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News from Mrs.

March 27-31
GO MATH The Golden Flower: A Taino
March 27-Report Cards Chapter 8 Myth from Puerto Rico
March 27-31-Teacher Ap- Measurement- by Nina Jaffe
preciation Week. Customary Units P. 486-506
March 28-2nd Grade Art & This week students will continue Chapter
8 on measurement. They will use concrete Rosie Revere,
Music Night 6PM
April 7-Earth Day Field Trip
models to measure the lengths of objects in
inches, make an inch ruler and use it to meas-
at Town Creek Park 10:45-1:30 ure the lengths of objects, and estimate the By Andrea Beaty
April 11-Dedicated Dads at lengths of objects by mentally partitioning the
AEEC 6:45am lengths into inches. They will also measure Vocabulary:
April 14 & 17-Weather the lengths of objects to engineer invention
the nearest inch using perplexed thrill
an inch ruler, and solve
April 16-Easter addition and subtraction
wheezed sputtered
April 24- Progress Reports problems involving the
April 25-26-Chalkable test- lengths of objects, and Phonics: open/closed syllables
ing for 2nd Grade measure the lengths of objects in both inches Grammar: Irregular Verbs
April 27-Field Trip to Jule and feet to explore the inverse relationship Chapter Book/Read Aloud:
Collins Museum-9:15-10:45am
between size and number of units. Ch. 8
Math HW packet will come home on Monday
this week. I By Roald Dahl
Social Studies MATH WORDS: foot, inches, length
Author Study:
Update Students can go to the following websites for
more math practice; Marc Brown
Famous American Heroes
We will begin working on our flashcards.html
Famous American Research
Projects. I will give the stu- March 28th
dents time to check out a bi-
ography book on the person
2nd Grade Art and
that they have chosen and
time to work on research in
Music Night 6:00pm
class. Please continue to work Big Cheese
on the project at home.
Students will present their Symone Wilson
research and poster orally to Star Student
the class so practice at home
to be prepared. DJ Young
Project Due: April 13th
A Note from Mrs. Danley...
Dear Parents,
Thank you to my parent chaperones, Rachel,
Maureen, and Heather for going on our Tuskegee
Field Trip last week. I appreciate your help in mak-
ing our trip both fun and educational!
Students will take the final DIBELS reading
fluency test coming up in April. The benchmark goal
*Read 20 minutes each night and is 87 words per minute. Continue to read each night for at least 20 minutes to
complete one page in Math HW promote fluency, comprehension and build stamina. They will also take the
packet. chalkable Reading and Math test on April 25 & 26th. Please remind students
Monday-Read weekly story. to continue to work hard throughout the remainder of the year.
Wednesday-Study Vocabulary We have a great deal to left to learn in 2nd grade!
Many Thanks, Mrs. Danley :)
words/cards. WISH LIST: pop tabs, plastic spoons, and box tops
Thursday-Study for Reading
weekly test and complete Report Cards
Spelling Practice Test. Monday, March 27th