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SPM-T216 Event Production &

Instructor: Alex Andronache

- This is done without spending money

- Their purpose is to solicit media; this is a publicists job
- To get 4 different types of exposure (3 views and a blurb)
o Preview
Article before the event
o Interview
o Review
o Mention (Blurb)
- The most important tool that a publicist uses is a press release
- We want to send the press release to all the places on the distribution
- Send it to any media related places or media sites or sponsors
o There are 4 components to a Press Release
Date of the release
Body of information
Contract Info
This includes a Boiler Plate (the boiler plate is ?)
- Another thing the promoter will do is do a listing
o A listing is a thing in a magazine, its basically a concert listing in
25 words or less
o Short-to-the-point event info
- There are 2 things that go along with a press release and a listing
o These are distribution list, one for eachzq

- This is done with spending money

The 4 most used types of advertising(this means spending money)

- Radio
o You buy spots, which are usually around 30s produced spots
o The radio station will make your spot
o When you buy a spot you have to buy a bulk of spots, you cant
just buy one
o You will buy a ROS group of spots
o reach, which is what you pay for
o multiple spots are effective
o you usually only have one radio station with your ad on it
o You will get a add that says Radio Presents
When you get a presents, the station wants certain things
from you and you want certain things from them
o What the station requires from you as an artist
Exclusivity as a presenting station
Minimum time buy
Name attached to ALL advertising and promo materials
There is one exclusion to this, it is that there cant be
any other radio stations on your advertisement or
o What the promoter expects from the radio station
Contests and giveaways
Online visibility
More airplay
Additional spots
Station personality
- Posters and Flyers
o Hand them out at similar events
o Other events at the same venue
o Music stores or Genre specific retail
o Record or media stores
o Flyers is low quality high quantity
o Poster is high quality low quantity
- Internet
o We buy ad space or banners from the internet
o We target venue sites, artist sites, artist fan sites, artist specific
sites, booking agency sites, sponsor sites
- Print Media
o Newspaper
o Magazine
o Periodical

Free Promotion
- Street team
- Listings
- Internet
o Social media

JAN 15


- Artist contract
- Liaison
- Breakdown
- MC

- Sound and Lighting
- Supplies
- Input List
- Equipment Requisition List

- Poster (e-poster)
- Press Release
- Listing
- Social Media

- Sponsors
- Letter
- Logos

- Logistics
- Supplies
- Venue layout

Traffic this means other events going on the same night as yours or in the
same area or of the same type

JAN 22

- Front end is the guarantee

- Back end is the percentage of what the show made

JAN 29

Show Expenses Problem

- The band The O-zones are playing a show at a venue with the
capacity of 200
- General admission
- Promoter Profit is 15%
- Their deal is that they get 1500$ guarantee and 75% of gross less
taxes (gross gates receipts) and show expenses (to include a promoter
with profit of 15% at break even) (break even is your total expenses)
- Tickets
o 100 advanced tickets on sale at 20$
o 15 comp tickets at 0$
o 85 tickets at the door at 25$
- Additional/Fixed Expenses (these are expenses that you will always
be expenses)
o Loaders
o Riggers
o Stage hands
o Electrician
- Fixed expenses for this show is 1,000$
- Variable Expenses (these are expenses that will vary based on the
number of people that come)
o Insurance
o Box office fees
o Credit card fees
o SOCAN fees
o Hall rental
- Variable expenses are 11% of the net gross

- Gross
o 100x20=2,000
o 15x0=0
o 85x25=2,125
o Gross=4,125
- Net Gross
o 4,125/1.13=3,650.44
- Total Expenses
o Artist guarantee- 1,500
o Fixed expenses- 1,000
o 11%x3,650.44=401.55
o Total = 2,901.55 (this is also called the breakeven)
- Promoter Profit
o 15%x2,901.55=435.23
- Split Point (this is breakeven plus promoter profit)
o 2,901.55+435.23=3,336.78

- Overage (this is also known as the show profit or net profit of the show)
o Net gross-split point
o 3650.44-3,3336.78=313.66
- Artists Profit
o 1500+75%(313.66)
o 1500+235.25=1,735.25
- Promoter Profit (total)
o p.p+25%(313.66)
o 435.23+78.41=513.64
- Total Expenses
o Artist- 1,735.25
o Promoter- 513.64
o Exp. Less band guarantee- 1,401.55
o Total= 3,650.44

Feb 12

Promotional Partners
- Promotional partners all want the show to succeed and therefore will
give you recourses in order to help make the show/shows a success
- Examples and what they will give you
o *Artists Manager Company
Artist Access
Artist Website
Artist Publicist
o The Venue
Promotional Department
o Sponsoring Media (Presenting Radio)
Added Promotion Value
Contests and giveaways
Online visibility
More airplay
Additional spots
Station personality
Press Radio for Promoter
o *The Record Company
Specialty Promotion
Co-op Advertising
o *Sponsors
Inkind (Product)
Promotion Department
o Booking Agency
Promotional Material

Feb 19

- Press release (4 components)
- Radio promotion works in conjunction with other forms of promotion
- Ticket outlets
o You would go to record stores, music stores, the venue, genre
specific retail
o A ticket is a contract between the promoter and the purchaser
- General admission vs reserved
- May be some stuff from last term