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tessitura hosted option


The Tessitura Networks hosted option, Remote Access Managed Plan (RAMP), is an elective service to deploy
Tessitura Software to your organizations desktops via the Internet. RAMP is not a separate browser-based
product, nor is it Tessitura Light; it is the same software you would utilize if loaded on your own in-house
servers. Choosing RAMP is an economical option if your organization (no matter the size) chooses not to secure
and operate your own hardware or if you have limited IT/database administrative staff. RAMP allows you to
focus on becoming functionally proficient in Tessitura Software without having to worry about a major
hardware investment or internal database administration.

If you choose RAMP, your Tessitura Software database will be administered by the Tessitura Network, Inc. (TNI)
and will be stored in our secure Tier 3 data facility. Hardware and Microsoft SQL database services are provided
to RAMP clients as part of the bundled plan, which also includes the required Tessitura credit card server, report
server and database back up / test servers. Please note that the monthly RAMP fees are independent of
Tessitura Network Annual Dues.

RAMP License Holders Must Provide:

Internal personal computers (Windows Vista, 7 or 8) and local networks; Macs can also be utilized as
terminals if running a PC emulator program.
Stable internet access with sufficient bandwidth for the number of users and activity being supported.
Functional proficiency with the Tessitura application (as is required of all licensees) plus a primary internal
point person to interface with the Network for support questions.
A Tessitura application specialist who will serve as the primary administrative contact point.

Tessitura Will Provide:

Hardware and Desktop Deployment
A server or shared server running a separate instance of the Tessitura database and a separate instance of
the clients Tessitura Software database as a backup and test machine.
Each organization will have its own instance of SQL Server and application files.
Tools for the user to access their system at their desktop via an internet connection.
Tessitura will be delivered over 128-bit encrypted internet connections via Terminal Services.

SQL Administration and Technical Application Support

Tessitura SQL database administration and technical application support
o User setup and profile management.
o Daily SQL database backups.
o Setup and administration of the region-specific credit card processing middleware.
o Setup and maintenance of standard Tessitura scheduled jobs.
o Timely application of Tessitura upgrades and patches.
o Database administration functions that are normally required to operate Tessitura.

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Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

Getting Started
Q- Is the RAMP by Tessitura Network service only for small organizations?
A- Organizations of any size can utilize this service. RAMP is highly scalable and you have the option to add
additional terminals as needed; monthly fees are based on the number of concurrent user logins issued in blocks
of five (5) concurrent users.

Q-- Does a Tessitura Software license need to be purchased?

A- Yes. The cost of RAMP set-up and administration is in addition to your Tessitura one-time license fee, as
detailed in the Fee Schedule section at the end of this document

Q- How will this be billed?

A- RAMP will be billed by TNI on a monthly basis. Please see the Fee Schedule section for detailed pricing.

Q- Are RAMP licensees members of the Tessitura Network?

A- Yes, RAMP is a service provided by TNI for our members, so all benefits of TNI membership are extended to
users of the RAMP deployment service once they are live on the software and begin paying their membership

Q- Do we need to learn Tessitura Software to be able to utilize this plan?

A Yes. RAMP administrators deploy the software for you, but you will need to become proficient with the
functional aspects of the application. TNI provides numerous resources for ongoing training needs.

Q- Could we utilize this plan as a consortium with sublicenses?

A Yes. Your database on RAMP can be configured to handle multiple organizations just as if it were run in-
house. Privacy and security settings are customizable based on your needs. We have several consortia
organizations utilizing RAMP hosted services as the deployment method of Tessitura.

Q -What is involved with the client install?

A- You will install a small program on the PCs/laptops that will be used to access RAMP: the client side of the
wrapper as well as universal printer mapping that can be installed on as many workstations as you like. Please
note terminal server connections to RAMP are possible but may require additional configuration at the client side
by your local IT for full support and functionality. The RAMP team will also configure tokens for each user with a
valid domain email.

Q- Is RAMP PCI Compliant?

A- Yes, both Tessitura Software and the Hosted RAMP environment are each certified as PCI Compliant. Some
additional steps are necessary to ensure credit card security, such as the use of a token for login procedures.

Q-What is a token and why is it necessary?

A- Every individual user who wants to access Tessitura via RAMP needs a device that will generate a special
secondary login code. We call this device a 'token', which can either be a physical device like a small fob that you
attach to a lanyard or key ring, or a virtual device that is generated by a software program on your desktop.
The physical token has a button on it, and every time you want to log on you press the button and a six digit
number appears; the number is generated by a third-party company and changes every time the button is

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pressed (or appears on your screen if the device is virtual)., from which you can). The user will then enter that
number (or copy/paste into the password field if virtual) as part of the logon process. Please note that the
need for the token is due solely to PCI payment card laws, which require that a hosted service (like RAMP) be
able to identify every user on the system by name/ID#. Thus tokens allow the employees to roam freely from
computer to computer while still tracking individuals on the system.

Q- Can we access our database with SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio)?
A- Yes, it is your data so employees who are qualified to use SQL tools will have access to your database and
SSMS. Additionally, if you use InfoMaker we will set up an environment for that application as well.

Q- Is this service run by Tessitura Network staff?
A- Tessitura Network owns and operates RAMP and is responsible for the delivery of the service, but we do
reserve the right to utilize trusted third-parties for service operation.

Q- Who do we call when there is an access problem or a database issue?

A- Standard hours of operation for RAMP support are maintained with 24 hour emergency support provided.
Appropriate contact methods will be provided to each RAMP customer when they are given access to the system.
Our RAMP team utilizes the same process to log issues and requests as the Support Department. All other
support issues are handled as per the Tessitura Support Standards document.

Q- How are backups handled?

A- Data is automatically backed up every day with transaction logs backed up on a very frequent basis throughout
the day. Multiple copies are stored in multiple secure locations. We do full verified backups each night,
incremental backups twice each day, and log backups every 15 minutes. Whenever possible we use the backup
from the previous night to do Test system restores as a way of verifying backups. If a RAMP customer wanted to
periodically test restores beyond that we would make those provisions.

Q- How are Tessitura Software version upgrades handled?

A- New version upgrades are included and will be handled by RAMP personnel. The new version will first be
applied to the test / backup server followed by the updating of the primary database in coordination with you.

Q- Is my data stored in a safe place?
A- RAMP services are completely hosted in a SAS 70 environment. Customer data is monitored on a 24-hour basis
and the data center facility is physically secured. A biometric scanner is utilized for access, and there are multiple
layers of 24/7 security cameras, card readers, and key pads. Advanced fire suppression is utilized. The facility
that houses the data is backed up by separate municipal power grids and a bank of backup power supplies that
can operate for days if needed. There is a technician on-site 24/7/365. The data center utilizes PowerWare and
Leibert UPS systems, both of which are independent of each other to provide true redundancy. The entire facility
is backed by a generator to ensure that all systems are running in the event of an area power outage and a 100%
diesel generator backup is included in the configuration.

Q- Besides utilizing 128-bit encrypted internet connections how else is my data protected?
A- The RAMP administration team has years of experience handling data. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Protocol is
used to encrypt data; SSL technology is widely used by online bankers, retailers and other major processors.

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Q- Can we access the Tessitura Security application?
A- Yes, you fully control all components of your Tessitura application level security. This privilege is granted to
the users that your organization defines when their profiles are configured.

Q- Can users access Tessitura from home?

A- Yes, you can access RAMP from any internet-enabled machine that is 1) also loaded with the access program,
2) operated by a user who has been assigned a RAMP login and 3) operated by a user who has been assigned a
token. You cannot connect to RAMP unless all three of these criteria are met.

Other Features
Q- Can we use SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and/or InfoMaker for custom reporting? Or do we set that up
A- If you want to use SSRS and/or InfoMaker we will set up an environment within RAMP for these programs.

Q- Can we schedule reports to be emailed and printed?

A- Yes, report emailing works in RAMP just as if it were running in-house. We can set it up to either relay off of
your e-mail servers or we can send through our SMTP service.

Q- Can we use the T-Stats data mining and Tessitura Dashboards if we are on RAMP?
A- T-Stats and Dashboards come with Tessitura and we will install them on a separate database server as part of
your one-time set up fee.

Q- Can we use the N-Scan program (Access Control utilizing wireless handheld scanners) if we are on RAMP?
A- Yes, N-Scan can be utilized when on RAMP.

Q- Can we use kiosks if we are on RAMP?

A- Yes, there should be no performance issues with the kiosks and no restrictions on their use. There is a kiosk
dashboard application which is not required to use the kiosks, but which allows for the kiosks to be managed
from a central application; this application runs locally outside of the RAMP environment.

Q What about credit card processing?

A The Tessitura Network has a favored pricing agreement with Element Payment Services that allows North
American Tessitura licensees to have their credit card processing hosted remotely over the web. RAMP users will
contact Element directly to determine the operating model and pricing level; contact information for Element can
be found in a separate document. Once you have Element agreements in place Element will provide you with
account credentials, which you will then supply to the RAMP team for the set-up of your production
environment. Please note that RAMP can set up test environments without credentials. Element is the credit
card middleware for North America only. For UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia Tessitura users, we have
equivalent providers in each country for your use and will supply details as required.

Q- Can we carry out real-time online sales and other transactions using the included Tessitura Web Application
Program Interface (API)?
A- There are two options available: Tessitura Network provides TN Express Web, a hosted purchase path and
web integration service that can operate with or without RAMP. This efficient, economical solution would be an
option to consider should you wish to launch pre-set ticketing and fundraising functionality on the web. Please
contact for more information about this option. Or, should a more customized
approach be desired, RAMP will likely make it easier to do the integration work to be executed by a qualified
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third-party web integration provider. TNI can provide contact information for these approved web providers
upon request.

Q- What type of internet connection does Tessitura Network have at the data center location?
A- The RAMP data center is a Tier 3 facility that is connected to the internet backbone via two Tier 1 providers.
Your local internet connection should be of the highest/fastest quality that can be afforded, and a premium
support contract with your local provider should be investigated, along with any connectivity monitoring
programs that might be available.

Q-Does RAMP run on Terminal Services or Citrix?

A- RAMP utilizes Terminal Services with a wrapper program that enables specific application publishing and
tunneling through a secure SSL connection in conjunction with a token. Citrix is not needed.

Q- Are we responsible for SQL Server licenses and upgrades?

A- SQL Licenses are included within RAMP as part of the standard charges. We upgrade SQL versions when
warranted, and there is normally no cost for that upgrade. Please note that we strive to be technologically
current, which may in the future require upgrades to software or hardware which in turn may have financial
implications for RAMP users. All decisions will be clearly communicated and made to the benefit of our users.

Q- What version of Windows do we need?

A- Tessitura supports Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 with the latest service packs. Before beginning
with RAMP, please verify your workstations are running one of these operating systems, the service packs are
updated and you have virus software installed. Mac users must install a PC emulator program such as Boot
Camp, which is included standard with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and lets you run compatible versions of Microsoft
Windows on an Intel-based Mac (as of 2006 all Macs have shipped with an Intel processor). Other products such
as Parallels or VMWare Fusion allow you to run Windows and Mac applications side-by-side without rebooting.

Q- What kind of contract is involved?
A- The Tessitura Network, Inc. Outsourcing Services Agreement sets out the terms of the arrangement and
includes service standards that we promise to maintain. This agreement has a one year initial contract and then
rolls over to a quarterly commitment unless cancelled with a 60 day notice period to terminate. We have some
organizations that start with RAMP and expect to stay with it long term, while others (such as new facilities)
utilize it during their initial start-up phase and then make a decision if/when to migrate to their own servers and
team. To this point, almost all organizations have stayed with RAMP once they start with it.

Q- If we terminate the RAMP agreement, do you assist in the data transfer to our own servers?
A- Yes, and the consulting fees to execute that conversion are at a special reduced hourly rate. Transferring from
RAMP servers to your servers is a straightforward process.


By choosing RAMP, your organization can have the leading arts enterprise software in the world Tessitura
Software on your desktops without investing in servers or additional database administration. You can leave
the database administration and routine tasks to TNI experts.
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RAMP Pricing

There are two elements that make up the pricing for RAMP:

1) The number of named users who will need access to your Tessitura database. Each named user requires a
token at a cost of $85 per token.
2) The number of named users who will require concurrent access. This Concurrent User Login License is
available in packets of five connections (5, 10, 15 etc).

There is a one-time set up fee, and then a recurring monthly fee based on the number of the Concurrent User
Login License. Pricing is as follows:

1. One Time Set Up Fee

For License Holder Organization $ 2,850.00
For each Concurrent User Login License $ 250.00 includes token
For each Named User Above the Number of Concurrent Licenses $ 85.00 per token
The setup fee is billed at the execution of the Outsourcing Agreement.

2. Monthly Service Fee

# Concurrent Users Monthly Fee
15 $ 600.00 **
Each incremental 5 Users $ 600.00
The monthly fee will be billed once you have access to your RAMP system.

If you are utilizing both RAMP and TNEW (Tessitura Network Express Web) for online transactions, then a special
discount of $200 per month will be offered, lowering the monthly fee for the first Five Users to $400. Each
incremental 5 Users remains at $600. There is also special bulk volume pricing beginning at the 35 Concurrent
User level, in which the first five user packet remains at $600 per month but all subsequent packets are reduced
to $300 per month. A further reduction is offered for groups needing a minimum of 75 Concurrent Users.

3. Monthly Administrative Fee

SQL administration is provided with the monthly service fee.

4. Support Services
Support Services related to RAMP are included in the monthly service fee. Any rare additional Support services
which are not covered by Support Standards will be charged at the rate of $$210 per hour during installation and
$150 per hour once you are live with Tessitura.*
* Additional services that fall under an applicable Consulting Agreement are not included in the Support Services hereunder and must
be separately contracted for and billed. Please contact us for more information.

5. Token Renewal and Replacement

Lost or stolen tokens should be reported immediately to our RAMP team. There is no insurance plan from our
provider, so therefore the replacement cost is $85 per token. There is also a $10 renewal fee per year for each
token above the number included in your Concurrent User Login License.

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Pricing Scenario #1
You have 25 employees, 20 of whom need access to Tessitura Software via RAMP at various times. You decide
that no more than 10 will need access at any one time. Therefore, you have 20 Named Users but only need a 10
Concurrent User Login License. Your pricing would be as follows:

Set Up Fees:
$2,850 Organization
$2,500 for 10 Users (including 10 Tokens)
$850 for 10 additional Named User Tokens

Monthly Fees:
$1,200 per month for a 10 Concurrent User Login License ($600 for each packet of 5)
**If you are also using TNEW then this price drops to $1,000 per month

Pricing Scenario #2 (bulk volume discount)

You have 70 Named Users and 45 Concurrent Users. Your pricing would be as follows:

Set Up Fees:
$2,850 Organization
$11,250 for 45 Users (including 45 Tokens)
$2,125 for 25 additional Named User Tokens

Monthly Fees:
$3,000 per month for a 45 Concurrent User Login License
$600 for Users 1-5
$300 for each additional packet of 5 Users X 8 packets

**If you are also using TNEW then this price drops to $2,800 per month

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Consider the Facts Before Selecting Software

Fact 1: Tessitura Software is ONE database for ticketing, fundraising, marketing, CRM, reporting, web sales and
more-- You dont have to worry about integration of systems; it is seamless. Actions taken anywhere
automatically update related records so there is considerable time saved and service improved. Any other
system that is not a single database fully integrated system will not operate as efficiently.

Fact 2: We are committed to helping our Licensees keep as much of their revenue as possible: NO fees charged
for web transactions, and should you ever choose to bring your RAMP system in-house there will be NO
additional fees based on your number of users. With the Tessitura Software perpetual software usage license,
you can have as many users and as many transactions as you want for your organization.

Fact 3: Tessitura Network, Inc. is a nonprofit company that exists purely for our members. Annual membership
dues cover bundled support, upgrades, interfaces, documentation and much more, and we make every effort to
keep these fees as low as possible while still providing superior support.

Fact 4: We serve all forms of entertainment organizations. More than 425 organizations of all sizes worldwide
have selected Tessitura in the past 11 years, representing unprecedented growth in our industry.

Fact 5: RAMP by Tessitura Network now allows you to install Tessitura without worrying about hardware or
database administration, which may have significant financial advantages for your organization.

Contact us for further information:


Marty Kennedy
Vice President of Consulting
+1 888-643-5778 x339


Brian Feldman Tim Zagorc
Client Development Manager Client Development Manager
+1 888-643-5778 x332 +1 888-643-5778 x354

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