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Title: Investment pattern of salaried people.

Dear Respondent,

Sub: Request to fill the Questionnaire regarding research study.

I am final year student currently pursuing MBA at JDBIMS.I am conducting a research

study onInvestment pattern of salaried people. This research is taken as a partial
requirement for thecompletion of my MBA.I seek your kind assistance in completing the
attached questionnairewhich would take approximately 10 minutes of your valuable time.
Your response will be treatedas strictly confidential

From which source you come to know about various investment options?

Broker Bank Friend / relative T.V./Newspaper


What is your saving objective?

Childrens education Retirement Home purchase childrens marriage Healthcare

Income and capital preservation Long term growth Growth and income short term
growth other

In which sector do you prefer to invest your money?

Private sector Government sector Public sector foreign sector

Do you have a formal budget for family expenditure?Yes NoUsually do you consult your
friends and / or relatives before making an investment choice?Every time Often
Sometime NeverDo you invest your money in share market?Yes NoWhat % of your
income do you invest?0 to 15 % 15 to 30% 30 to 50%What is the time period you prefer
to invest?Short term (0 to 1years) Midterm (1 to 5 years) Long term (> 5 years)

1. 60. [60]Are you aware about different tax benefit of investing into mutual funds?Yes
NoHave you ever invested in mutual funds of any company?Yes NoDo you know about
different option of investment in mutual fund?Yes NoWhat is the most important criterion
for you for selecting a particular investment option?Past performance Service Promoters
background Any otherAre you aware of the following investment avenues?Safe and low
risk investment avenuesSaving account YES NOBank fixes deposits YES NOPublic
provident fund YES NONational saving certificate YES NOPost office saving YES
NOGovernment securities YES NOModerate risk investment avenuesMutual funds YES
NOLife insurance YES NODebentures YES NOBonds YES NOHigh risk investment
avenuesEquity share market YES NOCommodity share market YES NOFOREX market
YES NOTraditional investment avenuesReal estate (Property) YES NOGold/ silver YES
NOChit funds YES NOEmerging invest avenues:Virtual real state YES NOHedge funds
YES NOPrivate equity investments YES NOArt and passion YES NO

2. 61. [61]Which of the of following factors which you consider before investing?Safe
andlow riskinvestmentavenuesModerateriskinvestmentavenuesHigh
accountBank fixes depositsPublic provident fundNational savingcertificatePost office
savingGovernment securitiesMutual fundsLife insuranceDebenturesBondsEquity share
marketCommodity sharemarketFOREX marketReal estate (Property)Gold/ silverChit
fundsVirtual real stateHedge fundsPrivate equityinvestmentsArt and passionGeneral
informationGender : Male FemaleAge : 20-30 31-40 41-50 50 aboveOccupation: student
Business service Profession other(specify)Annual income of family: Below 1 L 2-3L 3-4
L 5 to 10 10 &aboveTotal family member: 2-5 6-8 8 and aboveEducational
qualificationUndergraduate Graduate post graduate other