek: Do notte ami ete is eas ie he loting sano if thts ach te face that wil be lode ee, Tks ere arin Swed team specimen 6 std chipping o cracking Spec ‘ens may be ject by the specie of et they cafe to the meso lero they at Cn to contact requemons (at loads suppres) whe ‘Based she ang apart X13 The sutics of saved spcimens nos to be po tested fom dying by covering then ith et bul and Pasi seetngduriogwanspration sd stree. Reavy Seal amount of dying ofthe sre of sia pects Gn inde tense stesses in the ates ie tha wil ‘msaly rede the messed existent. Species Should Be tested witha? days of swag or ered by the Specter of test Submange the tt apecinene in Hine Sred water a 23.0 20°C (135 = 35°F fort ee a inmadly Flore toting, Test fe mete promptly ier removal rom water sage. Daig the petod between ‘eral fom water snap ad test esp the specimens ‘ost by covering witha we lake et Ferlap oer sable XLA Testing XL.AJ Teste spacers ia acoriuce withthe apple rovbions of Text Mead C7RCTEM except te erent tin of the beam ie the testing wapaatis shoal beh condince with tbe reqeement cf he specier of tte. Teel. te en surface ring the est soul betes surface asad in the sear. This wl yay requ the Sengh aye les han the te fox eng. On the aber ud, my be pelea or th ci rar fo tensile sure i i ees dimesiond tlre. Therefore, the spec of ets needs f te ch surface he a ele theese surface fr wsting The aston of he ese Sonic with vespet to the peston of that sce the vere spliced iso be wed and epee XLS Report XIS.1 The tet ress soold be sported in scunce wih te applicable poisons of Test Method CTRCTEM, YXUS2 The text report shuld nce the follwing XI'S21 The maitre coniton ah eof sing X1322 The ovenstion of the tes sre face with reset to he psn of tht suse the src Commitee COP tas Keni the loon of sete changes to tis est method sne the las Ee, CCAUCAEMCIT ht may mpc th we af hs est med (APNE Febuary 1. 201 (Deke 22 (2 Rood 35 (Gr Aaded now Not 2, Note 3 bd Not 4 and reamed sbsoguen nts. (Atos ow 36 and renumbered subsoqen subst Comite COP tas ented the Ioeton of sled changes to this test metod sine the Ist ie, CcADCAENE ou tt yt de ti ten tied. (Approved AU 15, 211 (Us Add 3:7 tinct tha part core stent is acted bythe LD vale (BuAdded 43 to ror atc for weighing cus {Greed S12 wo provie an exception fhe eston oa teting cores consimng embeded met. (Gi Adied 5. dene ccistances when the spcier of {be tests coud allow tein cores wit embeded et (5 died sew Note 10 provide inforton onthe sens ‘coer with embedded reforcemes ad senunieed subse (G Revie! 5.2 by 1) replacing “ot oe" wit 8 minimum ftunce betwee te cre and forme joins ot edges of ‘donk, 2) nding» semtece sang tat is eu ‘hance ds at app) termed bounds of «meres, th! 3) adlingsomences on ecoring he dt of ling and tren the ences was placed Fon (Added new Nose 8 clr the inet of theft sentence fn32 and vnuneredsbeequent nts (G Revised 7 hy breaking up ito 7.) and 2.1.2. The evson cles the minimum diate: regiments when ‘Ses arto he tet for compressive suet. I aon, ‘ev regener ne added 12 on reporting the rete oe ‘ang cores wi Gmc smaller tan tr [270 (Gy Adied ee word "ning" o 2 (0) Aled new 72.2 vege hat he LID alu ase be lose 04 eae suengths ae be compared with specified ube sng. {ty Reised 7s sfllons: 1 me it manor to weigh the fore tfoe testing: 2) al nea cn how separ the fsisied dns and 3) dle te akeratve med oF ‘erminng desty by submerge weighing. (12) Add Nee 11 clan he ment of weighing te core td to se tat oer produ sre toed 10 messue ‘Easy forchecting compliance vith specifi density rae (73) Revised 76 w permit us of ubonded caps, laity tthe unde ape ae permit ad to perm he ase of ‘To Method C1S4/C10M for messing the length of & Seber esting {Added tow Sow 12 cation te wer on the need to ‘ky the egirements For main gap betwen eet ing ngs andthe cove (05) Added new 7102 and roumbered subseguet pa san (5) Revisnt 7.103 by replacing “eiing wid par (C7) Revise 7.1010 (1 Aes 10.1 iden te test eps a description of ‘red etl te permit and resumed sequent parma. Commitee COP bt init te Ioction of sled changes to tis test metho sine the Ist se, carey (Oy Revised 51.1 way the equi length of he immed fove when dase pias ae Fmove 110 ta maya the we of ths est mo. (Approved December 15,200) (2) Revised 61 wo pei ote Gameter cores fr measoing ‘hshness of member when Tet Method C1TACI7M i ot fevmaseno. Pomance hl ay he sud my hs fe sere San he AST eee fms” Soho Z